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    Connected intelligent tire: The next big push for connected mobility
    In order to create a vision of automated and accident-free driving, all parts of the vehicle need to be intelligent and connected. As such, dummy tire that provides no information about the tire itself and the road surfaces can be a barrier. Therefore, an inevitable evolution is a connected intellig...
    Is Tesla’s application of LFP cathode technology indicative of price over performance?
    A recent development has got the automotive industry talking about a battery chemistry which, over the last half-a-decade, has been steadily losing market share in the electric vehicle (EV) segment—lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Tesla recently received an approval from the Mainland Chinese governme...
    Automotive Camera Sensor Report
    Active safety and advanced driver assistance technologies continue to evolve largely driven by automotive regulations and changing consumer preferences towards a more convenient and safer driving experience. Safety assessment bodies such as Europe New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) along with th...
    10-Jul-2020 Report Autonomous Driving Featured
    Automotive Radar Sensor Report
    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 1.25 million people die each year from road crashes. Vehicular and pedestrian safety have become a key focus point for automotive OEMs and transport regulatory authorities. OEMs are supporting the “Road to Zero” project by offering s...
    NCAP and Autonomous Regulations
    To address the pervasive issue of road crashes and the risk of death or serious injuries to both drivers and passengers, regulatory authorities, independent safety bodies, and governmental organizations have been drafting regulations and guidelines. These guidelines are aimed toward improving the cr...
    09-Mar-2020 Report Autonomous Driving Featured
    Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Communications Report
    This report explores the growth and importance of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication based on automotive telematics systems. The automotive telematics forecasts from IHS Markit analyze technology deployment, monitor OEM sourcing strategies and identify specific new business opportunities thro...
    21-Feb-2020 Report
    Applications, levels, and OEM strategy: From ADAS to autonomous
    Automotive OEMs have been focusing on improving the crash avoidance capabilities of their vehicles to address the pervasive issue of traffic crashes. This effort is further supported by government regulations, independent safety evaluations, and voluntary commitments by the automotive industry world...
    ADAS Semiconductor Market Tracker Report - H1 2019
    The ADAS system shipments are used as input to estimate the units and revenue generated for each semiconductor category. Attach rates and ASPs are applied in a background model not included in this tracker. The 25 types of ADAS systems in the car are grouped in 7 sub-domains: Camera, Domain Control...
    12-Nov-2019 Report
    Automotive lidar sensor
    Sensing and perception technologies are getting more advanced to support the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Lidar stands for light detection and ranging and is based on laser beams for scanning a vehicle’s surrounding. Because of techn...
    HD Mapping and Localization Report
    This report provides an in-depth insight into the emerging market for high-definition maps (HD maps, autonomous maps) in the automotive industry. This report covers technology reviews of different approaches to HD map creation and updating, a look at the status of global standardization, and a compr...
    22-Mar-2019 Report
    Camera and Display Mirrors Report
    This second-edition report will provide a crucial update about the emerging market for mirror replacements in the automotive industry, looking at two distinct applications in the rearview and the side view. Each technology is assessed from the camera and the display perspectives, including sepa...
    19-Mar-2019 Report
    ADAS Applications and Sensors Report
    This report outlines and discusses the market for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). ADAS offer an aid to the driver aimed at making the driving activity either safer, more convenient, or both; ADAS increasingly do so via autonomous control that does not always require the driver to interact...
    Autonomous Vehicle Report
    Autonomous vehicles have received tremendous interest in the last five years—first from high-tech companies and then from the automotive industry. The research and development investments in autonomous vehicle technology have passed USD12 billion and are growing by multiple billions of dollars per...
    Mobility as a Service
    The shared use of vehicles has been available for decades, but ubiquitous connectivity has carried these business models into the 21st century under the label of mobility services. Perceived in the past as expensive or inconvenient, smartphones and cloud platforms now enable flexible, alternative us...
    26-Sep-2017 Report
    Camera and Display Mirrors Report
    This report dives into the emerging market for mirror replacements in automotive, looking at two distinct applications in the rearview and side view. Each of these technologies are assessed from both the camera and display perspectives, including separate market forecasts for both. This report&...
    11-Aug-2017 Report
    Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility Consumer Analysis
    Click below to download the Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility Consumer Analysis Download
    25-May-2017 Report
    High-Tech Industry Impact on Automotive: Apple and Other Potential Disruptors
    The high-tech industry is eyeing automotive opportunities because its own industry growth is slowing and large outside opportunities are needed to keep up its traditional growth rate. The high-tech industry is also entering the automotive industry because it can and because its technology is needed ...
    24-Oct-2016 Report
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