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    Making waves in the autonomous driving industry: Wayve’s funding splash
    Wayve's recent funding represents the largest AI fundraising in the UK to date. One notable aspect of Wayve's approach to automated/autonomous driving technology is its focus on empowering a variety of manufacturers through its 'Embodied AI' technology. Unlike many competitors that rely heavily on high-definition maps and pre-programmed routes, Wayve utilizes a machine learning model that learns from vast amounts of data, simulating human learning. This adaptability enables Wayve's system to han...
    Navigating compliance costs: OEMs' dilemma in making legacy vehicles compliant with cybersecurity
    The implementation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) R155 cybersecurity regulation has ramifications for the automotive industry that are more immediate than one would ordinarily expect in the vehicle planning process. It has led to some shuffling of vehicle portfolios among original equipment manufacturers due to inputting cost-benefit scenarios into the vehicle planning process. Porsche's decision to discontinue sales of the internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered M...
    Denso hosts software strategy briefing; plans to expand software business to ¥800 billion by 2035
    The automotive industry is witnessing growing demand for advanced software to support intelligent vehicle functions, such as electrification, connectivity and automated driving. Denso hosted a software strategy briefing on July 12, highlighting how the leading Japanese supplier is approaching onboard software development based on its vision. At the event, Atsushi Hayashida, chief software officer of Denso, emphasized on three core strengths — integration capabilities, human resource capabiliti...
    Suppliers to the Renault Symbioz
    The Renault's new compact C-Segment SUV, the Symbioz is manufactured at the Valladolid plant in Spain. Production of the car is expected to peak at 75345 in 2025, according to a forecast from S&P Global Mobility Image Source : Renault  Suppliers to the Renault Symbioz COMPONENT NAME SUPPLIERS HVAC Module Denso Electronic Park Brake Switch Kostal Cylinder head Nemak Center Console, Inst...
    Toyota Motor, affiliated companies, agree to sell shares in Aisin
    Toyota Motor, along with two its affiliated companies Denso and Toyota Industries, has announced plans to sell its stake in another group supplier, Aisin Corp. The Japanese automaker will sell 13 million shares, equivalent to a 4.8% stake, in Aisin. Toyota will continue to remain the single largest shareholder in Asin with a 20% stake. Denso and Toyota Industries each will sell 12.96 million shares in Aisin. Denso is selling its entire 4.81% holding in Aisin, excluding treasury shares. Toyota...