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    3Dom is a venture company conducting research and development of high energy lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries. 3Dom's technology is aimed at increasing the life of secondary batteries.
    6K develops materials into products for the Manufacturing, renewable Energy, Aerospace, and Consumer Electronics Industries.
    Ace Recyling
    ACE Green Recycling is an innovative Recycling platform providing sustainable, end- of-life solutions for batteries. The company is working with players across the battery ecosystem to create localized circular solutions to ensure critical battery materials remain within the countries generating battery wastes.
    Actnano is a US-based startup that has developed water and environmental Resistant Nanocoating Technology, Advanced Nanoguard (Ang). The company’s wet ang coatings can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs and high heat generating components. It can be integrated into existing manufacturing lines, and is used by various automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers.
    Advano develops scalable solutions for lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density. It manufactures and processes functionalized silicon nanoparticles. Its products are used in various applications, including lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles
    Alchemy (previously Neverfrost) develops innovative nanocoating solutions for various applications including automotive. Alchemy coatings are designed to repel water, dirt, and ice while maintaining the high transparency, mechanical durability, and weatherability specifications for advanced sensor systems used in harsh environments. Alchemy develops nanotech-based protection films for automotive windshields.
    Allox Advance Materials
    Allox is a natural resource company primarily dealing in lithium and other rare earth minerals. It aims to become a material producer for next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, while creating the supply chain that enables the future energy requirements of the world, the global storage of renewable energy, and electrification of transportation.
    Amatrium offers cloud-based softwares and is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software as a Service (SaaS) for Materials Science research. Amatrium provides a software suite for technical enterprise, academia, and a broad array of use cases from space tech, to 3D printing and precision devices, to name a few.
    Anaphite Limited develops graphene-based nanomaterials, aimed at developing next generation low-cost batteries.
    Arieca manufactures and distributes a thermally conductive rubber composite. Its composite is a stretchable, thermally conductive rubber that combines elasticity of soft silicone with the thermal of metal to be used as circuit wiring, sensors, and passive heat exchangers, allowing manufacturers to deploy an alternative form of rubber that improve the performance of electronics.
    Arris Composites
    Arris Composites designs and develops composites manufacturing technologies across several industries including, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial.
    Ascend Elements
    Ascend elements manufactures advanced battery materials using valuable elements reclaimed from spent lithium-ion batteries. Its patented hydro-to-cathode process transforms waste into high-value materials for EV batteries.
    Azul 3D
    Azul 3D specializes in high-throughput 3D printing technologies. The company's 3D printing technologies use prototyping to manufacture in a streamlined, low cost effective manner.
    Bambooder has developed a patented technology to extract ‘long’ bamboo fibers and to make an endless bamboo thread for high-performance composite applications.
    Battrion is an ETH Zurich spin-off founded in 2015. The startup operates a research lab and production facility in Dübendorf, Switzerland, where it develops what it calls ‘Aligned Graphite’ technology, which is a fabrication technology for lithium-ion batteries that improve the microstructure of negative electrodes. The technology significantly increases the charge- and discharge performance of Li-ion batteries and is particularly suited for EV and high-power applications. The startup claim...
    Bcomp manufactures natural fiber composites. The company's products include, ampliTex, a natural flax fiber in non crimp, low twist, and ampliTex braids technologies; bCores, a lightweight wood core; and powerRibs, a natural fibre composite reinforcement material. It serves automotive and interior panels.
    BeePlanet Factory
    BeePlanet Factory manufactures energy storage systems reusing lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. The company is a pioneer in the use of second-life batteries for photovoltaic, wind and off-grid installations.
    Betteries is involved in deploying second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables. The company’s business model is based on circular economy principles by ensuring recycling batteries at the end of their second life, significantly lowering the costs for customers through its battery-as-a-service offerings.
    Big Atom
    Big Atom intends on developing a circular economy by breaking down waste tyres and plastics into raw materials for reuse. It has established a tyre recycling business in the North West of England
    Boston Metal
    Boston Materials manufactures Z-axis Carbon Fiber products for multiple industries
    British Lithium
    British Lithium is a UK-based startup that discovers, builds, and operates mines to exploit rare concentrations of minerals. Its focus is now on delivering a sustainable, ethical integrated lithium project in the UK, which will be the first producer of battery-grade lithium in the EU.
    Carbon 3D provides digital manufacturing solutions and combines advanced hardware, software, and polymer materials capabilities on one digital manufacturing platform.
