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    Major revision for global light vehicle production forecast – what it means for OEMs’ technology deployment
    The IHS Markit light vehicle production forecast has been cut by 6.2% or 5.02 million units in 2021, and by 9.3% or 8.45 million units in 2022, to stand at 75.8 million units and 82.6 million units, respectively. For 2023, we have reduced the forecast by 1.05 million units or 1.1% to 92 million unit...
    What Fit for 55 means for all member nations in the European Union
    Unveiling a roadmap to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050, the European Commission rolled out the ‘Fit for 55’ package on 14 July 2021, proposing that the suggestions made by the governing body be made legally binding for all members of the European Union (EU). ...
    19-Aug-2021 Insights Policy & Regulation Pinned
    Issue 10, 2014
    Could new suppliers shake up the seating systems market? Interview: Andreas Maashoff, Johnson Controls Automotive Seating Suppliers to the VW Passat and Renault Twingo cutaway Mexico’s resurgence continues       &nbs...
    “We want to work with OEMs that value innovation and offer the volume required to yield a strong return on the technology investment.”
    How would you describe HARMAN’s position in the global automotive marketplace? HARMAN is the market share leader in infotainment. We are 100 percent focused on the OEM business with three product lines: infotainment Head Units (including rear seat infotainment in high end), connectivity device...
    Questions and Answers: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
    BMW’s has had a vision called ConnectedDrive for many years, which describes a holistic portfolio of features designed to boost safety, improve infotainment and enhance comfort, convenience and efficiency.  Known initially for its Telematics and BMW Online programmes the strategy has also bee...
    Questions and Answers: Frank Ordoñez, President - Delphi Product & Service Solutions and Vice-President, Delphi
    Looking at the increased volume of electronics in vehicles, how do you think this is going to affect service organisations? That’s an interesting question because as you know electronics either have an infancy failure, they last a lifetime, or they have sporadic and unpredictable behaviour. ...
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