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    Solid-state batteries: SSB is not as easy as ABC
    Hard to believe, but the lithium-ion battery,  which has been synonymous with the auto industry’s electrification phase, not to mention the proliferation of personal electronic goods, is ripe for redevelopment. There have been different chemistries coming in and out of vogue, mainly involving the choice of cathode material, but the fundamentals have remained in place since the first commercialization in 1981. Now, development is advanced for one of the most fundamental elements of the ...
    Four factors shaping the battery metals market
    Amid persistent macroeconomic uncertainty, spot demand for battery metals has waned over 2023, contributing to a general weakening of metals prices, down from record price highs in 2022. But the horizon for energy transition-related demand has arrived, spurred forward by various government initiatives that have supported plug-in electric vehicle uptake to decarbonize the transport sector and a focus on renewable energy sources. Batteries are the most expensive component of electric vehicle...
    Sustainability taking center stage in OEMs’ vehicle interior trim strategy
    Over the years, quality and functionality of vehicle interiors have emerged as key considerations among new vehicle buyers globally. Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) see this as an opportunity to improve customers’ ownership experience and brand loyalty. This is driving adoption of better interior trim quality even in price-sensitive, volume-segment cars.      Automakers consider interior trim quality in their new vehicles from an early stage of develop...
    Interior Insight – Genesis GV80
    The Genesis GV80 is a large crossover offering seating options for five, six or seven passengers. Designed by Sangyup Lee, formerly of Bentley, it boasts a stylish exterior with a distinctive G-matrix front grill, split LED headlights and elegant curves. Inside story The interior exudes elegance with its rich finishes, including wood trim, metal accents, attention to detail and well-executed assembly. The dashboard's wide-spanning display maintains an upscale and uncluttered look. The spac...
    Interior Insight: Kia Niro
    Kia’s second-generation Niro was launched in July 2022. We take a closer look at this eye-catching model. Available in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and pure electric vehicle (PEV) variants, the second-generation Niro comes in three model grades: 2, 3, and 4. It is assembled at the carmaker’s Kwaseong factory in Asan Bay, South Korea. Inside story At the center of the cabin sits an integrated curved twin-screen display with a touchscreen. Lik...
    Review of interior concepts at IAA Mobility 2023
    The IAA Mobility is an annual auto show held in Munich, Germany, encompassing various automotive trends and technologies. Held at the Munich Exhibition Center from September 5 to September 10, the show attracted more than 500,000 people from all over the world. This edition saw more than 300 world premieres and innovations from about 750 exhibitors. While autonomous and electric mobility inevitably grabbed the attention, there were numerous interesting developments covering the vehicle’s inter...
    Interior Insight: Genesis G70
    The Genesis G70 has a plethora of infotainment and connectivity features. We take a closer look inside this luxury saloon. Genesis is a Hyundai Motor premium brand from South Korea, emerging as a challenger to established rivals like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. The G70 is a facelifted version of a car that has been on sale in the Far East and North America since 2017. In brief The G70 interior is cloaked with soft-touch materials, stitched details and aluminum inserts. The seats come ...
    Interior Insight: Honda Civic
    Honda says its eleventh-generation Civic stays true to the original concept of “a car for all people.” We take a closer look inside this popular family hatchback. In brief The Civic's interior features a clean design with high-quality materials, giving it a premium feel. It is available in three trims: Elegance, Sport and Advance. While lower-spec models have a half-analog display, top-spec versions offer a digital driver's display. All models come with a nine-inch touchscreen, wi...
    Interior Insight: MG HS
    MG, known for sports cars, is targeting mainstream success with the MG HS midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV). We take a closer look inside. In brief The HS interior is wrapped with soft-touch materials, contrasting colors and metallic accents. It features tactile elements like piano key buttons, turbine-design air vents and soft-touch door cards. Rear-seat passengers enjoy reclining seats, twin air vents, two USB ports, and a fold-out armrest with storage space and cup holders. In 2023, t...
    How is in-cabin experience creating new areas of differentiation and value for vehicle manufacturers?
    As vehicle manufacturers search for ways of making electric vehicles more engaging, the in-cabin experience is becoming the new battleground. In a pair of exclusive interviews, we discuss how sound, real-time displays and haptics are being used to create new areas of value for vehicle manufacturers and how updates from the cloud could introduce new commercial opportunities through the lifetime of every vehicle. We talked with Meridian Audio Chief Executive John Buchanan and Epic Games director o...