    Carbon Recovery
    Carbon recovery specializes in developing used tire recycling technologies. It uses a Vacuum Low-Temperature Pyrolysis (VNP) technology that synthesizes larger molecules of carbon into smaller components. Further processing converts the molecules into a high-quality carbon solid called recovered carbon black.
    Carbonscape has developed a patented technology and process to produce graphite from renewable feedstocks, with a carbon-negative footprint. Its unique engineered graphite morphology provides equal or superior lithium-ion battery performance compared to fossil-derived graphite. Its engineered graphite is sustainably produced at a competitive cost with negligible environmental impact.
    Carbon Truck & Trailer offers carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for light commercial vehicles. The company is focused on the development and economical serial production of load-bearing components made of CFRP for light commercial vehicles.
    Circular Tree
    CircularTree helps achieve net zero targets by systematically identifying and managing scope 3 emissions. It offers supply chain management and Product Carbon Footprint software CarbonBlock.
    Circularise is a supply chain traceability and transparency start-up
    Conamix is a team of work-hardened battery experts turning sulfur cathodes from the out of reach holy-grail of lithium ion cathodes into a global product with the energy, power and cycle life demanded by the EV Revolution.
    Conovate, formerly SafeLi, was founded on December 15, 2016 by drs. Carol Hirschmugl and Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska. As a university-incubated startup, with co-founders who are also co-inventors of the foundational patent Us patent 9,236,633 “synthesis and applications of graphene-based nanomaterials”, Conovate has secured an exclusive royalty-bearing, worldwide license to develop and commercialize product(s) covered by the licensed patent in all fields of use, with initial focus on lith...
    Continuous Composites
    Continuous Composites Inc. Manufactures and supplies fiber 3D printing equipment. It serves aerospace, automotive, defense, and construction industries.
    Corebon has developed production process called Corebon Technology for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) that results in a new higher standard of composite materials, lower cost and minimal impact on the environment
    Cyclic Materials
    Cyclic Materials Inc. recycles and supplies rare earth elements. The company recycles copper, aluminum, steel, cobalt, nickel, and other materials critical to electrification.
    Desktop Metal
    Desktop Metal manufactures 3D printing solutions for all scales of production—from complex prototypes and on-demand tooling to rapid manufacture of thousands of parts.
    Desserto develops a highly sustainable plant-based material made from Cactus which can be used as an alternative to leather in a wide variety of applications including automotive interior.
    Divergent Technologies develops systems which help automate the design, manufacture and assembly of complex structures in automotive applications. Its 'Divergent Adaptive Production System' enables volume manufacturing of advanced, lightweight structures without the need for expensive tooling.
    Provider of battery and metal recycling services based in Wendeburg, Germany. The company recycles lithium-ion batteries in an eco-friendly way using a patented method that combines mechanical, thermodynamic and hydrometallurgical processes.
    Electra Earth
    Electra Earth (Electrasteel Incorporated) engages in refinement and decarbonization of iron and steelmaking using intermittent renewable energy. Electra, a green iron company, is bending the trajectory of climate change by electrifying iron refining with no green premium. Its products includes pure green iron and other green feedstocks.
    Energy Exploration Technologies, Inc. (EnergyX) operates as a renewable energy technology company. The company develops technologies in energy storage and materials, such as lithium. Its technologies include Lithium Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS), a direct lithium extraction technology, which allows operators to process lithium enriched brines found in salt flats across the world for the purpose of harvesting lithium; and Solid Lithium Separator (SoLiS), a solid-state and quasi solid-state...
    ETV Energy
    ETV Energy provides technological and scientific platform combining academy & material industries thereby enabling to develop advanced materials & technologies for the next generation lithium ion batteries.
    Ever Resource
    Ever resource was set up to develop and commercialise circular economy and cleantech innovation. Our vision is a web of industries where one stream's waste is another stream's in-feed: bridging linear and wasteful processes to create a circular, pollution-free, zero-waste planet. We work on the recycling of lead, lithium and alkaline batteries; end-of-life tyres and plastic; municipal waste; and more.
    Everledger provides an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership and related supply chain history.
    FibreCoat provides metal or polymer coated fibers for innovative lightweight components, which results in faster production, improved cost benefits and lower weight.
    FlexEnable has developed flexible electronics technology platform that allows electronics made of organic materials to be manufactured on flexible plastic film. lexEnable’s customers include OEMs, component manufacturers and materials suppliers. The company offers a comprehensive range of services-based packages for its technology platform including: ProductEnable™, MaterialsEnable™ and FabEnable™.
