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    Auto parts to software ecosystem: Does Aptiv and Wind River merger make sense?
    Well-known auto parts maker Aptiv acquired automotive and IoT software developer Wind River on 11 January 2022. This is the first automotive acquisition of this year. This deal is the biggest since 2017 and the divergence of Delphi by Aptiv. Aptiv Aptiv PLC, formerly known as Delphi Automotive...
    Electrical steel: Another temporary supply chain shortage or a threat to OEMs’ electrification plans?
    This report has contributions from xEL Mobility and Metals Technology Consulting. As the automotive industry battles the semiconductor shortages, which have prevented the production of 9.3 million units to date, the rapid expansion in growth of EV sales raises questions about the future availabil...
    Digital entry systems poised to grow this decade
    The use of smartphones for automotive applications is not new. From Android Auto to Apple CarPlay, mirroring applications from the smartphone on the infotainment head unit has been in play for around seven years now. The idea behind it is customer convenience, with automakers enabling the driver or ...
    V2G could become a necessity in an EV-dominated landscape
    The current global electricity production of more than 26,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) just about meets the global demand. The demand is mostly from the industrial segment and the transportation segment’s contribution is negligible. However, the demand from the transportation segment is certainly goin...
    EDITORIAL – SupplierBusiness’ most read articles in 2014
    January – Future demand for manual transmissions IHS Automotive took an in depth look at the manual transmission market and where it is heading. Though the technology is at a high state of development, there are still new elements being added. Six is expected to be the ideal number of speeds ...
    Issue 10, 2014
    Could new suppliers shake up the seating systems market? Interview: Andreas Maashoff, Johnson Controls Automotive Seating Suppliers to the VW Passat and Renault Twingo cutaway Mexico’s resurgence continues       &nbs...
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