    Suppliers to new Mercedes-Benz CLE
    The Mercedes Benz CLE is produced at the company’s plant Bremen  in Germany. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 63833  in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Electrification is driving demand of fixed panoramic sunroofs in vehicles
    The light-vehicle sunroof market has seen robust growth over the past five to eight years. Rising consumer aspiration to have this feature in their vehicles, especially in key markets of mainland China, Europe and North America, has been the biggest growth driver. The trend is expected to continue in the current era of electromobility. However, vehicle electrification is leading to a clear shift in the demand mix of sunroofs. Automakers are preferring to equip their EVs with fixed panoramic glas...
    Suppliers to Volkswagen ID3
     The Volkswagen ID3 is produced at  the parent plant in Wolfsburg in Germany. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 43,000  in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Interior Insight – Kia Ceed
    The mid-life updated Ceed hatchback comes in four trim levels with various upholstery options, touchscreens and connectivity features. We take a closer look inside. In brief The Ceed, designed by Kia's European teams in Frankfurt, is produced in Slovakia alongside the Sportage and constitutes about a quarter of Kia's European sales. Built on the K2 platform, it is wider and lower than its predecessor, with improved rear space and cargo capacity. The interior features a modern design with a...
    Interior Insight: Ford Mustang Mach-E
    Once settled in the eight-way, power-adjustable, vegan leather-upholstered and heated driver seat of the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E, the focal point becomes a 15-inch portrait-orientated touchscreen. We take a closer look inside to see what else appeals. Inside story The minimalist dash means adjusting almost everything via the huge touchscreen. Other interior features include heated and powered driver and front passenger seats, a heated steering wheel, a heated windscreen, a wi...
    Interior Insight: Hyundai Ioniq 5
    Eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PET bottles, plant-based yarns and natural wool, are some of the stand-out interior features of the all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5. Other notable features of the crossover utility vehicle (CUV) include a flat floor, housing the batteries, provides extra legroom and spaciousness. The long wheelbase enabled a 'Living Space' theme with the movable Universal Island center console, allowing more freedom of movement for all occupants. The front seats are po...
    OEMs adopt new technologies to promote health and wellness inside cars
    Globally, automakers are increasingly offering features that enhance comfort of occupants in vehicles. These include seats with lumbar support and massage systems, as well as heated, ventilated, and climate-controlled seats. While providing comfort is among the key focus areas, many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now offering solutions aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. This insight offers a preview of some of the latest innovations in this rea...
    Suppliers to new Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    Mercedes Benz E-class : The Mercedes Benz E-class  is produced at Sindelfingen plant in Germany. The new, W214-generation model is expected to peak at more than 134204  in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Interior Insight: Kia XCeed
    The face-lifted Kia XCeed features new LED headlamps, a revised grille and front bumper. We take a look inside to see what is new. Infotainment The XCeed is available in “2,” “3,” “GT-Line” and “GT-Line S” grades. A 10.25-inch touchscreen on the GT-Line, 3 and GT-Line S versions feature Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality as standard. The entry-level 2features an 8-inch touchscreen including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A digital 12.3-inch instrum...
    Interior Insight: VW Golf
    It has been more than four decades since the Volkswagen Golf – Europe’s best-selling new car – made its debut. We take a closer look at this ever-popular model. Infotainment and connectivity The eighth-generation Golf features a central 10-inch touchscreen with web connectivity, complemented by a second driver display located on the opposite side of the steering wheel. These displays, along with a reconfigurable instrumentation cluster, effectively present key driver information...
    Suppliers to the new Volkswagen ID7
    The Volkswagen  ID.7 is produced at the company’s plant Emden in Germany. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 49967  in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    White paper: Electrification technology in reshaped supply chains for ubiquitous EVs
    With the rapid rates of electric vehicle adoption continuing in major markets globally, legislative agendas supporting aggressive transitions to phase out mainstream internal combustion engine (ICE) usage, and supply chains gearing up accordingly, the narrative around electrification technology is shifting toward one of maturity and scale. Click the link above to download the full article.
    Interior Insight: Honda Jazz Crosstar
    Honda has refreshed its fourth-generation Jazz and Jazz Crosstar model range, adding some exterior and interior refinements on all grades. Continuing our series of interior reviews, we explore some technologies and materials for this popular supermini. What’s new? Interior upgrades include new surface materials and seat options. In Elegance and Advance grades, the black interior trim has been lightly revised and updated for 2023 through the application of new seat fabric with a fresh des...
    Are sliding concepts likely to prevail in the floor console market?
