Alternative Fuels: CNG & LPG

Alternative Fuels: CNG & LPG

Publication Date: 15/10/2018

Increasing concerns regarding air pollution is bringing alternative automotive fuels (AAFs) at the forefront. According to the US 1992 Energy Policy Act (EPAct), alternative fuels for vehicles are ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas (NG), and propane/liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The SupplierInsight report focuses on the most common alternatives to traditional automotive petrochemical-based liquid fuels such as NG and LPG and their application in light-duty vehicles. This report will not cover other fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, and hydrogen.

Natural gas (NG) is a nonrenewable fossil fuel consisting primarily of methane and other hydrocarbons such as ethane and propane, and gases such as nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide, and water vapor. It is extracted from gas and oil wells. It is used as a fuel for vehicles apart from its other application as a source of energy in heating, cooking, and electricity generation.


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