Mobileye and Valeo partner to develop imaging radars for autonomous driving

Strategic Partnerships

By joining forces, Mobileye and Valeo can quickly bring a promising new technology to automakers worldwide that enables more intelligent vehicles

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Mobileye and Valeo announced a new partnership at Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Mobility 2023 to deliver software-defined imaging radars for next-generation driver assist and automated driving features, according to a press release on September 4.

Mobileye’s imaging radars use advanced architecture, including massive multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antenna design, a high-end radio frequency design developed in-house and high-fidelity sampling — all enabling accurate object detection and higher dynamic range. The radars use an integrated system-on-chip design that maximizes processor efficiency and world-leading algorithms for interpreting radar data. The imaging radar delivers a detailed, 4D image of surroundings up to 300 meters away and beyond. With a 140-degree field-of-view at medium range and 170-degree field-of-view in close range, the radar enables more accurate detection of pedestrians, vehicles or obstructions that other sensors might miss — even on crowded urban streets.

Significance: Valeo has been developing and mass-producing radar technologies since 2006. Valeo will lead the system design of the new imaging-radar product by integrating Mobileye’s groundbreaking imaging-radar technology and corresponding software and algorithms embedded in the Mobileye Radar chipset into Valeo’s automotive software and hardware radar solutions. Valeo will meet and adapt to the latest and most stringent software and hardware requirements from automotive players, including functional safety, cybersecurity, fast communication protocols with vehicle networks, electromagnetic robustness, and validation of overall system performance and endurance during vehicle lifetime. Leveraging Valeo’s expertise in producing the latest automotive technologies at scale and its global industrial footprint, the complete imaging-radar solution will be produced by Valeo.

This new partnership expands Mobileye's and Valeo's successful collaboration on front-facing cameras and other driver-assist solutions. Since 2015, the partners have delivered more than 15 million Smart Front Cameras worldwide.

Mobileye has already seen high market interest for its imaging radar from the industry as automakers look to expand the operational design domains (ODD) of their automated driving features. Valeo has simultaneously received indications of strong demand from the market for an imaging radar that achieves optimal performance.

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