    Floor consoles are an integral part of the vehicle. Earlier, the design element comprised of an enclosure for the gear shifter and hand brake or an additional feature of storage bins with armrests that can slide. However, floor consoles have moved beyond just the basic functionalities as the vehicle interior becomes more passenger friendly. Market scope S&P Global Mobility expects global demand for floor consoles across all technologies to rise from around 79 million units currently to...
    OEMs push for increased use of sustainable materials in seats
    Automakers are rapidly making sustainability an integral part of doing business as they aim to become carbon neutral much before the global deadline of 2050. OEMs are striving to reduce CO2 emissions from the entire life cycle of a vehicle — from raw materials to manufacturing process to its ultimate disposal. In doing so, vehicle manufacturers are expecting their partners, including suppliers and dealers, to imbibe sustainability into their operations. Automotive suppliers are expected to ...
    Interior Insight: Lexus RX
    The fifth-generation Lexus RX has a plethora of infotainment and connectivity features. We take a closer look inside this luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV). Infotainment The RX’s minimalist dashboard sweeps across the cockpit in a clean, continuous form. By implementing an e-latch electronic door-release system, the door handles have been repositioned lower, allowing for an extended instrument panel. Lexus has strategically placed the 14-inch touchscreen and physical buttons for...
    Supplier to the new Lincoln Nautilus
    TheLincoln Nautilus produced at the Changan Hangzhou plant in China. The  SUV is expected to peak at more than 34702 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Interior Insight: Lexus UX
    The Lexus UX is the carmaker’s most compact crossover model yet. We look inside this Urban Explorer. Cockpit The UX is available in three equipment grades: UX, F Sport and Takumi. The seats feature a flat cushion and raised side sections that provide support to the hips and maintain body stability. The front seats can be manually adjusted in six ways, while the F Sport and Takumi models offer eight-way power-adjustable front seats. The Takumi model also includes adjustable lumbar supp...
    Interior Insight: Kia Sportage
    Launched in 2022, the fifth-generation Kia Sportage was designed and developed for the European market. Continuing our series of interior reviews, we take a closer look inside. What is the difference between the European Sportage and the version sold in other markets around the world? A spokesperson for the Korean carmaker said: “When deciding the scope of the design for the Sportage, it was decided that Europe, and indeed the UK, deserved an SUV honed for buyers’ specific tastes. This al...
    Interior Insight: VW Arteon R
    Since Volkswagen launched its Arteon in 2017, a shooting brake body style and plug-in hybrid and performance R variants have appeared. Continuing our series of interior reviews, we explore some technologies and materials for this crisp-looking model to see how it measures up in the executive pool. Both sports and touring vehicles share the same 2.0-litre turbocharged engine (EA888 evo4) introduced in the Golf R. Like the Golf R, the Arteon R features an all-wheel-drive sys...
    Suppliers to the new Polestar 3
    The Polestar 3  is produced at company’s production centre is located in Chengdu, China. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 13823 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    INTERVIEW: PersiSKIN on the importance of vegan interior materials
    With consumer sentiment leaning toward using nonanimal byproducts, automakers and suppliers are looking to use vegan leathers, often known as faux leathers. However, not all vegan leathers are harmless, especially in their development processes. Polyurethane (PU) is harmful in the open, with processing and disposal causing diseases including cancer. It also requires large amounts of fuel and water, and it leads to the release of toxic chemicals. Automotive companies are now looking at recycled v...
    Interior Insight: Honda CR-V
    While the fifth-generation Honda CR-V will not set pulses racing, what makes the interior stand out in a crowded marketplace? Continuing our series of interior reviews, we explore some technologies and materials for this hybrid sport utility vehicle (SUV). What is it all about? Four trim levels are available on the latest incarnation CR-V, starting with the S (manual gearbox only), rising to the SE, SR and EX. The interior of our SR press review model incorporates touches of metallic trim ...
    Suppliers to the new BMW i5
    The BMW i5 is produced at company’s Group Plant Dingolfing in Germany. The electric vehicle is expected to peak at more than 39722 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Are plant-based materials the future of the automotive interior?
    Industries around the globe are focusing on cutting carbon emissions and developing sustainable products using eco-friendly methods. A vehicle’s interior comprises various materials with a focus on offering a premium feel. Historically, the interior of higher trims use leather, and while it is still widely used, faux leather and plant-based materials generally made of plant waste have seen significant growth over the last few years. What does “vegan” interior mean? As consumer sentim...
    What slowing the take-off of autonomous vehicles could mean for seat suppliers?
