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    2Hire develops software that provides mobility solutions by turning all kinds of vehicles into connected cars. It offers 2hire board and a dongle which helps in interaction with the vehicle by application. It equips vehicles with plug-and-play devices, smartphones, real-time data analysis, and fleet management. The company also provides car and scooter rental and car-sharing solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Rome, Italy.
    4.screen GmbH develops digital platform that connects business with drivers. It offers local stores and brands to be found in car screens. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Munich, Germany.
    ABUP (Shanghai ABUP Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading supplier of Over-The-Air (OTA) solutions for automobiles and IoT. With a strong commitment to sustainable evolution, ABUP empowers everything with the ability to evolve through OTA technology. Their comprehensive range of OTA products and solutions, including Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), Software Over-The-Air (SOTA), Automobile Cloud Diagnosis (DOTA), and IoT upgrade solutions (IOTA), enable customers to enter the AI smart worl...
    Airbiquity develops and delivers connected vehicle services and automotive telematics solutions. The company offers Choreo, a cloud-based connected car platform that connects vehicles and processes transactions, orchestrates and delivers end-to-end services from the cloud to various vehicles.
    Airnity is a telecommunications company that provides a cellular connectivity platform for the automotive industry.
    Airxsys provides outdoor parking solutions and a parking management dashboard to identify empty parking spaces and monitor traffic in real-time. The company promises increase in revenue and higher utilization, lower installation cost, and time and real-time data management
    Arctictern Solutions GmbH develops and offers automotive industry software. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
    Aurora Labs
    Aurora Labs Ltd develops software solutions using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to enable the automotive industry to adapt to the changing mobility landscape. It offers vehicle software intelligence product suite auto detect, validate, and update. The company is based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel with additional offices in Munich, Skopje, Boston, and Detroit.
    Autotalks, a fabless semiconductor company, provides V2X automotive-grade vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure chipset for vehicle safety and mobility applications. It offers C-V2X technology, dedicated short-range communications technology, next generation C-V2X, and V2X technology.
    Bareways develops AI-driven software solutions for driving assistance functionalities in rural areas. The company combines pace technology, remote sensing, geospatial data analytics, smart sensors, and artificial intelligence to measure road conditions, predict risks, and derive routing strategies to avoid critical situations.
    BeNomad conceives, develops, and markets software development kits to manage map-based information. The products include GPS Navigation, electromobility, route management, and mapping services The company serves software editors, integrators, telematic services operators, and fleet management online service providers.
    Blue Signal
    BlueSignal offers an adaptive traffic management solution. The company's Predictive Driving technology analyzes the data collected from various sources such as real-time traffic, vehicles, and road infrastructure, and it predicts future traffic conditions based on its unique ML and AI engine. It provides safe driving tools through data analysis, predictive congestion, and signal optimizer to automakers, logistics companies, and governments.
    Braincities's AI solutions assists in identifying dangerous driving behaviors, monitoring driver's condition, optimization of traffic jam by car to car to cloud AI communication; Car to infrastructure communication, car to smart-environment communication. The company aims to use AI, robotic, and trustful data to build a sustainable society.
    Breezometer is a location-based, real-time air pollution fires & pollen data provider. The company’s modern air quality modeling, powered by AI and deep environmental science, to gather and understand data from hundreds of thousands of data sources — including more than 47,000 sensors worldwide, satellite information, traffic conditions, and more.
    Brighter AI
    Brighter AI Technologies GmbH designs and develops artificial intelligence enabled software solutions to recreate daylight images from night images taken by infrared cameras to correct limited and blurred vision. The solutions offer services such as frontal face reconstruction which supports security professionals to identify suspects. It also protects privacy GDPR which further assists to anonymize visual data.
    CalmCar Vision System
    Calmcar is an artificial intelligence (AI) company with software and hardware capabilities. The company specializes in deep learning-based embedded vision products and data services. It has developed a multi-camera active surround view perception system, based on automotive-grade computing platform, which enables smart parking and L2+ autonomous driving.
    Cambridge Mobile Telematics
    Cambridge Mobile Telematics' (CMT) offers telematics and analytics provider for insurers, rideshares, and fleets. The company claims its DriveWell platform uses mobile sensing and behavioral science to measure driving risk and incentivize safer driving, while its Claims Studio reduces the claims cycle time with real-time crash detection, crash reconstruction, and damage assessment using telematics and artificial intelligence.
