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    Aehra is an Italian electric-vehicle startup.AEHRA has been created to deliver a step-change in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles (EVs). It is a privately funded global company that disrupts the existing automotive ecosystem by distilling the values of Italian design, world-class engineering and American customer service to leverage the advantages of next-generation EV powertrain packaging and technology.
    Aiways manufactures affordable premium electric cars with a collaborative IT platform and smart technologies
    Amber is an on-demand car-sharing platform which enables the sharin of electric vehicles
    Applied EV
    Applied EV, formerly known as Aev Robotics, has built a drive-by-wire vehicle platform blanc robot which is autonomous level 5 ready and can be configured with software for multiple use.
    Aptera Motors Corp. designs, manufactures, and retails three-wheeled electric vehicles. It uses low-drag aerodynamics and can travel 1,000 miles on a single charge just by being parked in the sun.
    Arrival develops purpose-built electric vehicles using in-house software, components, sustainable materials and modular skateboard platforms. Purpose-built vehicles of any weight, type, size and shape are produced from Arrival’s platforms and assembled by microfactories. Arrival has offices in Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Russia and the US.
    Ather Energy
    Ather Energy develops intelligent electric scooters and has also established an EV charging network called Athergrid.
    Autofleet provides fleet managers with an AI-powered VaaS Platform to optimize existing fleet operations and leverage underutilized vehicles to serve on-demand mobility for transportation and logistics.
    AVEVAI focuses on a few key industries like new energy vehicles, logistics, R&D on graphene and in AI machine learning technology. The company has nine commercial vehicle products.
    Battmobiel is a Brussels-based carsharing service delivered using a 100% pure EV fleet and charging stations.
    Blusmart is an electric vehicle ride-sharing platform in India. The company's platform offers ride-sharing, car-sharing and shared charging services, enabling users to hire electric cars that feature zero tailpipe emissions.
    Bollinger Motors
    Bollinger Motors is a US-based EV manufacturer which was acquired by Mullen Technologies for $148.2 million in September 2022.
    Bordrin Motors
    Bordrin is an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer based in China. They specialize in designing and producing electric cars with a focus on smart and sustainable mobility solutions. Bordrin filed for bankruptcy in early 2021.
    Byton develops electric cars with a focus on smart and connected features. It aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into their electric vehicles, offering features such as large display screens, advanced connectivity, and autonomous driving capabilities. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2023.
    Canoo develops electric vehicles. The company has designed a modular platform purpose-built to deliver maximum vehicle interior space and adaptable to support a wide range of vehicle applications for consumers and businesses.
    Cell Propulsion
    Cellprop Private Limited, doing business as Cell Propulsion, designs and develops electric power drives and autonomous electric mobility solutions for electronic vehicles. The company’s products include battery pack, battery management system, electric drive, specialized electric motors, drives, charging solutions, and light commercial vehicle (LCV) power train. Cellprop Private Limited was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.
    CerebrumX Labs offers automotive data management platform augmented with contextual information. The company offers solutions, such as data access, usage-based insurance, fleet management, aftermarket, OEM, and media. The platform consists of features, such as CXDataKit, CXInsight, CXPrism, a consent management system, and data privacy and anonymization.
    Chanje Energy
    Chanje Energy, Inc. manufactures and delivers ground-up electric trucks and turnkey energy infrastructure solutions for the commercial last mile industry. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Burlingame, California. Chanje Energy, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of FDG Strategic Investment Limited.
    City Transformer
    City Transformer provides a folding EV Platform which has the ability to shrink its track-width during driving and parking in order to fit into designated narrow traffic lanes.
    Compredict offers an artificial intelligence–driven solution to predict failures of automotive components in series-production vehicles.
    Daloop or D1LOOP (previously GoWithFlow) offers a complete SaaS solution for managing the complexity of eMobility businesses and services
    DeepDrive GmbH designs and manufactures gearless in-wheel motor for electric vehicles. The company was incorporated in 2021 and is based in Munich, Germany.
