Luminar introduces Sentinel software suite for enhanced vehicle safety and autonomous driving

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ATI News Team

The US-based company began shipment of Sentinel this week with deliveries to major automakers expected in the third quarter

Source: Getty image/ gorodenkoff

Luminar has launched Sentinel, a full-stack software suite that will enable automakers to accelerate development of advanced safety and autonomous driving functionalities in vehicles, the US-based company said in a press release. The software suite includes proactive safety, perception, 3D mapping and localization, simulation, and dynamic Lidar features. Luminar began shipment of Sentinel this week, with deliveries to major automakers expected in the third quarter.  

Luminar has leveraged Lidar hardware and AI-based software technologies, developed in-house by its software team, for developing Sentinel. According to the company, its software suite differs from full-stack autonomous software solutions from other companies that develop software for driverless vehicles. From the beginning, Luminar said it has focused mainly on implementing next-generation safety and autonomous driving capability for consumer production vehicles.

“The majority of major automakers don’t currently have a software solution for next generation assisted and autonomous driving systems. Our launch couldn’t be more timely with the new NHTSA mandate for next-generation safety in all US production vehicles by 2029, and as of today, we’re the only solution we know of that meets all of these requirements. This gives us the opportunity to dramatically expand our content value per vehicle in a high-margin capacity,” said Austin Russell, founder and CEO of Luminar.

Luminar first previewed Sentinel as a prototype three years ago with a fraction of the current capabilities. According to the company, the Sentinel software included in the kits is in continuous development with the intent to be evaluated by automakers and suppliers for potential integration into future advanced safety and autonomous driving programs and initiatives, designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

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