MARELLI partners with semiconductor company Transphorm

Corporate developments

This partnership will help MARELLI in development of high-voltage power conversion solutions for electric powertrains

Source: Magneti Marelli

Marelli has announced a strategic partnership with Transphorm for the development of electric vehicles (EVs), power converters, onboard chargers and inverters for electric and hybrid vehicles, a company press release on 4 March showed.

Marelli and Transphorm will share knowledge and information on new automotive/EV power conversion solutions including on-board chargers, DC-DC converters, and powertrain inverters. Marelli will advise on product development relevant to the development of e-powertrain solutions, with the agreement set to last two years.

“We are delighted to partner with Transphorm, who are true leaders in the market. This partnership allows us to work with the Transphorm team to shape and improve products that will ultimately ensure improved performance, efficiency of power electronics and ultimately lower the cost of electric vehicles,” said Joachim Fetzer, CEO, Electric Powertrain at Marelli.

Significance: Transphorm is a global semiconductor company that develops 650 V Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices for high-voltage power conversion applications. The partnership will enable Marelli to access technologies that would help with innovation in its electric powertrain business.

GaN is slowly replacing silicon-based IGBTs and SiC as the preferred technology for the traction inverters used in plug-in hybrids or full battery electric cars. It allows EVs to  obtain a greater range.

“Automotive and EVs represent one of the largest opportunities for GaN in power conversion and our partnership with a global leader like Marelli is a strong testament to the quality, reliability, manufacturing, and overall product performance of our GaN Solutions. The long-term innovative system level vision of the Marelli Electric Powertrain team will be extremely valuable in furthering GaN in the Electric Vehicle,” said Primit Parikh, cofounder and COO of Transphorm.

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