    FLOSFIA INC. develops corundum structured Gallium Oxide based semiconductor power devices. It offers high breakdown voltage and high efficiency power devices.
    Forge Nano
    Forge Nano specializes in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using atomic layer deposition
    G3c Technologies
    G3C Technologies (G3CT) develops and commercializes innovative waste to wealth technology for converting scrap tires into high grade carbon black suitable for manufacturing various rubber and plastic applications.
    Gauzy Ltd. is a material science company, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of vision and light control technologies that support safe, sustainable, comfortable, and agile user experiences across various industries. The company serves top in automotive, transportation, architecture, consumer goods, medical devices, and beyond through direct fulfillment and a certified and trained distribution channel covering over 40 countries.
    Ge Solartech
    Ge Solartech has invented and developed its enabling technologies in the field of environmental protection and alternative energy. The company's business portfolio includes specialty materials for automobile emission control and chemical process catalysts, semiconductor, solar cell, lithium ion battery and hydrogen storage applications.
    Green Li-ion
    Green Li-ion is a deep clean technology that solves the existential risk to the precious metals industry and the environment.
    Green Lithium
    Green Lithium Is Set To Build And Operate The First Centralised Commercial Lithium Refinery In The Uk.It Will Supply The Uk And European Electric Vehicle And Battery Manufacturers With The Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide Needed For Ev Battery Cells, To Help Meet The Demand For Electric Vehicles.
    Group14 Technologies
    Group14 Technologies Is A Provider Of Synthetic Carbon-Based Technology Designed To Develop Products That Replace Graphite In Batteries.
    H2 Green Steel
    H2 Green Steel is a company working to eliminate almost all co₂ emissions from the Steel production process. H2 Green Steel was founded in 2020 with the aim to build a large-scale Green Steel production in northern Sweden.
    HPL Technologies
    HPL Technologies markets the WECODUR coating system. The WECODUR technology is based on the development of an advanced laser cladding process which enables the economic production of thin, material-bound layers on metal workpieces with a multitude of material combinations.
    Intamsys offers 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance materials. Its 3D printing allows automotive parts manufacturers maintain a digital repository of all spare parts and print them as and when required.
    Ionic Materials
    Ionic Materials specializes in polymer science, electrochemistry, and battery science. Ionic has developed a solid polymer electrolyte that enables manufacturing of batteries that are safer, cheaper, and better in performance.
    Jetti Resources, LLC engages in the extraction of metals from mineral ores. It develops a hydrometallurgical technology for extracting copper from low-grade primary sulfides. It is also used for zinc and nickel sulphide extraction, as well as other forms of mineral processing.
    Making lithium-ion batteries a truly circular and sustainable product.
    Li-Metal Corp. engages in the development and sale of lithium metal anodes and lithium metal production technologies for lithium batteries. On October 25, 2021, Li-Metal completed a reverse takeover of Eurotin Inc., forming Li-Metal Corp. After the completion of the RTO, the shares of Li-Metal Corp. were listed on the CSE.
    LIBREC evolved from a project of the Swiss association of car importers and is supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Environment, as well as by ‘Innosuisse’, a Federal agency to support innovation. LIBREC is privately financed and the single provider of cutting-edge battery recycling in Switzerland with a strong market presence. Currently, LIBREC operates the largest intermediate storage facility for batteries in Swizerland and starts the industrial recycling process in 2024. LIBREC plan...
    Lilac Solutions
    Lilac Solutions is a lithium extraction technology company based in Oakland, California. Lilac has developed a patented ion exchange technology that facilitates production of lithium from brine resources with high efficiency, minimal cost, and ultra-low environmental footprint. Lilac’s mission is to scale global lithium production to support the EV industry and energy transition.
    Lingrove is a materials and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins
    Lionvolt is an innovative battery start-up company (spun out of Tno at Holst Centre) located within The high tech campus of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. Founded in the spring of 2020, its mission is to develop and scale 3D solid-state batteries that deliver high performance, fast charging, intrinsic safety, and are sustainable. The company is backed-up with 7 years of r&d, which gives us a solid basis to accelerate. Its vision is to start establishing a scalable giga factory within the next fi...
