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    Actasys, Inc. offers hardware and software solutions for sensor functionality. It also offers visibility enablement, thermal maintenance, sensor alignment, and smart servicing. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Brooklyn, New York.
    Actnano is a US-based startup that has developed water and environmental Resistant Nanocoating Technology, Advanced Nanoguard (Ang). The company’s wet ang coatings can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs and high heat generating components. It can be integrated into existing manufacturing lines, and is used by various automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers.
    AECS Automotive Electronics' (Oyex) is registered as Jiangsu Auto Electronic Control System Technology Co., Ltd. Its main business covers electronic control products of new energy vehicles and traditional electric control products of powered vehicles. AECS was incubated at Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University and has realized large-scale industrialization.
    Atech Automotive
    Wuhu Etech Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of various intelligent connected automotive electronic products. It designs, manufactures, and sells automotive parts and relative hardware and software.
    Autotalks, a fabless semiconductor company, provides V2X automotive-grade vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure chipset for vehicle safety and mobility applications. It offers C-V2X technology, dedicated short-range communications technology, next generation C-V2X, and V2X technology.
    AXONNE is focused on innovating simplified robust & functional-safe high bandwidth automotive in-vehicle network semiconductor solutions for future automotive vehicles and robotics.
    Ball Wave
    Ball Wave is a developer of ball saw sensors that use natural collimation of surface acoustic waves (SAWS). The company uses high MEMS technology and high-frequency signal processing technology for the detection of moisture, hydrogen, and other environmental attributes, enabling users to instantly detect various kinds of matter in the air and other gases at the nanoscale.
    Black Sesame Technologies
    Black Sesame Intelligence offers automotive-grade computing chips and chip-based solutions tailored for smart vehicles. Originating with the Huashan series, which focused on high-computing chips for autonomous driving, the company later introduced the Wudang series of cross-domain computing chips, catering to an extensive array of advanced smart car functionalities. Black Sesame Intelligence's proprietary automotive-grade products and technologies empower smart vehicles with vital features, such...
    Blaize (formerly Thinci) is deep technology company focused on making artificial intelligence (AI) broadly accessible to enterprises and people. blaize’s graph streaming processor (GSP) architecture is powerful and adaptable to overcome the limits of computing that keep AI, machine learning and deep learning from doing all it can do. Blaize GSP is ideal for efficiently processing AI workloads at the automotive edge, as either an embedded or accelerator solution.
    BOS Semiconductors
    BOS Semiconductors Co.,Ltd. develops semiconductor solutions for the automotive sector. The company develops automotive semiconductors, including autonomous driving SOC, high performance computing SOC, and gateway SOC.
    CelLink Corporation develops high-conductance flexible circuits for the solar, LED, and battery industries. It offers products in the categories of battery pack interconnect, vehicle wire harness, LED lighting, and specialty circuits.
    ChipFlow Ltd. is a company that specializes in designing and developing an integrated circuit design platform. Their open-source semiconductor chip design platform (PaaS) enables product companies to create and order their own integrated circuits. With automated IC layout using artificial intelligence and streamlined manufacturing and shipping processes, ChipFlow empowers product companies and designers to easily order and test their own chips. Their platform offers cloud-scalable debug, test, s...
    Dynel Elektromekanik has been established in Ege Teknopark - Izmir / Turkey since 2016. Dynel specializes in engineering services in the fields of sensors, power electronics, electromechanical test system design & development, simulations, and structural analysis for defense, automotive, and medical industries based on international standards. The company provides engaged partnerships to our clients along all phases of projects from requirements analysis to implementation.
    E-peas provide industry leading energy harvesting and processing solutions – aems & microcontrollers – to give infinite battery life to wireless device by increasing the amount of harvested energy and by drastically reducing the energy consumption of all power consuming blocs of the system
    ECARX co., Ltd. Manufactures vehicle chip-sets, 4G powered intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, hd map, big data, and IoV cloud products. It also develops connected platform for automotive companies.
    EdgeCortix Co., Ltd. develops solutions that automates machine learning driven hardware design for an intelligent distributed edge ecosystem. Its software platform automates hardware aware neural architecture search and chip design-space exploration. The company's solutions can be deployed as real-time AI solutions in applications, such as autonomous driving, industrial robotics, camera systems and healthcare.