    Beijing Deepway Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures heavy-duty trucks and provides driving solutions for the truck freight market. It is an independent startup, jointly created by Baidu, the leader in autonomous driving technology, and Shiqiao, the leading Internet company in the highway logistics industry.
    Dubuc Motors
    Dubuc Motors is a Canada-based company focused on developing electric sportscars
    Einride specialises in autonomous mobility solution for freight-hauling. The company has developed pod all-electric truck which can operate fully autonomously on a public road, using remote monitoring. Einride’S engineers and trained operators can oversee and control the pod on-demand with no need for a human driver on board.
    Enovate Motors
    Enovate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles in mainland China. The company is specialized in designing and developing EVs and innovative controlling systems.
    Evage is an India-based mobility tech company working on the development of advanced electric vehicle platforms
    Evolectric Incorporated manufactures electric vehicles. The company specializes in electrified transportation and battery technologies, which encompass purpose-built vehicles and battery technology. Evolectric Incorporated was Incorporated in 2019 and is based in Long Beach, California.
    Faraday Future
    Faraday Future (FF) is a US-based intelligent mobility ecosystem company which is into development of electric vehicles.
    Fisker Inc
    Fisker is a US-based EV maker with its flagship model Fisker Ocean.
    Flymove is an EV maker developing electric cars under “Dianchè” and “Bertone” brand. The company also aims to provide a complete energy and mobility chain, starting from on-site renewable energy production to revolutionary rapid battery exchange station deployment.
    FOMM Corporation
    Fomm specializes in vehicles for short-distance mobility. The company has developed a compact electric vehicle called fomm one for commuting short distance and necessary infrastructure for the vehicle. Fomm started production of its four-seater compact electric vehicle in March 2019.
    fox e-mobility AG
    Fox E-Mobility specialises in the production and marketing small electric cars in the lower price segment. The company's EVs can be used for both, passenger transport as well as utility vehicles for last-mile delivery and services. Fox’s business is based on 3 revenue streams: the new Mia Vehicle Program for Europe, license programs for countries outside the EU and the sale of Mia’s C02 credits to other oems.
    Green Evolve Private Limited (Grevol) Is A Clean-Tech Mobility Solutions Company Engaged In Development, Manufacturing And Financing Of Electric Vehicles Enabling India’S Transition To Sustainable Transport. We Have Developed Smart Passenger And Commercial L5 Electric Vehicles Along With Lithium Battery Packs With Active Thermal Management And Active Balancing Ideal Designed To Meet The Needs And Challenges Of Urban Logistics And Fleet Operations. Grevol’S High Performance Vehicles Is Made I...
    GUNSEL Electric Vehicles
    Gunsel specializes in the manufacturing and supply of motor vehicles based on the electric vehicle technologies.
    H2X is working to offer a range of hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles. The company has developed hybrid powertrain, leveraging kinetic energy through battery and ultracapacitor technology, with strong focus on hydrogen.
    Hozon Auto
    Hozon Auto is a mainland chinese all-electric car brand.
    Human Horizons
    Human Horizons is a mainland chinese company which makes electric cars under the HiPhi brand and develops autonomous driving technology. It has developed an integrated hub motor which supports advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications including lateral entry/parallel parking, front-wheel and rear-wheel anchored drifting, lateral lane change, counter phase steering and counter phase steering front wheel drifting.
    HYPERCRAFT, INC. offers motor, battery, electronics, and software for automobile industry. Its products include genesis series, and hyper pack. From one-off EV projects to scaled commercial production, the company offers complete electric power units.
    I-FEVs is an Italy-based electric mobility company focused on generating new technological solutions. The company designs, develops and manufactures Micro EVs.
    Iconiq Motors
    Iconiq Motors is a manufacturer of all-electric, passenger-focused vehicles with supercar styling.
    Imove is the worlds first 100% electric car subscription service. At present operating in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.
