Europe considers a uniform payment system for EV charging and hydrogen refueling

Policy & Regulation

Proposal to be discussed by representatives of the EU Commission, EU member states, and European interest groups and industry at a virtual conference on charging and hydrogen infrastructure

European lawmakers are considering implementing a uniform payment system for electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen refueling across Europe, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure said in a press release on 3 September. “With the electrification of transport alone, we can save millions of tons of [carbon dioxide] CO2. An essential prerequisite for this is a well-developed and cross-border charging network in Europe that guarantees uncomplicated and fast recharging. In addition to setting up the network, we have a number of plans, particularly in terms of customer friendliness: We want a Europe-wide uniform payment system for charging electricity and filling up with hydrogen,” said Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Significance: Representatives of the European Union (EU) Commission, the EU member states, and European interest groups and industry will discuss the requirements for a Europe-wide, reliable, and user-friendly infrastructure at a virtual conference "Turning the page: the next chapter for electric road transport" on charging and hydrogen tank infrastructure. In order for the switch to alternative drives and fuels to succeed, a tank and charging infrastructure is required that is interoperable, user-friendly, and technologically advanced. “This requires regulations that enable charging infrastructure to be found in all EU member states and simple authentication, as well as ensuring price transparency and uniform payment systems. Only then will consumers be ready to switch to electromobility,” the ministry said in the release.

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