US regulator probes Waymo and Zoox autonomous vehicles over 'unexpected behavior'

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ATI News Team

The federal agency is responding to reports of crashes and erratic behavior from Waymo and Zoox vehicles

Source: Getty Images

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is separately investigating Waymo and Zoox, two autonomous carmakers, over the behavior of their self-driving vehicles, as reported by Automotive Drive on May 20.

According to an article in Smart Cities Dive, the agency’s Office of Defects Investigation received 22 reports of Waymo self-driving cars crashing into stationary or semi-stationary objects. “Meanwhile, ODI is investigating two incidents involving Zoox vehicles equipped with its ADS that ‘unexpectedly braked suddenly,’ leading to rear-end collisions.”

The NHTSA also opened investigations into Tesla’s response to a 2-million vehicle recall affecting cars with automated driving tech in December, as well as Ford’s ‘hands-free’ highway driving system.

Local officials in the San Francisco Bay Area, where driverless car companies have concentrated their first deployment efforts, expressed concern about the rapid spread of autonomous cars on city streets, calling on state agencies to delay permits. 

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