    The euphoria around highly autonomous vehicles has softened a bit lately. This has cast a shadow on the timelines for their commercialization. A few years ago, the rising investments on autonomous driving projects by OEMs had encouraged automotive seating suppliers to also invest in research and development (R&D) of key components and systems for such vehicles. With slowing activities around self-driving vehicles, suppliers are also having to redraw their plans. Vehicles with Level 4/5 au...
    All those in favor of smarter cockpits say AI
    With reports that consumers are starting to push back against the vogue for sleek looking, but frustrating to use, in-vehicle interfaces AI is set to be the vehicle interior designer’s secret weapon. AI could succeed in making more drivers and passengers receptive to their minimalist interiors and could banish buttons forever.  Click the link above to download the whole article.
    Interior Insight: Toyota bZ4X
    The Toyota bZ4X, similar in size to the RAV4, marks the Japanese brand’s first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) and the first of a series of bZ products launched globally. Its name references the size of the car – 4 for mid-size – and the vehicle type, in this case, X for crossover SUV. Continuing our series of interior reviews, we explore some technologies and materials for this all-electric SUV. What’s it all about? The bZ4X is available in front- and all-wheel drive versions. The ...
    Interior Insight: Nissan Qashqai
    The Nissan Qashqai initiated a trend for the compact-crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) way back in 2007. Since then, the market has been flooded with them, with 26 direct competitors in Europe alone. Continuing our series of interior reviews, we explore some technologies and materials of this third-generation model. Infotainment The 9-inch display screen provides access to satellite navigation, entertainment and vehicle settings, and is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarP...
    Suppliers to the new Cupra Leon
    The Cupra Leon  is produced at built at Martorell plant in Spain. The VW’s SEAT is expected to peak at more than 52311 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Suppliers to the new Chevrolet Silverado EV
    The Chevrolet Silverado EV is produced at Factory ZERO assembly plant. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 53088 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Interior Insight: Lexus NX
    The Lexus NX has curb appeal in spades. However, what of the interior? The second-generation model introduces new infotainment, connectivity and convenience technologies. Continuing our series of reviews, we explore some interior technologies and materials of this midsize luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV). Welcome As part of the NX’s welcome sequence, the instrument panel, door handles, puddle lights and daytime running lights illuminate as the door is opened. On closing the door, the ...
    Interior Insight: Honda HR-V
    This Insight marks the first in a new series of car interior reviews that takes a closer look at an array of technologies and materials packaged in the cabin. Launched in Europe in late 2021, the Honda HR-V is the latest model in the carmaker’s line-up to wear the e:HEV badge, following the refreshed CR-V and Jazz.  Cockpit In Europe, three trim levels are available on the third-generation HR-V, starting with the Elegance, rising to the Advance and Advance Style. The cockpit across ...
    Webasto well positioned to meet strong demand for sunroofs in India
    In a market such as India, the sunroof is an aspirational feature that new car buyers would like to have in their new vehicles if price is not a constraint. When vehicle sales started picking up in the early 2000s, Webasto expected India to become a key market for sunroof systems. The Germany-based supplier is the global market leader in sunroof systems with nearly 40% share in 2022.   Webasto entered the Indian market in 2003, first as a joint venture with a local supplier before taking...
    EVangelists: Putting the electric cart before the power generation horsepower?
    One of the most recognized patterns in current well-to-wheel analysis is the differentiation of localized power generation sources and supply chain contributions to the overall carbon footprint of vehicles. Experts like Kelly Senecal rightly point out that in many cases, the power grid is dirtier than a hybrid, even when vehicles manufacturing energy sources are responsibly developed.  Click the link above to download the full article.
    Supplier to the new Ford Mustang
    The Ford Mustang produced at Flat Rock, Michigan. The  vehicle is expected to peak at more than 76159 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    INTERVIEW: Role of leather in sustainable interior design
    Given that passenger wellbeing is high on the agenda, consumers are prioritizing in-vehicle relaxation and seeking comforting tactile and visual cues that can enhance that feeling. Customization is another big trend. OEMs are expanding their luxury offerings to enable customers to express their personalities and lifestyles more visibly. Interior design is also trending toward more digitalized surface qualities, e.g., integrated touch controls, design effects and lighting. The desire to embra...