    Capricode Oy provides telecommunications software solutions for enterprises, service providers, and vendors in Finland and internationally. The company focuses on mobile device management and computer telephony integration communications solutions. It offers SyncShield, a mobile device management solution for companies and resellers. Capricode Oy was formerly known as VengiTech Oy and later SyncShield and changed its name to Capricode Oy in 2004.
    CARFIT Corp specializes in automotive technology, particularly in the field of predictive maintenance for vehicles. They are known for developing solutions that use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to monitor and assess the condition of vehicles, helping to predict and prevent potential issues.
    CarForce is a multi-brand enterprise software platform that delivers real-time vehicle health insights using EDGE computing and machine learning . The company's cloud-based SaaS solution leverages connected car telematics to provide vehicle service managers with real-time updates on the health of their customer's vehicles. This enables service managers to provide their customers with a white glove customer service experience and remote diagnostics.
    CarMedialab, situated in the technology hub of Karlsruhe, specializes in electromobility solutions. Their expertise in the automotive industry drives the development of cutting-edge software for vehicles, charging stations, and sustainable local public transport. With a mission to empower clients in delivering exceptional mobility products and services, comprehensive support is offered throughout the entire product life cycle. CarMedialab's software ensures global charging station functionality ...
    cARscan develops and offers mobile app to records visible condition of the car. It provides cARscan, an augmented reality-based mobile app to record the car condition and cARtag, mobile app that provides quotes and car condition validation from industry experts in near real-time.
    Carvi provides an AI-powered advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that utilizes advanced algorithms with contextual 3D video data to enable safer driving. The company uses real-time video data and infrared sensors from a windshield-mounted camera to alert drivers of unsafe driving conditions, preventing accidents and improving driving skills.
    Cellepathy develops a telematics platform that enables connected car services, such as driver scoring, fleet management, and distracted driving protection. It offers Verify, a software system that protects drivers from distraction while allowing passengers to use their devices; and Ergo, an artificially intelligent personalization engine that scores the importance of each navigation instruction for each driver.
    CerebrumX Labs offers automotive data management platform augmented with contextual information. The company offers solutions, such as data access, usage-based insurance, fleet management, aftermarket, OEM, and media. The platform consists of features, such as CXDataKit, CXInsight, CXPrism, a consent management system, and data privacy and anonymization.
    Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute or CIDI focuses on the intelligent driving of commercial vehicles that are enhanced by V2X solutions, including the use of intelligent roadside units (Irsu) and on-board units (Iobu).
    CloudMade aims to create the building blocks and business logic that help the automotive industry connect the dots on every human journey. Its intelligent mobility solution is used by car makers to transform their car and mobility user experiences, making them simpler, safer, and more profitable. Over the last 10 years, the company has built a machine learning solution uniquely suited to automotive and mobility use cases; run hundreds of programs with car makers; and delivered cars, apps, and co...
    Cohda Wireless
    Cohda Wireless offers safe vehicle and connected vehicle design solutions for public safety, outdoor, and automotive wireless-based systems. The company focussed only on the V2X market, offering five generations of V2X radio modules. Its V2X products dominate field trails and deployments, with more than 60 percent of vehicles involved in V2X trials globally incorporating Cohda products, and have undergone one million vehicle days of testing as a result.
    Commsignia specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of cooperative intelligent transportation systems. The company’s product line includes a V2X Communication Software Stack and its security stack implementation, Hybrid V2X/ADAS Safety Applications, a V2X Simulator, On-Board Units (OBU) and Roadside Units(RSU).
    Connected Cars
    Connected Cars A/S operates as an it consulting and services company. It provides planning and designing services for computer systems which integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. The company’s software facilitates intelligent monitoring of vehicles for workshops and fleet managers, to provide a better driving and service experience for car owners.
    Connected Signals
    Connected Signals collects real-time traffic signal data and uses it to build sophisticated models for predicting traffic signal changes, based on history, vehicle and pedestrian calls, and other information. This information enables applications that increase safety at intersections, improve fuel economy reduce emissions, and reduce driver stress. Major automakers, including BMW, Audi, and Toyota, estimate that a 7-10% improvement in fuel efficiency and emissions can be achieved using this data...
