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    Canatu develops transparent conductive films, touch sensors and heating elements that are based on a carbon-based material called carbon nanobud (CNBTM). CNB-based films, touch sensors and heaters are extremely stretchable and flexible; they can be formed into any 3D shape, offering increased design freedom and an enhanced user experience. films and sensors can be embedded into plastic, textile or leather to enable intuitive 3D shaped user interfaces and heaters.
    eRayzer's patented technology utilizes sector divided illumination, also known as adaptive light, where each sector can be individually controlled based on the traffic situation. This enables a much wider area to be illuminated compared to regular lights. The light system will also work as an OEM system.Future implementations of the Patents will incorporate accident recording, animal and people detection, road conditions warnings and more.
    Kubos Semiconductors
    Kubos Semiconductors Ltd develops and commercialize semiconductors. It offers cubic-GaN technology and wafers for LED manufacturers. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
    L.E.S.S. offers thin, bright, and low weight lighting solutions for the automotive industry. Its offerings include a range of solutions from signal to contour lighting.
    Lightly Technologies
    Lightly Technologies is a startup focused on developing ultra-thin LED light bulbs. The company has developed 'Hikari' which is an ultra-thin, ultra-uniform, automotive lighting technology platform with the performance, manufacturing and commercial advantages of LED.
    Magwerks Vision
    MagWerks Vision Inc. operates in the automotive lighting technology industry. The company was incorporated in 2021 and is based in Oxford, Michigan.MagWerks Vision differentiates itself by providing specific, application-tailored solutions that employ innovation alternative materials/processes.
    Newsight Imaging
    NewSight Imaging manufactures CMOS image sensor chips for automotive, robotics, barcode scanners, and AR/VR industries. The company’s products are Line sensors which includes NSI3000: designed for machine vision applications, and NSG3500: line sensor which is self-contained, resets itself, and configures itself; and Area sensors which includes NSI1000: low cost solution of machine vision sensor, NSI1000A0M, a depth sensor for outdoor automotive and robotics applications; and NSI5900: designed ...
    SLD Laser
    Sld laser is commercializing a new generation of visible laser sources for display, automotive, and specialty applications.
    Versalume offers a range of lighting solutions from interior door panels and center consoles ambient lighting to tail lights and side markers. Versalume develops smart, integrated products and solutions using Corning® Fibrance® light-diffusing fiber for various industries including automotive.
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