    Suppliers to the new Cruise Origin
    The Cruise Origin is produced at General Motors Factory ZERO Plant. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 2412 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    INTERVIEW: Sustainable alternatives for in-cabin materials
    Automotive interior design study initially focuses on the use of sustainable materials for “A” surface applications and discovers that there is wider-reaching potential.  Design and engineering consultancy Callum’s recipe for a sustainable car interior includes coffee, lentils, eggshells, rice, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and walnut shells that have the potential to meet car interior production feasibility by 2030.  Like the design of electric vehicles (EVs), con...
    The bigger the better – why the industry prefers panoramic sunroofs
    Demand for sunroofs have shot up over the last couple of years and is expected to grow even further this decade. Sunroofs offer the flexibility of natural lighting in the cabin. The trend is now focused on lightweighting and coating technologies that enable convenient yet safe solutions to thermal needs as well as blocking harmful rays. Demand According to S&P Global’s Component Forecast Analytics (CFA) data, the global demand for sunroof systems (including fixed and power sunroof sy...
    Interview with Harman: Tomorrow’s Driver Monitoring Systems
    OEM interest in driver monitoring systems (DMS) is regulatory driven, currently based on drowsiness distraction and Child Presence Detection (CPD). Consumers want safety and wellbeing experiences in their car, seeking for it to become part of their digital-health ecosystem. Supporting subscriptions is part of Harman’s envisaged business model. The idea of a car watching the driver is not new. Systems that scrutinize the driver’s gaze for signs of drowsiness have been around for year...
    Suppliers to the new Ford Transit Custom
    The Ford Transit Custom is produced at its plant in Kocaeli, Turkey. S&P Global Mobility forecasts that the highest year of production for this vehicle will be 2024, when more than 175390 units will be produced.
    Suppliers to the new Mercedes Benz AMG GT
     The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT production takes place at Mercedes' plant in Bremen, Germany. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 6648 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Suppliers to the new Ford Ranger
    The Ford Ranger is produced at at the Michigan Assembly Plant ,USA. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 75484 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Suppliers to the 2023 Volvo EX90
    The Volvo EX90 is built at Volvo's Charleston, South Carolina plant. The full-sized SUV is expected to peak at more than 46585 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Supplier to the new Mercedes-Benz GLC
    The Mercedes-Benz GLC produced at the at the Beijing plant in China. The vehicle is expected to peak at more than 122981 in 2024, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Talking Heads: CES – the wrap
    In 2023, some 300 exhibitors showcased their vehicle technology. Its increasing importance – usurping the traditional auto shows like NAIAS, Paris, IAA and Geneva along the way – is demonstrated if we wind back the clock to 2014. Then, there were just nine OEMs present and some 125 automotive technology exhibitors. With this growth has also come maturity. The 2023 CES was less about fanciful concepts and more about tangible. Click the link above to download the full article.
    Suppliers to the new Jeep Avenger
    Jeep first electric vehicle (EV) named Avenger is produced in Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland. S&P Global Mobility forecasts that the highest year of production for C4 X will be 2024, when more than 72726 units will be produced.  
    Visual interaction is moving to the forefront of HMI design
    Automotive display HMI is growing in demand owning to convenience features and enhancing customer experience. Moreover, in the coming years development of multi-display will not only provide greater freedom of information usage and control between driver and passenger, but it will also reduce product development complexities and costs for automakers. Although, in real-terms automakers will invest more during the initial years to gain longer-term benefits. Automakers are also engaged in the devel...
    Suppliers to the new Maserati GranTurismo
    The new Maserati  GranTurismo is produced at Stellantis' Mirafiori plant in Turin. S&P Global Mobility forecasts that the highest year of production for this vehicle will be 2024, when more than 3744 units will be produced.
    Update on the semiconductor shortage and outlook for 2023 and beyond
    From the first rumblings out of China in December 2020 the semiconductor has gone on to dominate discussions around the automotive sector. The issues are still ongoing – just last week Jaguar Land Rover announced it was slowing production of certain models due to a continuing supply squeeze – and a few voices in the industry are being heard speculating that the crunch will last until 2026. To get a perspective on the current situation and future developments we talked with Jeremie Bouchaud, ...
    Highlights from the 2022 Paris Motor Show
    The biennial Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Automobile in French) alternates with the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2022 edition, which took place from 17–23 October 2022 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, returned in four years after the last one planned in March 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic. The 2022 edition of the show also indicated that automotive shows are becoming a diminishing affair. The list of no-shows included Stellantis’s Fiat, Maserati and Alfa-Romeo brands; VW and ...