    Connexion unlocks connect car technology with a simple, yet powerful fleet & rental platform right from the time a car starts its journey in the rental lane, until it is retired, the company track the vehicles through its powerful tools.
    Cube Intelligence
    CUBE, autonomous Vehicles Security Platform based on Blockchain autonomous cars rely heavily on wireless communication techniques, such as vehicle-to-vehicle, navigation route information, GPS, and other driving data. Autonomous cars continuously communicate with various sites to remotely monitor their internal and outside states. These various network accesses increase the risk of malicious attacks on autonomous vehicles. Cube solves the problem of these autonomous vehicles security by using bl...
    Derq is an award-winning MIT-spinoff powering the future of roads for safer and more efficient movement of road users and autonomous vehicles. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Derq provides cities and fleets with an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that powers advanced analytics and connected & autonomous vehicle (CAV) applications to help them improve road safety and better manage traffic.
    Discoperi, Inc. develops blockchain-based solutions that collects and monetizes automotive data for drivers. It serves customers in automotive, advertising, FMCG, and insurance industries.
    DSP Concepts
    DSP Concepts, Inc. Develops and provides audio development tools and ip for creators of audio-enabled products. It offers Audio Weaver, a cross-platform Audio-processing engine for embedded processors that includes a library of Audio building-blocks that are used to build and deliver Audio-features for various products. The company also provides TalkTo, a suite of proprietary machine learning and microphone processing algorithms that delivers a quiet room experience in the noisy and unpredictabl...
    ECARX co., Ltd. Manufactures vehicle chip-sets, 4G powered intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, hd map, big data, and IoV cloud products. It also develops connected platform for automotive companies.
    Eccocar Sharing
    Eccocar Sharing, S.L. develops software-as-a-service platform to manage, share, control, and optimize fleet of cars and vans. One of its offerings is eccocar4business, a corporate car sharing solution, which allows employees to reserve, manage, and access vehicles that the company puts at their disposal with an application.
    Electra EV
    Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an electric vehicles powertrain solutions company. The company manufacturers electric motors for vehicles. It offers EV powertrain solutions, systems, and services to support OEMs, orchestrators, and tier-1 suppliers.
    Exceed Data (Zhixie Huitong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.) engages in building the data-driven capability of cross-vehicle cloud for OEMs and vehicle cloud computing solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Beijing, China.
    Excelfore provides the end-to-end data connectivity platform for the digital lifecycle management of edge devices in heterogeneous environments. The company's solutions include the eSync OTA, eDatX data aggregation, eLearn analytics platforms and in-vehicle networking protocol stacks. The eSync OTA platform is based on the eSync Alliance standard which enables connected cars, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Excelfore customers include the top tier global OEMs and suppliers in the auto...
    Eye-Net is engaged in the design and development of cellular-based V2X accident prevention solutions. It is designed to provide real-time pre-collision alerts to vehicles and vulnerable road users by using smartphones and relying on existing cellular networks.
    Fantasmo Studios, Inc. Develops decentralized and open source stack software solutions for indoor and outdoor 3D maps and camera-based positioning. It offers Camera Positioning Standard, a solution that is used in cities and indoor that does not require any infrastructure, such as satellites, beacons, and radios. The company’s solutions are used in micro mobility, robotics, mobile, and auto applications.
    Haas Alert
    HAAS, Inc., doing business as HAAS Alert, develops a cloud-based mobile vehicle-to-vehicle platform that delivers preemptive notifications to motorists informing them about emergency vehicles on the road ahead. It offers Safety Cloud, a collision prevention service solution that sends real-time digital alerts from emergency vehicles to drivers and connected cars via vehicle dashboards and infotainment systems, navigation applications, and smartphones to aid drivers earlier in making driving deci...
    HARPOCRATES help companies become and remain compliant with regulatory requirements on a global scale. With advanced technology in the marketplace, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, the company improves knowledge to keep on track with new trends. It aims to change the way regulatory compliance is managed and claims its digital regulatory rules as a real game changer.
    High Mobility
    High Mobility is a vehicle data marketplace offering personalised data from various manufacturers through a single api and business interface. The company is a trusted technology partner enabling innovation-centred new mobility services in the sectors of enhanced insurance, fleet management, maintenance, EV charging, logbook, and claims service, that are rapidly scalable.