    Indiev, Inc manufactures electric cars. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California. On October 2, 2023, Indiev, Inc. filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California.
    Jidu Auto
    Jidu Auto is an electric car manufacturing company owned by Geely and Baidu
    Land Energy
    LAND ENERGY INC. designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles and batteries. The company offers an E Moto ecosystem with a hot-swap power platform (CORE) that powers devices, allowing untether from the grid. It also offers LAND apparel and power. The company also sells its products through its online platform. LAND ENERGY INC. was founded in 2020 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio.
    Zhejiang Leapmotor Technology Co., Ltd. principally engages in the research and development, production, and sale of energy vehicles in the People’s Republic of China. The company offers C01, a smart electric sedan; C11, a mid-sized smart electric sports utility vehicle; T03, a smart electric mini car; and S01, a smart electric coupe. It also provides electronic components for smart EVs; electric vehicle charging; car rental; and technical, as well as aftersales services.
    Lightning eMotors
    Lightning Emotors (previously Lightning Systems) designs and manufactures zero-emission all-electric powertrains for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, chassis-cab models, and city transit buses
    Lightyear is a developer of long-range solar electric vehicles. The company has developed the powertrain, thermal management system, and solar roof with integrated electronics.
    Little Car
    Little Electric Cars are manufacturers of Electric off-road Cars that provide 100% Electric mobility and 0 CO2 emissions
    Lordstown Motors
    Lordstown Motors is an electric vehicle OEM developing light duty commercial fleet vehicles, with the Endurance all electric pickup truck as its first vehicle. Lordstown Motors has engineering, research and development facilities in Farmington Hills, Michigan and Irvine, California. Lordstown Motors, along with its affiliates, filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in July 2023
    Lucid Motors
    Lucid Motor is a US-based manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles
    Marain is a simulation-first fleet planning and operations software startup on a mission to make electric transportation ubiquitous. It was acquired by GM’s Brightdrop in 2022.
    Mobilis is an EV manufacturer. It’s first car ‘Li’ is a 100% electric and is powered by lithium-ion batteries. The EV is designed for urban centers and based on a fully connected, modular platform.
    Next.e.GO Mobile
    Next.e.GO designs and manufactures battery electric vehicles for the urban environment, with a focus on convenience, reliability and affordability
    Nikola Motors
    Nikola Motor Company manufactures heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles, and energy solutions.
    Niutron is a manufacturer, researcher, and developer of new energy vehicles mainly engaged in producing high-end new energy vehicles.
    Outrider enables efficient yard operations and freight movement using electric yard trucks. It works with a three-part integrated system that combines mission control cloud-based management software, autonomous vehicles and site infrastructure.
    Ozone Drive
    Ozone Drive is a hi-tech zero-emissions mobility company focused on the implementation of electric vehicle fleets for hospitality, corporations and properties.
    Rimac Automobili
    Rimac is a high-performance electric vehicle manufacturer. The Croatian develops and produces hypercars, drivetrains and battery systems.
    Riversimple is a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVS). The company plans to boost hydrogen infrastructure in the UK by developing communities of users around each filling station. over the next 20 years.
    Rivian manufactures electric vehicles. All Rivian vehicles use the company's flexible skateboard platform that houses quad electric motors, independent air suspension, battery management system, hydraulic roll control system and thermal systems.
    ROAM, formerly Opibus, was founded in 2017 and focuses on all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles such as light trucks, public transport and buses, as well as electric motorcycles and energy systems.
    Seres, formerly SF Motors, uses centralized E-powertrain technology to develop EV motors and other parts
    Silk EV
    SILK EV is an automotive engineering and design company with operations in Italy, China, and the United States. Silk EV develops new energy vehicles
    SmartE is an India-based electric mobility service provider, offering first and last mile connectivity to commuters.
    Sono Motors
    Sono Motors manufactures a self-charging solar-powered electric vehicle. Sono Motors also has a smartphone app that enables owners to control certain aspects of the vehicle.
