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    Actronika designs and develops hardware and software solutions providing high definition tactile experiences. The company offers vibrotactile actuators and human perception based robotics solutions for signal processing.
    Affectiva develops and operates emotion-sensing artificial intelligence software solutions for use in the commercial market to understand how consumers engage with digital content and understand advertising and communication messages. The company offers a software development kit and cloud-based API; a cloud-based solution that allows brands, advertisers, and market researchers to understand consumer emotional engagement with digital content; an emotion-as-a-service to analyze human expressions;...
    Azumo (formerly FLEx Lighting) is a breakthrough display technology company revolutionizing a $130 billion industry. It’s lcd 2.0™ reflective technology is the first in a generation of high-performance displays that improve user experience and battery life for end-users in consumer, medical, industrial, educational, and automotive markets. Azumo’s ultra-thin light transmission technology has 47 patents and enables 10 times the battery savings compared to traditional lcds. It combines high ...
    Banma Technologies Co., Ltd develops and provides smart car operating systems, smart car solutions, and digital transportation solutions for the automotive and transportation industries. The operating system is used in touch screens, GPS maps, navigation, in-car entertainment, and car maintenance information to drivers and passengers. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Caaresys develops an automotive passenger monitoring system, based on contactless, low-emission radio frequency (RF) radar. The compact rf radar can be integrated anywhere in the car such as in the seat, dashboard, head console headliner, or in the mirror. Caresys’s solution monitors driver and passenger biometrics. it utilizes biometrics to detect the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant.
    Cambridge Touch Technologies
    Cambridge Touch Technologies develops and commercializes its patented technology for next-generation smart devices and surfaces. With a strong international team in Asia, Europe, and the US, the company sells and licenses its solutions to OEM and Tier 1 customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical markets.
    Canatu develops transparent conductive films, touch sensors and heating elements that are based on a carbon-based material called carbon nanobud (CNBTM). CNB-based films, touch sensors and heaters are extremely stretchable and flexible; they can be formed into any 3D shape, offering increased design freedom and an enhanced user experience. films and sensors can be embedded into plastic, textile or leather to enable intuitive 3D shaped user interfaces and heaters.
    CardioID Technologies specializes in creating security and wellness hardware, alongside algorithms designed to interpret heart signals obtained through hands. They have introduced the CardioWheel, a cutting-edge driver-assistance system that monitors a driver's fatigue levels, potential cardiac issues, and biometric identity. The company also offers solutions for collision avoidance system.
    Cipia Vision
    Cipia Vision, formerly known as eyesight technologies, specializes in computer Vision artificial intelligence (AI) for in-vehicle driver and cabin sensing. The company has developed driver sense, a driver monitoring system; cabin sense, an interior and occupant monitoring system and fleet sense, a driver monitoring solution for fleets. The technology behind these solutions utilizes computer vision, deep learning and AI to enhance the driving experience. These solutions allow customers to optimiz...
    CloudCar Inc. Develops cloud based technology for automobile manufacturers. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Santa Clara, California with additional locations in Le Parq, France; Stuttgart, Germany; and Xi-so, China.
    The company empowers drivers across the world and significantly reduces fatal road traffic accidents through connectivity and proven technology
    CU-BX Automotive
    Continuse Biometrics (Cu-Bx) Automotive specialises in contact-free health monitoring. The company’s proprietary advanced sensing combined with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities delivers actionable insights that improve quality of life. Cu-Bx holds 15 patents families and 25 registered patents. The company’s patented nano-vibration motion detection provides the most accurate solution to measures key vitals, stress and overall well-being indicators. Cu-Bx'S solution can be used as a s...
    CY Vision
    CY Vision Inc. designs and develops computational holographic display technology that enables the use of holography for display solutions powering Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The company’s solutions integrate with the existing sensor system and generate the same information to the human eyes as a natural 3D scene generates with all the visual depth cues. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in San Jose, California.