    FORVIA’s divestment strategy reflects its ambition to emerge as a technology focused enterprise
    On 29 July, HELLA announced the divestment of 33.33% stake of integrated front end modules company Hella Behr Plastic Omnium (HBPO) GmbH to France-based Plastic Omnium for an equity value of EUR290 million (USD306.70 million). The transaction enables Plastic Omnium with complete ownership. The divestment is part of HELLA’s strategy to align its resources in the development of high growth business segments underlining FORVIA’s combined businesses which, aim to become a major technology-focuse...
    Winter is Coming
    With energy prices in Europe skyrocketing, placing business bottom lines in triage mode, a harsh winter could place certain automotive sectors at risk of being unable to keep their production lines running. Click the link above to download the article.
    Highlights from the 2022 North American International Auto Show
    The 2022 edition of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) featured a redesigned layout, with the main exhibits and many events indoors at Huntington Place, and other events outdoors in nearby Hart Plaza. Participation was limited this year, with hometown automakers—Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis—carrying the show. Other major exhibitors were Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz. With many other big automakers and brands keeping away from the show, the ma...
    Suppliers to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee
    According to S&P Global Mobility, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee's highest year of production will be 2023, when more than 175780 units will be produced.
    Suppliers to the new Renault Austral
    The new third generation Austral mid-sized SUV is assembled at the carmaker's facility in Palencia, Spain. S&P Global Mobility forecasts that the highest year of production for this SUV will be 2023, when more than 117326 units will be produced.  
    Suppliers to the new Dodge Hornet
    Built in Stellantis’ factory in Pomigliano, Italy ,  Dodge Hornet is expected to peak at more than 32430 in 2023, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    How advanced materials are evolving the automotive sunroof landscape
    The automobile roof has traditionally been regarded as an additional closure component that protects the occupants from environmental and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) conditions. With the design of the passenger cells and the connection of the pillars, there is also an element of safety. While sunroofs have traditionally included a sliding sunshade to block light when closed, this is not always the case. In the interest of safer driving, auto glass is becoming larger to accommodate...
    Suppliers to the new Mercedes-Benz EQE
    The new EQE SUV is assembled at the Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama. Tuscaloosa is a key production location for Mercedes-EQ luxury electric SUVs, including the EQS SUV and the EQE SUV, which will be available later this year. According to S&P Global Mobility, the highest year of production for this SUV will be 2023, when more than 36810 units will be produced.
    Software complexity starting to cost CEOs their job
    Complexity in the software has increased to a level where it has become not just difficult to debug and maintain, but it has compounded an OEM’s already difficult situation to comprehend the overall system interactions between various electronic control units (ECUs) and to properly test all the various combinations of features in a car. Most of the software in vehicles is written by suppliers that also use third-party software and work with externals, so the OEM’s control on the result is ve...
    Suppliers to the new Tesla Model Y
    The Tesla Model Y is manufactured at the automaker's factory in Gruenheide, Germany. Output of the mid-size SUV is expected to peak at more than 241600 in 2023, according to IHS Markit.
    Automotive interiors are driving sustainability to a circular economy
    The automotive industry is witnessing unprecedented levels of disruption and innovation, and rapidly evolving technological advances are impacting all areas of the vehicle, notably interiors. Additionally, by improving the “circular economy,” automakers and suppliers are seeking to create sustainable vehicle interiors. Furthermore, strict government laws and policies requiring ethical extraction practices to accommodate customers' shifting lifestyle preferences are increasing eco-friendly pr...
    Suppliers to the new BMW X1
    Built at Regensburg factory in Germany, the third-generation BMW X1 is expected to peak at more than 132194 in 2023, according to S&P Global Mobility forecast.
    Transforming interior concepts, autonomous vehicles pushing airbag technology trends
    Airbags have been one of the essential passive safety technologies in vehicles, along with seatbelts. Automakers developed the idea to use airbags as a supplemental restraint system (SRS) for added occupants’ safety. With increasing safety regulations from rating bodies, such as New Car Assessment Programs (NCAP) and other regulatory authorities globally, awareness among individuals about vehicle safety is also contributing to instrumental increase in vehicle airbags. This development has led ...
    Suppliers to the 2022 Honda Civic
      The 2022 Honda Civic Hatch is assembled at the Greensburg Assembly plant in United States .Production of the vehcile will peak at more than 93,700  units in 2023. 
    Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on helium supply for airbag applications
    The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict is affecting the supply of various raw materials and resources, including helium gas (which goes in automotive airbags and semiconductors). However, according to IHS Markit’s market research, the extent of the impact on helium will be minimal in the short run. In fact, the impact of COVID-19 has been significant on the global helium supply chain.  Helium and helium mixtures are essential for the functionality of most airbags. Most airbags harness a h...
