TrinamiX, Continental partner on secure face-authentication system for vehicles

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ATI News Team

TrinamiX's system prioritizes user experience and design with camera technology positioned discreetly behind the driver display console for an unobstructed view

Source: Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images Plus

TrinamiX is collaborating with Continental to showcase their secure and innovative face-authentication system at the Mobile World Congress, it said in a press release on Feb. 20. The system utilizes trinamiX's advanced liveness detection technology to ensure the highest security standards in both the exterior and interior of vehicles. It can be used for contactless unlocking and ignition of the vehicle, and has also integrated the technology into both the B-pillar and the driver display. The system is capable of distinguishing real skin from other materials, making it resistant to spoof attempts and unauthorized access. Additionally, the dual-authentication system provides an extra layer of security to protect against theft and enable secure payment functions.

“trinamiX Face Authentication ensures the highest security standards in both the exterior and interior. Together with Continental, we are improving existing driver monitoring systems and thus ensuring better interaction between the driver and the vehicle. The installation behind the OLED panel also enables exclusive display designs," said Wilfried Hermes, director of Consumer Electronics, North America and Europe at trinamiX.

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