    Ethernovia Inc. develops an ethernet system to process the bandwidth demands of the future. Its virtual communication solution enables the software defined vehicle for future automobile’s communication.
    eYs3D Microelectronics
    Eys3D Microelectronics is a fab-less semiconductor design-house designs processor and 3D sensory systems for vision AI at the edge. With operations in Taiwan, United States and sales office in Shenzhen, China the company has had a very successful history of providing ics and silicon-centric stereo vision 3D sensing as well as isp products to the market. After closing the series-a strategical investment from Arm Iot Fund, Wi Harper, Marubun Corporation and Sunplus technology, the company will hav...
    Fastree 3D designs flash lidar camera modules for automotive applications. The company's camera module includes the illumination sources, the drivers, and a system on a chip (SOC) in standard CMOS technology. The SOC includes the array of single-photon sensitive detectors/sensors, the asic (application specific integrated circuit) to pre-process the image information rendering it immediately actionable.
    Ferroelectric Memory
    Ferroelectric Memory GmbH provides embedded nonvolatile memory solutions (eNVM) based on ferroelectric hafnium oxide (FE-HfO2). It provides its technology to semiconductor manufacturers and fabless companies to utilize in fabs and chip designs.
    Flex Logix
    Flex logix is a reconfigurable computing company providing AI inference and FPGA solutions based on software, systems and silicon. Inferx x1 is the industry's fastest and most efficient AI edge inference accelerator that enables megapixel neural network models in high performance applications by offering superior inferences/$ and /watt
    FLOSFIA INC. develops corundum structured Gallium Oxide based semiconductor power devices. It offers high breakdown voltage and high efficiency power devices.
    GaN Systems
    GaN Systems develops gallium nitirde (GaN) power semiconductors for consumer electronics, data center servers, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and automotive drivetrains.
    Genesys Microelectronics
    Genesys Microelectronics manufactures automotive smart cockpit and ADAS chips. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Geo Semiconductors
    GEO Semiconductor Inc. develops and distributes video processors for automotive viewing cameras. The company offers geometric processing, image signal processing, and video compression solutions to address camera and projection products. Its technology is used in automotive cameras, head-up displays, security IP cameras, smartphone peripherals, projectors, and consumer cloud cameras. The company ships camera video processors in diverse automotive applications, such as ADAS, autonomy, in-cabin mo...
    Graphcore Limited develops and manufactures intelligent processing units. It offers IPU-Accelerator cards, which can be plugged into a server to accelerate machine-learning applications; and IPU-Appliance products that provide enhanced performance to deliver inference systems supporting various users or provide faster training. Graphcore Limited was incorporated in 2016 and is based in Bristol, United Kingdom with additional locations in Palo Alto, California; London, United Kingdom; Oslo, Norwa...
    Hailo develops AI processor that delivers the performance of a data center-class computer to edge devices. Hailo's AI processor reimagines traditional computer architecture, enabling smart devices to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as object detection and segmentation in real-time. In the future, the company expects the chip to make its way into fully autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, AR/VR platforms and wearables.
    indie Semiconductor
    Indie Semiconductor is a provider of next-generation semiconductor and software solutions for the automotive market. Indie’s products serve four types of automotive applications: safety systems, connected cars, user experience and electrification. The company has design centers and sales offices in US, Hungary, Germany, Scotland and various locations throughout China.
    Indie Microelectronics (WuXi) Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of automotive Mixed-signal semiconductor in China. Indie's products, covering lighting and motor control application, have entered the mainstream car OEM supply chain, with cooperation with over 100 domestic and international automotive TIER1. Indie Microelectronics is actively entering x- by-wire chasis application and body control domain related driver products. We will also launch solutions on ADAS and function safety control, whic...
    Kinara, previously known as Deep Vision, offers an ultra-low power processor that runs deep learning and computer vision algorithms. Deep Vision enables the processing of complex AI models required to run real-time streaming data simultaneously to assess in-cabin activity like driver distraction, drowsiness, and drunkenness. embedded in smart sensors and cameras, consumers’ safety and comfort are better managed.
    KKChips Automotive Electronics
    Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. engages in the design of automotive chips, especially powertrain and chassis chips. They have developed chips with a production volume of over 1 billion pieces in the powertrain and chassis domains. The company is actively collaborating with key wafer foundries, packing, and testing suppliers for mass production in China and overseas. Its customer base includes leading Tier 1 companies and key automotive manufacturers in China.
    The Kneron Story was established in 2015, Kneron is a leading provider of full-stack edge AI solutions based in San Diego. It is dedicated to the development of integrated edge AI hardware and software solutions for vehicle, security, and broader AIoT use cases. There mission is to empower the proliferation of accessible, low-latency, and secure AI applications by creating networks of independently intelligent devices as enabled through full-stack Kneron Solutions. Among Kneron's investors inclu...
