GM acquires sand-casting specialist TEI to enhance innovation and manufacturing efficiency

ATI News Team

The acquisition highlights the industry's shift toward specialized casting suppliers and the growing competition to adopt cutting-edge manufacturing techniques

Source: Getty / lucentius

In a recent development, General Motors has acquired Tooling & Equipment International (TEI), a specialist in sand-casting techniques, to bolster its portfolio of innovations and secure access to unique casting technology. 

TEI had been working with Tesla to develop the company's gigacasting molds, which allow for the rapid prototyping of large metal body parts in one piece, reducing manufacturing time and costs. With TEI now under GM's umbrella, the automaker has gained access to critical expertise in casting technology and is likely to accelerate its push to make cars more efficiently and cheaply, news agency Reuters reported Nov. 15.

The acquisition comes as Tesla is also scrambling to find another sand-casting specialist to fill the role TEI performed, or even develop such crucial expertise in-house. The loss of TEI has highlighted the importance of specialized casting suppliers in Tesla's manufacturing strategy, as the company seeks to produce cheaper electric vehicles in the coming decade.

The acquisition of TEI by GM is seen as a strategic move to keep pace with Tesla's gigacasting know-how and to make up ground in the race to roll out cheaper EVs. By leveraging TEI's expertise, GM aims to reduce assembly costs and improve manufacturing efficiency. The deal also underscores the growing competition in the automotive industry, as other manufacturers, such as Ford, Hyundai and Toyota, are trying to copy Tesla's gigacasting know-how to match its design and manufacturing efficiency.

In conclusion, the acquisition of TEI by GM represents a significant development in the ongoing competition between automakers to adopt cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and reduce costs. As the industry continues to evolve, other players will likely follow suit, seeking to leverage specialized casting suppliers to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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