    Lithion Recycling
    Lithion recycling has developed an efficient and cost-effective process for recycling lithium-ion batteries, the most widely used batteries for electrical vehicles and portable electronics today. This new process allows up to 95% of these batteries’ components to be recovered and treated so that they can be reused by battery manufacturers—a concrete way to close the loop on battery life-cycle. Lithion recycling is aiming for a worldwide commercialization of its technology, which began with t...
    Lohum Cleantech
    Lohum powers next-gen Li-ion battery mobility & energy solutions, gives batteries multiple lives through reuse technology, and makes battery materials last forever through recycling.
    Mangrove Lithium
    Mangrove Lithium is a Vancouver-based company which has developed a platform for a cost-effective production of battery grade Lithium hydroxide from diverse input streams and assets. Mangrove’s modular solution can be scaled to any capacity and co-located with upstream lithium producers or cathode and cell manufacturers. The platform technology is also being commercialized for conversion of waste brines to chemicals and desalinated water.
    Moment Energy
    Moment Energy is a cleantech startup creating clean, affordable, and reliable battery energy storage systems (BESS) by repurposing retired electric vehicle batteries.
    NanoGraf is an advanced battery material company whose patented silicon-anode technology enables longer-lasting, higher-energy, and higher-power lithium-ion batteries. NanoGraf works with more than 50 companies, including some of the world’s leading consumer electronics, household appliance, and power tool brands, and over 12 strategic partners in electric mobility (from startups to Fortune 100s). NanoGraf is a spinout of Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory. NanoGraf Corpor...
    Nanom Technologies
    Nanom (formerly Greenvolt) creates nano-enhanced materials that can be integrated into the battery technologies of tomorrow. Nanotechnology can greatly increase the size and surface of battery electrodes by creating more efficient energy storage through material innovation.
    Nanoramic Laboratories
    Nanoramic specializes in technologies and material solutions based on nano-carbons. Nano-carbons have exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties at the nano-scale level. We synthesize and incorporate nano-carbons in various materials and transfer these properties at the macroscale level, addressing major challenges in energy storage and thermal management.
    Nanosteel is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of nano-structured steel materials for automotive and industrial sectors. Nanosteel offers a new generation of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) for lightweighting vehicles.
    Nanotech Energy
    Nanotech Energy’s technology creates real-world benefits, including increased safety, cost-efficiency, sustainability, and creating a more efficient way to harness the power of renewable Energy. Its organic graphene batteries address long-standing issues with lithium-ion batteries, and can be produced at scale using a simple process.
    Natural Fiber Welding
    Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) is a material science company that creates sustainable, high-performing materials and textiles that are 100% free of plastic and petrochemicals. NFW was founded in 2015 and is based in Peoria, Illinois.
    NEXEON Limited operates as a battery materials and licensing company that develops silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries. It offers silicon anode technology solutions for various applications, including consumer electronic, electronic vehicle, sustainable energy, aerospace, medical, and defense industries in the United Kingdom and internationally.
    NoMIS Power Group
    Nomis Power Group develops a more efficient Power semiconductors for electric vehicles, subways, airplanes, and industrial motors.
    Nth Cycle
    Nth cycle is a metal processing technology company working with battery recyclers and miners to recover production-grade critical minerals.
    Oxis Energy
    Oxis energy is involved in the development and production of rechargeable lithium sulfur (li-s) cells/modules that can be used in many battery applications. The company is moving towards mass production of The cells in its manufacturing plants in Brazil and in The United Kingdom.
    Phoenix Tailings
    Phoenix Tailings Inc. operates as a mining and metals production company that produces primary metal products which are re-mined from mining tailings. The company’s products include ferro dysprosium alloy, neodymium, and dysprosium. It serves aerospace and defense, alloying, automotive, bulk commodities, biotechnology, chemicals, medtech, paint and coatings, permanent magnets, and water treatment industries
    Piedmont Lithium
    Piedmont Lithium Inc., a development stage company, engages in the exploration and development of resource projects in the United States. The company primarily holds a 100% interest in the Carolina Lithium Project that include an area of approximately 3,245 acres located within the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt situated to the northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States.
    Posh Robotics
    Posh automates EV battery recycling using robotics arms and computer vision.
    Princeton NuEnergy
    Princeton Nuenergy Inc. engages in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) from electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer electronics. The company offers services, such as closed-loop lithium-ion battery recycling, service and technology licensing, total solution as a service, and second-life battery use. The company was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Bordentown, New Jersey.