    DSP Concepts
    DSP Concepts, Inc. Develops and provides audio development tools and ip for creators of audio-enabled products. It offers Audio Weaver, a cross-platform Audio-processing engine for embedded processors that includes a library of Audio building-blocks that are used to build and deliver Audio-features for various products. The company also provides TalkTo, a suite of proprietary machine learning and microphone processing algorithms that delivers a quiet room experience in the noisy and unpredictabl...
    Founded in 2018 in Montreal, Canada, Edgehog is a venture capital-supported company commercializing the world’s best anti-reflection technology platform based on a decade of development in research institutions. Attracting interest from multiple fields including automotive, aerospace, optoelectronics, and electronic displays, Edgehog decided to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing our society: climate change. Edgehog is implementing our technology on the cover glass of solar panels to...
    Edgetensor offers scalable AI for all edge devices in mobility and other fields.
    Envisics is developing new technologies for head-up display (HUD) and augmented reality (AR) driven by its Dynamic Holography Platform. The company aims to redefine the way people see and interact with their vehicles and the world around them. Holographic augmented reality in head-up displays (AR-HUD) overlays pertinent and useful information upon the real world, all within the driver’s field of view, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.
    FervCloud is a startup that develops optical technology, hardware, and software for automotive head-up displays (HUD).
    FlexEnable has developed flexible electronics technology platform that allows electronics made of organic materials to be manufactured on flexible plastic film. lexEnable’s customers include OEMs, component manufacturers and materials suppliers. The company offers a comprehensive range of services-based packages for its technology platform including: ProductEnable™, MaterialsEnable™ and FabEnable™.
    Fran Optics
    Fujian Fran Optics Co., Ltd. specializes in optical Micro-Nano processing, focusing on developing advanced optical key components and establishing Micro-Nano manufacturing technology research and production base. With nearly 20 years of experience, Fran Optics provides optical solutions to industries such as security, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical sectors. They have two production bases and overseas R&D centers, holding numerous patents and leading the market in core products. Fr...
    Freepower, previously known as Aira specializes in wireless chargers. It offers a wireless charger that can place multiple devices anywhere on the surface and they'll all charge simultaneously, no alignment needed. the technology can be used in industries such as automotive and it can be used to charge phones wirelessly within a car.
    Futurus Technology
    Futurus offer a wide range of next generation display products, software and human machine Interface solutions.The company's products include head-up display (HUD), built-in hud, holographic display and light field AR HUDs. The company aims to improve the life experience with their unique creations on the science and technology of the light.
    Gauzy Ltd. is a material science company, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of vision and light control technologies that support safe, sustainable, comfortable, and agile user experiences across various industries. The company serves top in automotive, transportation, architecture, consumer goods, medical devices, and beyond through direct fulfillment and a certified and trained distribution channel covering over 40 countries.
    German Autolabs
    German Autolabs develops artificial intelligence enabled voice assistant hardware device for drivers. Its products include Chris, a voice and gesture control device with software platform.
    Halion Displays
    Halion Displays building the display technology that Low power, daylight-visible displays enabling the next generation of devices. The next global standard in display technologies. Just like print — if print could play video. Their technology is based on the idea of ink on paper. It uses advanced cyan, magenta and yellow materials, just like the
    Holoptic, LLC is a small business concern spun off from Luminit, LLC to focus on holographic technology for civil and military applications. Holoptic’s transparent Holographic Display is the key enabling component for Augmented Reality (AR) systems that include Head up and Head/Helmet mounted displays for automotive and avionics.
    Holoride is developing the future of in-vehicle media, linking XR with real-time motion data, like acceleration and steering. This creates a new category of experiences for everyone who spends time on the move.
    Hypersurfaces specializes in advanced sensor technology which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert any material of a shape and size into an intelligence surface, and also recognizes gestures. The company’s patented AI runs on standard chip and uses common vibration sensors. The AI leverages combination of supervised and unsupervised neural networks to interpret the vibrational patterns detected on physical objects in real-time and converts them into digital commands. Hypersurfaces’s ...
    Impressivo has developed an innovative touch interface solution for the connected car of the future. The solution can be applied to various in-vehicle components, including seats, steering wheel, center/door control, cockpit area for both drivers and passengers.