    Kubos Semiconductors
    Kubos Semiconductors Ltd develops and commercialize semiconductors. It offers cubic-GaN technology and wafers for LED manufacturers. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
    Kunlunxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. develops artificial intelligence chips and processors.
    LeapMind Inc. Develops hardware architecture and a platform that enables users to use deep learning with its algorithms. It designs Juiz deep learning of things (DoT), a circuit for deep learning on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) the company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
    Lightmatter, Inc. Operates as an artificial intelligence (AI) hardware company that uses integrated optical technology to create computing hardware processors. The company develops photonic processors that increase compute speed, have low energy density, and reduce chip heating; it also creates a silicon chip that uses light signals rather than electrical signals for processing. It also offers Envise, a general-purpose machine learning accelerator that combines photonics and transistor-based sys...
    Luchs Security
    Luchs is a group of Israeli-German automotive cyber security experts who offer a different approach to the cyber security automotive industry by integrating our automated security testing platform to the existing in-car controller (ECU) development life cycle.
    Shenzhen Muyewei Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.develops 4D high-precision imaging radar and integrates design, development, marketing and sales. The company has set up R&D centers and labs in China, UK, Germany and Switzerland. The company also develops 77-79G automotive millimeter wave radar in Infineon, millimeter wave 5G in MediaTek, and millimeter wave radar algorithm in TI. It is also a professional IC design company with algorithm capability.
    Newsight Imaging
    NewSight Imaging manufactures CMOS image sensor chips for automotive, robotics, barcode scanners, and AR/VR industries. The company’s products are Line sensors which includes NSI3000: designed for machine vision applications, and NSG3500: line sensor which is self-contained, resets itself, and configures itself; and Area sensors which includes NSI1000: low cost solution of machine vision sensor, NSI1000A0M, a depth sensor for outdoor automotive and robotics applications; and NSI5900: designed ...
    NoMIS Power Group
    Nomis Power Group develops a more efficient Power semiconductors for electric vehicles, subways, airplanes, and industrial motors.
    Nuclei technology
    Nuclei System Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. manufactures core processors for RISC-V. The processors offered by the company include N200 series, 900 series, NICE expansion solution, and RISC-V processor open source kit. Nuclei System Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is based in Wuhan, China with additional offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China.
    Nysha Mobility Tech
    Nysha Mobility Tech is a manufacturer of components, interconnects, wires, and cables for various industries including automotive (including EV vehicles), telecom, defense, and industrial sectors. Nysha is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the automotive and telecom industries in the age of EVs and 5G. With a unique, agile supply chain and engineering capabilities, Nysha serves as a trusted one-stop shop for OEMs and startups, providing end-to-end support from design to delivery. The co...
    Omnitron Sensors
    Omnitron Sensors Inc develops silicon photonics processes for Sensors that enable full autonomy of self-driving cars and drones. The company was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Los Angeles, California.
    Opsys Technologies
    Opsys-Tech has developed the advance pure solid state scanning LiDAR solution. It is expected to drive mass adoption and commercialization of ADAS and autonomous vehicles for maximized safety and performance by leveraging a unique solution based on VCSEL and SPAD with no moving parts. Opsys-Tech has established relationships with global OEMs and Tier1s for its patented LiDAR technology. Founded in 2016, the company has major investment, is headquartered in Israel, with offices in USA, APAC, and ...
    One Silicon Chip Photonics (OSCPS Motion Sensing Inc.) is a fabless Canadian-based integrated optics sensor company providing inertial navigation sensors for autonomous vehicles. The company design, develop, and produce innovative integrated optical motion sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, vibrometers) for different applications (Consumer, Automotive, Industry, Aerospace, Energy, Military, etc.). As an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) company, Its business model is to leverage recent...
    Phlux Technology
    Phlux Technology is the designer of high-performance infrared sensors offering LIDAR receiver chip using Antimonides. A spin-out of the University of Sheffield, the company is based in one of the world’s leading centres for III-V semiconductor research and is building integrated subsystems and array modules to offer a high-performance sensor toolkit, which will have applications beyond LIDAR in satellite communications and enabling internet in remote regions, fibre telecoms, autonomous vehicle...
