Innoviz Technologies and major OEM collaborate on new short-range Lidar for Level 4 autonomous vehicles

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ATI News Team

The new Lidar model enhances safety for LCVs and trucks, strengthening a partnership with a leading global OEM

Source: Getty image/ Just_Super

According to a press release on June 26, Innoviz Technologies has expanded its product lineup with the addition of a short-range Lidar to the InnovizTwo platform, which already comprises the long-range and slim models.

This latest innovation is designed based on the architecture of the InnovizTwo Long-Range, offering high-resolution detection and an extensive vertical field of view exceeding 90 degrees. Aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of light commercial vehicles (LCVs), shuttles, robo-taxis and trucks, the short-range Lidar reflects six months of development tailored to meet the demanding Request for Quotation (RFQ) requirements of a leading global original equipment manufacturer. This collaboration is set to incorporate multiple short-range Lidar units into each Level 4 autonomous vehicle the OEM produces, emphasizing the goal of elevating the autonomous driving experience.

Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about this significant partnership, highlighting the company's commitment to fulfilling the emerging requirements of the Level 4 autonomous vehicle market. Keilaf's statement underscored Innoviz's dedication to offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that support the accelerated adoption of autonomous vehicles across various sectors, marking a pivotal step forward in the company's mission to lead in the autonomous vehicle technology space.

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