    Inpris enhances connected mobility by combining i a powerful, voice-controlled AI system/app that comprehends natural phrasing and expression, with ii a linked remote for hands-free operation and device navigation. Inpris also offers a customizable platform for fleets to track vehicles and driver safety. Inpris is the first and only voice assistant integrating GPT-3, considered the most advanced Natural Language Processing technology. It reduces the time and attention needed to use mobile device...
    Jade Bird
    Jade Bird is dedicated to the development and production of MicroLED displays, it now boasts a series of independent technologies including IC design, MOCVD material growth, MicroLED hybrid integration, processing and manufacturing, packaging and testing, and software & hardware drive design. JBD has independently developed world-leading ultra-microdisplays, and injected strong momentum into technological advances across various fields including mixed reality, automobiles and semiconductors.
    Kardome Technology Ltd. Develops a real-time software suite to enhance speech signals from several speakers. The company offers Kardome, a technology for implementation in various applications, such as voice controlled devices, hands-free speakerphones, tablets and cellphones, and conference call devices. Kardome Technology Ltd. Was founded in 2019 and is based in Mazor, Israel.
    Leia Inc.
    Leia Inc. manufactures diffractive lightfield backlighting products that add nanostructures to conventional display products. Its products use a nanostructured light guide plate in a standard edge-lit configuration that produce a lightfield illumination of the liquid crystal display (LCD) front-plane. Its products can be used in automotive products such as clusters, central information display, and head-up display.
    Light Field Lab
    Light Field Lab, Inc. develops holographic capture display technology systems. It offers integrated processing and imaging solutions that allow immersive visuals to be delivered over commercial networks. The company also develops a universal application programming interface to streamline the process of bringing existing content to a light field display with holographic media. It provides high resolution holographic display platform.
    Zhejiang Prism Holographic Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as LNGIN Prism Holographic, offer visual effects solutions intended to promote the development of the industry. It provides VR, ar and holographic technologies to create holographic theater shows and intelligent imaging for automotive, 3D mapping, intelligent car solution, smart home and live events, enabling intelligent and immersive experience for customers.
    Mihup is a leading Conversation Intelligence platform for boosting contact center performance. Built on proprietary ASR technology, the firm offers the best blend of accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. The conversation intelligence platform of Mihup has handled over 100 million interactions for customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises across domains like bfsi, bpos, e-commerce, logistics, and automobiles
    Mindtronic AI
    MAI is a technology IP company providing design services and licensing IP to automotive OEM and Tier 1 for innovative UX and autonomous driving solutions. MAI specializes in automotive grade biometric recognition, computer vision, 3D, ultra light deep learning engine for embedded system, and autonomous drive frameworks.
    Neteera Technologies
    Neteera Technologies Ltd. provides a wireless network technology for remotely and non-invasively sensing human biological indicators. It develops a terahertz receptor for various applications, as well as software to enable remote sensing of biometric indicators. The company’s technology allows users to catch biometric identification of stress, fatigue, pain, alcohol influence, drug abuse detection, and medical diagnostics. It offers its software and hardware solutions for various medical and n...
    NextInput, Inc., now part of Qorvo, provides a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) based sensing and touchless sensing solutions. It offers ForceTouch sensors, ForceGauge sensors, and analog ASIC products for smartphones, wearables, automobiles, and other applications. It serves mobile, consumer, gaming, automotive, robotics, Internet of things (IoT), medical, and industrial markets. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Mountain View, California. It has additional offices in Zhubei...
    Raythink Technology
    Raythink Technology co., Ltd. Develops an augmented reality (AR) display product designed to improve the visual effects for drivers. The company offers Tri-Lane AR-HUD, Dual-Display AR-HUD, and Mono-Lane Plus AR-HUD products. It provides AR Generator ecological software platform for display graphics and visual effects
    SigmaSense’s revolutionary, software-defined sensing technology converts analog signals into continuous, high snr, ultra sensitive streams of digital-ready data to power the next generation of industry innovations.
    Sitan technology
    Shenzhen Sitan Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures micro- light-emitting diode (LED)displays for wearable devices, wide band gap semiconductors, and artificial intelligence displays. The company offers micro-LED displays, chips, and portable driver modules for mini-LED/micro-LED.