    Shanghai lockdown creates new supply chain concerns for OEMs
    A dramatic surge in new COVID-19 infections and the breakout of a new sub-strain of the Omicron variant forced the mainland Chinese government to impose a full-scale lockdown in the country’s financial hub, Shanghai, from early April. Shanghai is a major automotive component manufacturing hub as well, and a prolonged lockdown in the city would cause significant disruptions to vehicle production in the region, and logistical barriers hindering export of parts from the country. The lockdown h...
    Suppliers to the new Chevrolet Silverado
    The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado is assembled at the Oshawa Assembly plant in southern Ontario .Production of the vehcile will peak at more than 84360  units in 2023. 
    Automotive industry megatrends to drive demand for smart surface solutions
    The automotive interior industry has been rapidly progressing in recent years and is no longer just a basic aspect but rather a vital space for passenger comfort and aesthetics. The use of secondary capacitive touchscreens designed with hard coated films and holographic foils can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, including plastic, wood trims, natural fibers, leather, textile, or metal decorative surfaces to enhance user experience. As vehicle cockpit technology advances, smart surfaces are t...
    Russia-Ukraine conflict: Shortage of several critical parts leaving German OEMs exposed
    The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has disrupted production at several supplier facilities, forcing them to announce temporary production suspensions or shifts of production operations to other sites, opening another front for carmakers scrambling to stabilize their production output in light of the ongoing semiconductor shortages. Tier-1 suppliers, such as Leoni, Gentherm, Aptiv, Kostal, Kroschu, Fujikura, Sumitomo Electric, Nexans, Yazaki, and Prettl, have plants in Ukraine producing primarily wi...
    Faurecia and HELLA to emerge a more capable supplier in interior and lighting space
    On 31 January 2022, Faurecia announced that it completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA; the deal was announced on 14 August 2021. Faurecia SE (PAR:EO, market capitalization USD6.46 billion as on 21 February 2022) acquired 79.5% HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA (XETRA:HLE, market capitalization USD7.93 billion as on 21 February 2022) shares with an investment of EUR5.3 billion (USD6.0 billion). This included 60% share package of the HELLA pool shareholders as wel...
    Suppliers to the new Volkswagen ID4
    The first-generation Volkswagen ID4 is assembled at parent VW Group's factory in Zwickau Germany.Production of the new electric crossover will peak at more than 112,500 units in 2024. 
    Leather sourcing and processing set to become more environmentally friendly
    Stringent government regulations and policies are enforcing responsible extraction methods to meet consumers’ changing lifestyle choices. An increasing trend is seen with car buyers opting for products and materials with least impact on the environment. This carbon-neutral initiative has led to growing demand for sustainable and principled leather tanning, which includes factors such as where the cows come from, what environment they were reared in, and the tanning process involved. This ar...
    Auto parts to software ecosystem: Does Aptiv and Wind River merger make sense?
    Well-known auto parts maker Aptiv acquired automotive and IoT software developer Wind River on 11 January 2022. This is the first automotive acquisition of this year. This deal is the biggest since 2017 and the divergence of Delphi by Aptiv. Aptiv Aptiv PLC, formerly known as Delphi Automotive PLC, is a tier-1 supplier for the automotive industry. Aptiv designs and manufactures vehicle components and provides electrical and electronic and active safety technology solutions to the global au...
    Suppliers to the new Opel/Vauxhall Mokka
    The second-generation Opel/Vauxhall Mokka is assembled at the Stellantis Poissy facility in France. Output of this model, at the French plant, is expected to peak at more than 136,000 units in 2023, according to IHS Markit.
    Suppliers to the new Nissan Qashqai
    Produced by the Nissan since 2006, with most of the European volume built at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK. Nissan’s compact crossover SUV is now in its third generation. With production starting in June 2021, the all-new Qashqai is Nissan's first model built in Europe using a significant number of lightweight aluminum panels, IHS Markit forecast production will reach its highest level of 303,000 units in 2023.
    Suppliers to the new 2022 Audi e-tron GT
    The first-generation Audi e-tron GT is assembled alongside the Audi R8 at Audi’s Boellinger Hoefe facility in Germany. Output of this model is expected to peak at 14,000 units in 2026, according to IHS Markit.