    SOOORYA is focused on offering affordable, comfortable & eco-friendly (ACE) mobility in the Indian subcontinent, the ASEAN region, Africa, and South America. It is in the process of manufacturing an eight seater electric taxi called SOOORYA EV.
    STEER, formerly Facedrive, operates as a ride-sharing company in Canada. The company offers solutions such as ride sharing, payment processing, insurance supports, and rewards.
    Téo Taxi
    Teo Taxi offers electric car rental service in Montreal, Canada
    Tier provides micro-mobility solutions and operates in over 70 cities. It aims to reduce car traffic in cities by providing people with a wide range of electric vehicles.
    Tresa Motors
    Tresa is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medium and heavy-duty electric trucks which also develops its proprietary in-house powertrain solutions, assuring self-reliance in vehicle manufacturing.
    TrovaCom Vehicles
    Trova Commercial Vehicles, Inc. manufactures commercial vehicle. Its services include industrial and manufacturing engineering service and vehicle manufacturing. The company also offers electric battery for commercial vehicles.
    UBIQ offers AI-supported services for fleet management in the shared e-mmobility sector. It is an austrian company that enables profitability of mobility services. It transforms raw urban data into actionable insights and valuable services.
    Ultraviolette Automotive Private Limited manufactures electric two wheelers and accessories. The company is based in Bengaluru, India
    Unu offers a battery-powered, smart electric scooter that enables individuals to commute through an urban environment.
    Uphoton (Reinlight) designs, manufactures and sells micro-nano diffractive optical elements. The products are used in imaging products such as cameras and lenses that require 3D optical applications, including security monitoring, intelligent identification, night vision lighting, industrial automation, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, automotive equipment and more.
    Via Motors
    Via Motors develops electric drive systems, urban delivery vehicles and advanced electric drive technology. It also develops proprietary software and control systems technology, embedded diagnostics and telematics.
    Waivecar is a free electric vehicle sharing service
    WM Motor
    WM Motor is a provider of new energy vehicles and travel solutions in mainland China. The company manufactures and develops energy conserving electric vehicles in addition to intelligent data hardware, enabling consumers to utilize smart cars that are efficient and energy conserving.
    Xev specializes in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing leveraging additive manufacturing also called 3D printing. The company has developed Yoyo compact electric car which offers driving range of 150 kilometers and top speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
    XPeng Motors
    Xpeng Motors is a mainland Chinese company specializing in the development of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging solutions. Their product portfolio currently includes four models, offering customers a range of electric vehicles to choose from. Xpeng Motors is dedicated to advancing the adoption of EVs and contributing to the development of sustainable transportation solutions.
    Zeekr, a premium electric automobile brand, is owned by Geely Automobile Holdings. Zeekr specializes in the production of electric cars. With a strong focus on sustainability, Zeekr's products are built on the EV-focused Sustainable Experience Architecture.
    Zeelo LTD., a bus-sharing company, provides smart transportation services for commuting, school runs, and events. It offers booking and tracking tools that riders use to buy and manage subscriptions and to track their vehicles; automated operations tools to manage trips; automated reporting; and staff transport services for employees. The company offers Zeelo Driver, an application that provides drivers all the information about trip, locations, navigation, passengers lists, and vehicle tracking...
    Zen Car
    Zen Car is a Car sharing service of 100% electric vehicle fleet with dedicated charging stations
    ZEVX manufactures intelligent EV systems powering commercial class 2 to 6 vehicles, power takeoff, reefer refrigeration, and EV infrastructure such as charging stations. ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. The company has a service mission to support customers through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure. This provides rapid adoption through our service network t...
    Zoox Inc. Designs and develops Zoox, an autonomous self-driving vehicle for riders. It also manages a fleet of cars; and provides Mobility-as-a-service in dense urban environments. Zoox Inc. Was incorporated in 2014 and is headquartered in Foster City, California. As of September 18, 2020, Zoox Inc. Operates as a subsidiary of, inc.
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