    Space Power Technologies
    Space Power Technologies Co., Ltd develops and manufactures space-based wireless power transmission equipment.
    The company is engaged development of entertainment services in automated driving vehicles, VR / AR content production / technical development, and technological development of high-precision 3D maps for automated driving.
    TactoTek Oy designs and manufactures injection-molded 3D structural electronic solutions. The company offers structural electronics that integrate printed circuitry, printed touch controls, and discrete electronic components into 3D injection-molded plastics to produce standard equipment enabling brands to design light, thin, and durable components, including leds for lighting, sensors, antennae, circuitry, integrated circuits, and printed touch controls. It involves in the development of soluti...
    Tanvas, Inc. Engages in the development of Surface Haptics technology-based products. The company develops touch screen technology which uses electrostatic fields to create computer-controlled variable friction on the glass and enables people to feel what they see on a screen. Tanvas, Inc. Was formerly known as Tangible Haptics LLC.
    Tapkey GmbH develops digital access solutions. It offers Tapkey that enables smartphone users to manage their Tapkey-enabled partner products, such as electronic cylinders, wall readers, and electronic handles. The company’s Tapkey is a smart platform for cloud-based access control for apartments, offices, co-working, and more. Tapkey GmbH was founded in 2014 and is based in Vienna, Austria. As of October 21, 2022, Tapkey GmbH operates as a subsidiary of DOM Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
    UltraSense Systems
    UltraSense Systems is a pioneer in SmartSuface HMI (Human Machine Interface) controllers and system software, enabling a modern touch experience on nearly any surface. The company integrates multi-mode sensing, advanced processing, feedback control of illumination, audio, and haptics, and secure connectivity including industry protocol options such as LIN and CAN.
    Vecmocon technologies
    Vecmocon Technologies Private Limited develops mobility solutions for original equipment manufacturers. The company offers battery management systems, vehicle intelligence, instrument cluster, charger, motor controller, and fleet management systems.
    VisualARise developing a pioneering disruptive 4D imaging holographic ar head-up display for cars and other vehicles (trucks, buses, ships, m-bikes, etc.). Without expensive sensors (lidars etc) ii making every car become autonomous- and AR-ready, maximize driving safety and bring the ultimate experience of driving in new world of true 4D holographic AR. The company is bringing the cure of distracted driving.
    To achieve this, it is installing thousands of sensors across the UK, including creating the UK's first transport-focused smart city in Milton Keynes, as the first step in this journey to revolutionize the way data is collected. Each sensor uses the same technology being built into driverless vehicles, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence on video feeds, in order to gather a level of data that has never been available before.
    VueReal, a technology innovator, has a breakthrough in building millions of micro/nanodevices and printing them efficiently into a large surface area. The VueReal Micro-SolidTM Printing Technology overcomes The limitation to throughput and yield challenges associated with microled displays via novel, proven, and ip-protected processes. VueReal microsolid printing enables next-generation electronic systems by integrating millions of micro-optoelectronic devices into a surface. The company partner...
    WayRay SA develops holographic navigation systems and solutions to advance the connected cars using augmented reality (AR) technology. It offers Navion, an augmented reality car navigation system that applies aeronautical principles to land navigation and is used to see directions, trip details, and a route overview. The company also provides ELEMENT, an holographic car navigator that uses AR technologies on the road. It offers connected car solutions by applying aerospace technology to land nav...
    Hangzhou Tairuo Technology Co., Ltd. OR Xreal, formerly Nreal, is an augmented reality (AR) technology company, develops and sells ready-to-wear augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) glasses in China, South Korea, Germany, Japan, and Spain. It offers Nreal Light MR glasses that is used to connect to a smartphone; experience photos and videos better than the user experience real life; and experience so-called mixed reality apps, where digital images are superimposed over the real world. T...
    Yptokey provides secure access to an ecosystem of connected assets for new business models and service integrations. One can connect their own user database to Yptokey’s decentralized network, giving customers the security and transparency of Blockchain technology and making it easy to share access to the right people within customer's company at the right.
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