    Holoride is developing the future of in-vehicle media, linking XR with real-time motion data, like acceleration and steering. This creates a new category of experiences for everyone who spends time on the move.
    I4drive designs and develops a software-based technology, which helps to enhance driver safety and driving experience. The company offers i4drive software, a patent-pending technology, which uses proprietary computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion technology and can be integrated with different hardware including standard and dedicated cameras, a wide range of processors, sensors and operating systems. I4drive's software provides accurate object detection and tracking and col...
    iMotions A/S develops easy to use and scalable biometric research platform. It helps clients conduct state-of-the-art human behaviour research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction.
    Imove is the worlds first 100% electric car subscription service. At present operating in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.
    Imperium Drive
    Imperium Drive Ltd offers remote driving and teleoperation solutions to fleet operators. The company provides software enables integration of teleoperation on robot operation and time adaption of streaming and control systems. The company’s solution allows the human operator to remotely connect to and drive autonomous vehicle using live video feeds over a cellular network. Imperium Drive Ltd was incorporated in 2019 and is based in London, United Kingdom.
    Important Safety Technologies
    !important Safety Technologies USA, Inc. designs and develops P2V (pedestrian to vehicle) software solutions for pedestrians' and drivers' safety. It offers vehicle collision prevention and driver alerts. The company also develops its mobile application. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Berkeley, California with additional offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Warrenton, Virginia; and Montreal, Canada.
    Ingeek, also known as Shanghai Yinji Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a tech enterprise specializing in Internet of Things security. The company offers industry-specific network information security products, comprehensive security solutions, and systematic security operation services. Since 2018, Yinji has focused on intelligent connected vehicle safety, developing the "Digital Key" security product and establishing strategic partnerships with over 50 domestic ...
    Jaze is a bluetooth enabled smartphone app that turns into every car into a smart car. The app provides instant crash responding and real-time automotive diagnostics for all cars built in North America and Europe since 1996. Jaze offers its solutions for automotive aftermarket, fleet and insurance services.
    JueFX (Juefei Technology) is an innovative company specializing in intelligent driving AI technology. They are the pioneer and leader of China's Chelu Cloud industry model. With a focus on digitizing road scenes, Juefei Technology integrates real-time sensor data with environmental, experience, and knowledge data to create a data-driven autonomous driving solution. They aim to be the "data engine" in the era of smart travel. Juefei Technology has collaborated with industry partners such as Yuton...
    Koop Technologies
    Koop Insurance is an Insurance technology company specializing in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and emerging technology risks. The firm built a full-service, API-powered insurance platform that enables data collection, underwriting and claims handling of automation risks in a cost-efficient, scalable manner. It serves variety of autonomous transportation modes such as robotaxis, autonomous trucks, shuttles, deliveries, industrial robotics, agricultural machinery, mining, vessels, and drones.
    Kymeta Corporation manufactures satellite communication antennas and systems worldwide for land, sea, air, and connected car markets. Its products include Hawk u8, a terminal based on an electronically steered antenna that mounts easily on vehicles and vessels to provide seamless satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity; GoShawk u8, a connectivity solution that provides on-the-go, highly secure communications; Osprey u8, provides a complete customized connectivity platform for the mil...
    Leo Drive
    Leo Drive is an experienced full-stack autonomous vehicle company developing scalable and reliable autonomous vehicle solutions. Leo Drive’s solutions enable vehicle manufacturers to adopt autonomous vehicle technology for their platforms quickly and cost-efficiently while bringing significant improvement in autonomous technology development methodology with our transparent and open-source approach. The company focuses on a co-creation and design-win mentality to ensure the customer’s autono...
    LiveRoad Analytics
    LiveRoad Analytics is a technology company specializing in IoT data analytics and meteorological solutions. The company's advanced meteorological technology, known as MetTech, harnesses proprietary sensor and IoT data to enhance data modeling, weather forecasting, road surface prediction, and atmospheric weather precision. MetTech represents a unique blend of meteorological science, data science, and IoT sensors, addressing the limitations of traditional weather-based solutions. LiveRoad's techn...
    Mapbox is the leading real-time location platform for a new generation of location-aware businesses. It is the only platform that equips organizations with the full set of tools to power the navigation of people, packages, and vehicles everywhere. Over 3.5 million registered developers have chosen Mapbox because of the platform’s flexibility, security and privacy compliance. Organizations use Mapbox applications, data, SDKs and APIs to create customized and immersive experiences that delight t..., Inc. Provides application software for automobile industry. The company provides location based parking, car wash, and manicure. It also helps to order snacks and fast food, provides phone chargers, and fuel as an enroute facilities.
