Cognitive Pilot develops miniature radar sensor for autonomous vehicles

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The sensor operates between 77 GHz and 81 GHz or 60 GHz and 64 GHz, and at distances up to 100 meters

Cognitive Pilot has developed a miniature radar sensor for autonomous vehicles, it said in a press release. According to the company, the Cognitive Mini Radar can provide accurate velocities, direction, and coordinates of objects, even in harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow at both day and night.

The sensor operates between 77 GHz to 81 GHz or 60 GHz to 64 GHz, depending on the model, and at distances up to 100 meters. The sensor is primarily built to control the space around a vehicle’s perimeter, and it can also be used to solve robotic technology issues.

“We’re developing our own line of sensors for autonomous vehicles, and now we are happy to present our new unique radar designed for mass production. It’s very reasonably priced (several tens of dollars), miniature in size, and it’s designed for a very wide class of tasks,” said Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot.

Significance: Cognitive Pilot is an autonomous driving technology joint venture (JV) between Russia’s Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies group. The company is in the preindustrial stage of production preparation.

“We’ve been contacted by some manufacturers of integral security systems regarding the use of our radar for restricting people’s access to certain areas, warning about approaching hazardous objects, controlling the distance between people and other objects during the coronavirus epidemic. We already have preorders for solving these tasks from several clients in the US and Europe. In the coming weeks we plan to send them prototypes of our radar for testing,” Uskova added.

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