    Suppliers to the new 2022 BMW 2-Series
    The second-generation BMW 2-Series 2-door coupé (G42) is the first BMW designed by BMW of Mexico. It is also assembled in BMW's San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico. Output of this model is expected to peak at around 43,000 units in 2024, according to IHS Markit.
    Suppliers to the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    The fifth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is assembled in Detroit Michigan, USA. Output of this model at the Michigan plants is expected to peak at around 480,000 units in 2023, according to IHS Markit.
    Evolving vehicle safety norms and consumer preference to push demand for airbags globally
    For suppliers and automakers working with technology development and viability of airbags, regulatory developments can have a substantial impact on planning and deployment—especially production volume. Stricter regulations and mandates being enforced by NCAP bodies are expected to increase in the first half of this decade with implementation of various interior airbags to models across segments. The installation of air bags is regulated by many state and federal laws globally and have influ...
    Suppliers to the new 2022 NIssan Pathfinder
    The fifth-generation Nissan Pathfinder is assembled at the Nissan Smyrna Assembly Plant plant in Tennessee, USA. Output of this model at the Tennessee plant is expected to peak at around 115,000 units in 2024, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
    Suppliers to the new Rolls-Royce Ghost
    The second-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost is assembled at the Rolls-Royce plant in Goodwood, West Sussex, UK. Output of this model is expected to peak at more than 2,000 units in 2023, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
    Suppliers to the new Skoda Rapid
    The second-generation Skoda Rapid is assembled at the Volkswagen Group Kaluga facility in Russia. Output of this model at the Russian plant is expected to peak at more than 27,000 units in 2023, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
    Major revision for global light vehicle production forecast – what it means for OEMs’ technology deployment
    The IHS Markit light vehicle production forecast has been cut by 6.2% or 5.02 million units in 2021, and by 9.3% or 8.45 million units in 2022, to stand at 75.8 million units and 82.6 million units, respectively. For 2023, we have reduced the forecast by 1.05 million units or 1.1% to 92 million units; this is a front-loaded adjustment and from the second quarter output levels are expected to be able to accelerate as supply chains return to normal. If this is the case then strong pent-up demand a...
    Steering wheels of the past, present, and future
    Since its inception in 1894, steering wheels have undergone an unending series of innovations. However, there are talks in the industry that they could soon become obsolete with the advent of autonomous vehicles. Today steering wheels have become stylish, thick, often flat-bottomed inspired from race cars, and assist in performing several other tasks than to just ‘steer’ the vehicle. The multifunction steering wheels of today can answer a call, change the speed of cruise control, and change ...
    LEDs and advanced optical technologies driving the development in automotive ambient lighting
    Lighting is becoming the new chrome. It is made possible by use of light-emitting diode (LED) light sources and related optics, which are unlocking new opportunities for design. Light-based applications in cars no longer fulfill only functional tasks, but are also increasingly becoming elementary components of design. Ambient lighting helps amplify the design language, contours key elements of the car interior and reinforces brand identity. The functional role of interior lighting has grown from...
    Trends in floor consoles
    Floor consoles are an indispensable part of modern passenger vehicles. They occupy the space between the front seats of the vehicle and have many utilities and functionalities. The floor console design can be as simple as just providing an enclosure for the gear shifter and parking brake or as complex as having storage bins with armrests that can slide. These days, floor consoles accompany the instrument panels combining the most functional appearance (storage compartments) with ambient lighting...
    Suppliers to the new Hyundai Tucson
    The fourth-generation 2021 Hyundai Tucson is assembled at Hyundai’s facility in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Output of the new version of the compact crossover SUV is expected to peak at more than 184,000 units in 2022, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
    Suppliers to the new Lincoln Aviator
    The second-generation Lincoln Aviator is assembled at Ford’s facility in Chicago SHO, United States. Output of the new mid-sized luxury SUV is expected to peak at more than 2,000 units in 2022, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
    Evolution of car dashboards
    The rapid evolution of dashboards is one of the most exciting and visible areas of advancement in automotive technology. A dashboard is a control panel that is located directly ahead of a vehicle's driver, displaying instrumentation and controls. Dashboards also allow drivers to control their car with the turn of a knob and the push of a button. Furthermore, modern digital dashboards also feature infot...
    Suppliers to the new BMW 4 Series
    The second-generation BMW 4 Series is assembled at BMW’s facility in Dingolfing, Germany. Output of the new version of the two-door coupe is expected to peak at more than 45,000 units in 2022, according to IHS Markit. If you would like your company included in this feature or the car cutaways published in Automotive News or Automotive News Europe, please e-mail
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