    MDGo Ltd operates an online platform that provides trauma analysis system for vehicles by utilizing sensors and connectivity applications. The platform creates medical reports in case of car accidents regarding the type and severity of passenger’s injuries and delivers it to respondents and relevant hospitals.
    Mojio Inc. provides Mojio, a cloud-connected cellular and GPS device that connects to various cars for insights into what’s happening under the hood and behind the wheel. Its Mojio includes a way to safely connect–or reconnect–with family and friends while a client is on the go through personalized prompts, messages, and geo-location features; and a virtual driving assistant ready to analyze and interpret data from the client’s car.
    Motorq specializes in connected-car data and analytics software platform which enables businesses to leverage data and actionable insights from the emerging, fragmented set of advanced connected-car systems. The company's cloud-based system performs ingestion, normalization, stream analytics processing, and data provisioning via APIs and other methods. Clients use Motorq as a tool to implement connectivity-derived insights better, faster, and cheaper, allowing them to focus on their core busines...
    Nebula Internet is the world's leading full-stack technology and operational service provider for vehicle-road collaboration. The company is deeply involved in smart transportation and intelligent network alliance channels, and is the source of C-V2X vehicle-road collaboration. As a pioneer in the vehicle-road collaboration industry, Nebula Internet has conquered key vehicle-road collaboration technologies such as beyond-line-of-sight sensing, reliable short-distance communication, and collabora...
    Nexar develops Dashcam, a mobile application which helps in predicting road accidents. The company's mobile application offers insights and alerts about surrounding cars and enables users to provide feedback and alerts to other drivers on the road. Its application records the road while driving; detects a hard break or an accident; records past, present, and future of an incident; and automatically creates an incident and uploads it to the cloud.
    NoTraffic Ltd. Provides a traffic management platform that transforms signalized intersection to a smart one. It offers NoTraffic, a traffic management platform that establishes a communication channel between road users and road infrastructure (V2I) as an integrated source of data. The company’s platform also optimizes traffic signal timing in order to maximize traffic flow, prioritize various vehicles, and reduce congestion and accidents.
    Otonomo Technologies Ltd. offers automotive data service platform for car manufacturers, drivers, insurance carriers, and service providers. Its Smart Mobility Data Platform provides access to a range of proprietary and patented mobility data solutions for customers' products and services. The company offers automotive data including doors state, battery voltage, remaining fuel to driving data, traffic data, including traffic management, location intelligence, business research, smart cities and...
    Ovo Automotive
    G.O. Ovo Automotive Ltd develops a vehicle infotainment as a service that provides car fleet businesses full and remote control over their connected vehicle screens. Its platform OVO uses a cloud-based app delivery method, plug-and-play to any existing infotainment system, and enabling in-vehicle customer interaction independent of automakers. G.O
    Pace Telematics GmbH
    PACE Telematics GmbH develops an on-board diagnostics device that connects a car via a Bluetooth adaptor with the smartphone and turns it into a smartcar. It offers PACE Link, a system that connects a car with an application; and PACE App, an application that offers features, such as automatic emergency call, fuel saving trainer, error code analysis, find-my-car function, automatic driver’s logbook, traffic monitor, find the cheapest gas station, performance monitor, and gas expense tracking. ...
    PARKNAV offers on-street parking in real-time with a highly accurate and scalable solution since its founding in 2015. By using big data and AI it brings the most precise parking availability information for mobility, smart city, transportation, and automotive. The company also provides both on-street and off-street parking availability, whether free, metered, or permitted, as well as curbside restrictions, traffic control data, and data acquisition from city sensors. Its services are available ...
    Parquery AG develops a web app that allows users to see on-street parking availability. It provides users with real-time vacancy data and smart routing options.
    Shanghai Pateo Electronic Equipment Manufacturing co., Ltd. Develops telematics terminal and cloud platform. It offers automotive electronic hardware, operating system software, voice AI and map integration, TSP service operations, PaaS and SaaS cloud services for vehicle payment, communication operations, and the CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, and electric) vehicle business model. Shanghai Pateo Electronic Equipment Manufacturing co., Ltd. Was formerly known as Energy Source (China) co., ...