    Pure Battery Technologies
    Pure Battery Technologies uses a simple, environmentally superior processing technology which is commercially proven to produce high-quality, more affordable nickel and cobalt Battery materials. Pbt’s patented selective acid leaching (sal) process can refine intermediate nickel and cobalt products more flexibly with a lower environmental footprint than other processing methods. This puts us in unique position to support battery producers by providing cleaner, higher-quality battery material at...
    Redwood Materials
    Redwood Materials is a battery recycling company aimed at building and expanding the production of battery components, anode and cathode, in the US and produce them from an ever-increasing amount of recycled content. With a focus on establishing a circular supply chain for battery materials, the company is making major investments in the US, scaling up its technology and facilities over the next few years to bring cathode online and ramp production to 100 GWh, which is estimated to be enough for...
    ReVolt Battery Technology
    ReVolt is a Houston-based software startup providing a scalable cloud based SaaS platform to accelerate the transition to zero-emission fleets for public and private transit agencies. Our SaaS platform provides transportation software modules including fixed and fluid transit planning applications, battery electric bus energy consumption interfaces, lithium-ion battery sizing, range estimation, fleet sizing, L2/L3 charger planning, GHG reduction estimation and enabling the transition to zero emi...
    Rubber Conversion
    Rubber Conversion offers devulcanization process and is active in Rubber recycling, spanning pre- and postconsumer scrap
    Beijing Saidemei Resources Recycling Research Institute Company Ltd. Is a high-tech company that develops and industrializes with Resource recovery and Reuse technologies.
    Sakuu Corporation
    Sakuu Corporation is a solid-state battery manufacturing company. The company offers multi-material and multi-method 3D printing platforms for production, prints battery cells in a novel, rapid, mass-scale manner, and provides clients with Swift Print, a solid-state battery for electric vehicles and mass-market energy storage applications
    Seurat Technologies
    Seurat Technologies provides the next generation of metal printers designed for industrial scalability. The company's printing services use direct metal writing technique and selective laser melting technique.
    Sila Nanotechnologies
    Sila Nanotechnologies, Inc. manufactures and develops silicon-based materials for lithium-ion batteries. Its battery materials allow enhanced energy storage options for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and renewable power sources. The company caters its products and services to the automobile, consumer electronics, electric utilities, and aerospace sectors.
    Sionic Energy
    Sionic Energy, formerly NOHMs Technologies, develops and integrates custom electrolyte solutions. The company aims to provide materials and chemistry for longer-lasting, safer, and more sustainable lithium-ion batteries
    Sortera Technologies, Inc. manufactures metal alloys through scrap sorting and recycling for domestic manufacturing. The company’s products include aluminium cast, extrusion, and sheet products. Sortera Technologies, Inc. was formerly known as Sortera Alloys, Inc. and changed its name to Sortera Technologies, Inc. in May 2023.
    Syntoil is a systems transform end-of-life tires and rubber waste into commercial products
    Texpower is a fast-growing company spun out of the University of Texas at Austin in early 2019, continuing the disruptive innovations LED by profs. John B. Goodenough and Arumugam Manthiram on lithium-ion batteries.
    UBQ Materials
    UBQ Materials is a provider of waste management technology that can be used to convert waste materials into usable products. The company's technology offers a singular homogeneous material out of a seemingly heterogeneous mixed residual waste input.
    UP Catalyst
    UP Catalyst is leading the world to sustainable carbon! it is a green technology startup, which focuses on turning the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 into valuable carbon nanomaterials and graphite. These have a vast range of applications from electric car batteries to concrete and biomedicine. The company aimsto revolutionize the global electric car battery industry by increasing the battery properties like energy density, charge rate and lifetime through sustainable products.
    Vendia focuses on multicloud serverless computing and serverless data sharing solutions. They aim to simplify the development and deployment of serverless applications across multiple cloud environments. Vendia's platform enables users to share and synchronize data seamlessly across different cloud providers, making it easier to build and scale serverless applications in a multicloud environment.
    Volexion, Inc. manufactures lithium-ion batteries. It develops a graphene coating for lithium-ion batteries, which acts as a layer around battery cathode materials to keep them from degrading and allow them to last longer. The company was incorporated in 2018 and is based in Evanston, Illinois.
    Wastefront AS use existing, certified technology to convert waste tyres into valuable resources through an up-cycling process for the use of new tyres and other products.
    Xometry offers AI-powered marketplace, Thomasnet industrial sourcing platform and suite of cloud-based services. Xometry provides manufacturers the critical resources they need to grow their business and makes it easy for buyers to access global manufacturing capacity and create local supply chains.
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