    Pontosense was founded with a mission to fundamentally change everyday technology by expanding the relationship between humans and machines. Our passion for innovation has pushed the boundaries of wireless sensing further than ever, leading to global partnerships and applications across several industries, including mobility, AgeTech, and smart homes. ​ Ready for deployment today - let's change the world.
    Porotech is a spin-out from the Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride in the dept. Of materials science and metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. With significant know-how and ip on Porotech’s unique production method of a new class of porous gan semiconductor materials, a wide range of material properties and functionalities can be engineered.
    Quadric IO
    Quadric develops edge processors which can be incorporated into a wide range of products that require instantaneous processing of real-world data streams like autonomous vehicles.
    Quick Sensing
    Quick Sensing (aka Minzhijie Sensing, Minzhijie Sensing Technology (Changzhou) Co, MZJ Sensor) is a developer of high-pressure pressure automotive sensors, focusing on the research, development, design, production, and sales of automotive pressure sensor products for high-precision and high-pressure applications, involving wafer design, wafer separation, MSG glass micro-melting process, packaging testing, and sensor integration.
    RFISee is developing 4D imaging-radar-on-1-chip, providing the next generation ears and eyes for autonomous vehicles, drones, robots etc. The high resolution low cost radar sensor will generate real-time 3D location and velocity map of cars surrounding objects, enabling a mass market of safer cars and even auto-driver that will massively disrupt the transportation industry with new modes and business models that will have a far reaching impact on society.
    Rsemi Technology
    Rsemi Technology also known as Nanjing Renxin Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures automotive electronic chips and system solutions. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in Nanjing, China.Renxin Technology develops automotive SerDes chip, it is mainly used for high-speed video image signal transmission from automotive sensors to domain controllers, and from domain controllers to display screens.
    Scantinel Photonics
    Scantinel Photonics GmbH develops Lidar technology solutions for autonomous navigation. The company’s silicon wafer platform based Lidar sensors generate three-dimensional images of a vehicle’s environment. Scantinel Photonics GmbH was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Neckarsulm, Germany.
    Nanjing SemiDrive Technology Ltd. designs and manufactures core processor chips for cars. The company provides products, such as X9 chip-high performance ecockpit, an automotive applications processor for eCockpit applications; V9 Chip-ADAS and Autonomous driving, a processor for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); and G9 chip-Vehicle gateway connecting multi-domain, a processor for vehicle central gateway.
    SGR Semiconductors
    SGR Semiconductors Inc is a company focused on the development of millimeter wave radar chips. It is rooted in the automobile city of jiading. The first highly integrated 24ghz radar soc with domestic independent intellectual property rights has been developed. Meanwhile, the company is developing a series of high integration products of 24Ghz and 77Ghz.
    Shanhe Photonics
    Manufacturer of metasurface photonics chip. The company focuses on developing metasurface & metalens photonics chip products for light metasensing, high-capacity transmission, microdisplay, and optical computing which can be applied in mobile, AR/VR, biosensing, and national defense industry.
    SiLC Technologies
    SILC Technologies specializes in integrated single-chip frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) lidar sensors for use in autonomous vehicles. The company’s silicon photonics integration platform offers a cost-effective solution by integrating all the high-performance components needed into a single silicon chip through advanced semiconductor fabrication processes offering a low cost, compact, and low power solution.
    Silicon Mobility
    Silicon Mobility designs and develops flexible, real-time, safe and open solutions technologies for automotive applications to enable better control of key elements of electric powertrain, which includes controlling electric motors, battery charging and power conversion systems of electric and hybrid vehicles.
    Sima.AI™ is a machine learning company delivering the industry’s first software-centric purpose-built Mlsoc™ platform. With push-button performance, we enable effortless ml deployment and scaling at the embedded edge by allowing customers to address any computer vision problem while achieving 10x better performance at the lowest power. Initially focused on computer vision applications, Sima.AI is LED by technologists and business veterans backed by a set of top investors committed to helpi...
    SmartSens Technology
    Smartsens technology is involved in research and development, design and service of cmos image sensor chip products.
    Spectralics Ltd develops thin film optics for vehicle’s windshields. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
    Starfive, also known as Shanghai Saifang Technology Co., Ltd. offers RISC-V core technology and chip design platform. The company offers RISC-V CPU IP series, platform-based software, and hardware full stack chip solution. Its products are used in smart home appliances, smart monitoring, industrial robots, traffic management, intelligent logistics, wearable devices, solid-state storage, network communications, edge computing, and others.  