    Pebble, previously known as Coord, develops apis that allows software developers to integrate up-to-date data about transportation Infrastructure and services.
    Newport-ims is a company to developp conversational business in the car.the company sell to end users automotive services such as : parking,fuel,maintenance and non automotive services such as bookings of restaurants&hotels , discovery tours, groceries drive deliveries.
    Phiar Technologies
    Phiar Technologies is an ultra-lightweight computer vision AI company and emerging leader in augmented reality driving navigation technology for the automotive industry. Phiar combines its patented innovations in deep learning AI and ar into a new form of driving navigation platform to enhance safety, facilitate more intuitive wayfinding and connect drivers with their surrounding environments.
    Playment was a leader in data annotation and computer vision tools and services specialized in 2D and 3D image, video and Lidar (light detection and ranging) - a remote sensing method that uses laser pulses to measure variable distances. Playment provides fully managed data annotation services that include AI strategy consulting and a saas-based platform that transforms videos and images into high-quality annotated data to support a broad range of use cases, ranging from computer vision and data...
    Pontosense was founded with a mission to fundamentally change everyday technology by expanding the relationship between humans and machines. Our passion for innovation has pushed the boundaries of wireless sensing further than ever, leading to global partnerships and applications across several industries, including mobility, AgeTech, and smart homes. ​ Ready for deployment today - let's change the world.
    Privacy4Cars, Inc. develops an application software for the automotive ecosystem. It offers Privacy4Cars that enables the automotive ecosystem to delete personal information from vehicles to reduce liability, meet regulatory requirements, and improve customer satisfaction. It offers its solution to personal use, wholesalers, service providers, and dealerships.
    Psionic, LLC develops and manufactures light detection and ranging products that analyze the Doppler shift of returning light photons to make measurements of a target. It offers automotive sensor products that provide information at distance, weather conditions, and speed to autonomous vehicles. The company also provides Psionic sensors that provide real-time, stealth, and non-jammable navigational inputs to aircraft guidance, and navigation and control systems.
    Resonant Link
    Resonant Link’s offers faster and highly-efficient wireless power for vareity of applications like industrial trucks, medical devices smaller. The company work with several in healthcare, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics. It aims to exponential growth and lead the movement to electrify work, logistics, transportation, and patient care to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive.
    RideCell, Inc. develops fleet automation and management software solutions including Demand-Response, a software solution that automates requests, dispatch, scheduling, routing, and notification, as well as pairs rider and driver applications with insightful analytics for improving operations; and Fixed Route, which allows riders to track their buses and shuttles over the phone, text, Web, or mobile applications, as well as get real-time delay alerts, proactive notifications, and insightful data...
    Rokubun S.L. Designs and develops scalable navigation technology solutions. It offers Argonaut-GNSS Receiver, a PPK Receiver that achieves 40 cm accuracy when post-processing with JASON PaaS; and JASON-Cloud GNSS processing service. The company’s positioning solutions targeted to the moving devices market to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), location-based services, V2X technologies (Connected Car), wide area logistics, and precision farming.
    Savari, Inc. Builds software and hardware sensor solutions for OEM automotive car manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket, smart cities, and pedestrians. The company offers vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-phone for pedestrians, and infrastructure-to-phone solutions based in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) sensor solution that connects cars to other old and new cars, infrastructure, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It also provides V2X middleware, V2X applications, road-side-u...
    Secmotic is a company dedicated to the development of r&d projects in the areas of home security, e-health, marketing, and smartcities. The company provides services related to Information Technology (IT) and specializes in the implementation of solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).
    Sensefields with cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the traffic management field, contributing to a greener, safer, and citizen-friendlier future. Based on the iot, and using cutting-edge wireless communications systems that detect, collect, and process urban and interurban traffic condition data, Sensefields offers an end-to-end solution within a great variety of smart cities, smart roads, smart parking, and smart air-port data applications. Core to the Sensefields solution is the tec...
    Sentiance operates as a data science and behavior change company. It provides Android and IOS software development kits to mobility, auto insurance, wellbeing, and commerce industries. The company enables insurance companies to link premiums with actual driving risks; allows the client to recommend the right content at the right moment; and provides marketing automation and advertising. 
    Sfara, Inc. develops a mobile application that detects car’s speed, distracted driving behaviors, and accidents. The company’s application interprets a person's surroundings via smart device sensors. It enables smart devices with subscription applications and integrated services. Sfara, Inc. was formerly known as Driversiti Inc. and changed its name to Sfara, Inc. in August 2021. Sfara, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Hoboken, New Jersey.
    Sheeva.AI offers an in-car payments and commerce solution that introduces vehicle location-based services that help monetize the driver experience. Its patented precise geolocation technology allows drivers to seamlessly pay for and receive services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, curbside pickup and drive-through without leaving the comfort of their vehicle. Sheeva.AI’s technology automatically detects the vehicle at the specific gas pump, parking spot, electric vehicle charging space,...
    Sibros Technologies, Inc. develops technologies to power the connected vehicle ecosystem for all vehicle types and architectures. Its Deep Connected Platform, a vertically integrated vehicle-to-cloud system that combines embedded firmware and SaaS applications for connected vehicle success. It also offers over the air (OTA) Deep Updater, a solution for full vehicle software updates; OTA Deep Logger, a vehicle wide data logging solution; Deep Commands, remote command services that can be configur...
    Simplifai Systems
    Simplifai Systems Limited, a software and services company, develops artificial intelligence traffic management software. Its simplifai product generates real-time traffic control strategies that solve complex issues, such as major events, pollution, traffic incidents and unexpected congestion. It exerts real-time control of city-wide traffic management systems such as traffic signals, to achieve a wide variety of citizen-focussed and coordinated goals.
    Singulato Motors
    ZhiCheAuto Technology (Beijing) co., Ltd. Develops smart electric cars. The company also engages in developing cloud-based IoV services and solutions and investing in technology products. It provides singular cloud shield, anti-fatigue system, night version system, autopilot, al co- driver, and smart internet services in the cars.
    Sixents Technology
    Beijing Liufen Technology co., Ltd. Develops high-precision satellite navigation products, services, and solutions. Its products include high-precision navigation chips based on GPS. Beijing Liufen Technology co., Ltd. Was incorporated in 2018 and is based in Beijing, China. Beijing Liufen Technology co., Ltd. Operates as a subsidiary of NavInfo co., ltd.
    Smart Drive
    Smart drive develops data platforms and services for mobility. Smart drive's data platform works with a variety of external data and services to drive the future of mobility, including new mobility experiences and mobility services.
    Smartcar, Inc. operates an application programming interface (API) to build web and mobile applications that communicate with vehicles. Its Smartcar solution allows the user’s mobility app to instantly communicate with their customers’ vehicles. The company’s API is also used to know electric vehicle battery status, fuel tank status, odometer status, oil life, tire pressure, vehicle attributes, and location; lock and unlock the vehicle; and retrieve vehicle identification numbers. Smartcar...
    Spinframe Technologies
    Spinframe Technologies Ltd. develops and offers products based on 360⁰ photo technologies for advertising, marketing, and operations, including the visual damage monitoring of vehicles. It also offers an AI-enabled platform for vehicle damage detection, inspection, and documentation.
    Sreda Solutions
    Sreda Software Solutions was established in 2006 as a premier contractor house for Motorola Software development center in St.Petersburg, Russia. The company develops software for embedded, automotive, wireless communications and mobile applications. Since 2006 the company successfully accomplished more than 25 software development projects for Motorola, then Motorola Solutions and other customers.
    Swift Navigation
    Swift’s precise positioning solutions enable centimeter-level mapping, tracking, and navigation to unlock vehicle autonomy, industrial automation, and digital innovation across industries globally.
    Swiftly, Inc. develops a data-driven public transportation application that helps transit agencies improve their operational mobility and efficiency. It offers Swiftly, a platform to unify public transit data across departments and stakeholders, as well as integrate with existing transit hardware. The company’s Swiftly also provides GTFS and TransXchange data, location and operator information, on-board data, real-time passenger information, real-time transit operations, and historical data an...
    Synaptiv is a data analytics platform provider spun out of Jaguar Land Rover, focused on generating value from connected car data. This rich dataset is supplied by the array of sensors embedded within current-generation and next-generation vehicles travelling on roads and highways. Through the application of advanced data science techniques, Synaptiv transforms car data into unique and actionable insights, helping its clients reduce costs; develop a better understanding of their customers; and l...
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