    Steradian Semi
    Steradian Semi develops 4D imaging radar products for the automotive market. The company's radar is equipped with a compact millimeter-wave chip with a channel density, interoperability and low power consumption, enabling clients to get access to a real-time terrain mapping.
    Tenstorrent Inc. Develops and manufactures processor application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for machine learning and hardware. The company’s products include Grayskull, an AI computer with PCIe Gen4; RISC-V, a processor for AI and server; and AICloud to run AI, ML, and hpc workloads in the cloud. It also offers artificial intelligence architecture facilitating scalable deep learning. Tenstorrent Inc. Was formerly known as Tenstorrent Inc. (amalgamation). The company was founded in 201...
    Tianmou Optoelectronics
    Wuhan Tianmo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of high-end lidar sensor systems and solutions. With a focus on innovation, expertise, and customer-centricity, the company strives to be at the forefront of the industry, delivering cutting-edge products and services to its global clientele.
    Trensor is a china-based manufacturer of pressure sensors, or transducers, and pressure temperature combination sensors. The company moved its headquarter to United States in 2016. Trensor’s head engineers and R&D teams independently developed proprietary and patented core technologies and signal processing units, or ASIC chips (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), for their pressure sensor products. Trensor has proprietary and patented designs for all of the four core technologies in pr...
    Untether AI Corporation manufactures neural net-based inference processors and chips. The processor enables devices, including augmented reality headsets and wearables, to carry out inference operations, including machine vision and speech recognition capabilities.
    Valens provides semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition (hd) multimedia content. The company’s hdbaset technology enables long-reach connectivity of devices over a single cable. Valens Automotive, a division of Valens, was established in 2015 with the goal of delivering the world’s most advanced chipset technology for in-vehicle connectivity.
    Vayyar Imaging Ltd. Provides 3D imaging sensors for applications ranging from breast cancer screening to water leakage detection, food safety monitoring, and more. The company offers WalabotDIY, a solution that allows home renovators and diy enthusiasts to see up to 10 centimeters into drywall, cement, and other materials to determine the location of studs, pipes, wires, and rodents' nests. It serves customers in Israel and internationally. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Yehud, ...
    Vecmocon technologies
    Vecmocon Technologies Private Limited develops mobility solutions for original equipment manufacturers. The company offers battery management systems, vehicle intelligence, instrument cluster, charger, motor controller, and fleet management systems.
    Vehinfo Technologies
    Vehinfo provides electronic control system development and testing toolchains and services for the automotive industry and other manufacturing industries. It develops solutions such as bus development test tools, functional development test tools, vehicle test data fusion platforms, and more services. 
    Guangdong Viiyong Technology Development Co., Ltd. engages in manufacturing of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitor. It offers MLCC lineup by series, automotive MLCC, key product, MLCC search, and application industries. It provides services, which include management system certificates, environment protection, knowledge sharing, and feedback and complains.
    VisIC Technologies
    VisIC Technologies Ltd. Develops and manufactures semiconductors and transistors for conversion application. The company offers GaN-based transistors, evaluation boards, and automotive GaN products. The company’s products are used for applications in inverters, on-board chargers, motor drive, ups, green energy systems, power supply, and industrial applications. The company’s product is a gallium nitride transistor that functions as a high voltage power switch. The company was incorporated in...
    Voyant Photonics
    Voyant Photonics, Inc. Develops Lidar-on-a-chip solutions for 3D sensing. Its products are used in ADAS and autonomous vehicles, robots, factories, industrial systems, and field operations. The company was incorporated in 2018 and is based in New York, New York.
    VSORA is an IP provider for chipmakers designing the latest generations of artificial intelligence, general high end signal processing used, for example, in ADAS and digital communications systems, like 5G. Its powerful multi-core DSP architecture eliminates the need for DSP co-processors and hardware accelerators to provide a level of flexibility achievable only with software programming. The powerful system solution allows for designing using a high-level language, without ever writing RTL.
    Xinling Semiconductor
    Shanghai Xinling Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in creating and supplying advanced audio power amplifier chips for automotive smart cockpits. Their primary focus lies in the development and design of premium mixed-signal chips. Their Class D power amplifier chips offer remarkable benefits, including outstanding efficiency, minimal heat production, and robust resistance to sound quality interference. These attributes make them an excellent choice for use in audio systems for new e...
    Yuntu semiconductor
    Jiangsu Yuntu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Yuntu) is a semiconductor company specializing in automotive-grade chips and integrated circuit design. They provide comprehensive chip solutions for the automotive industry, supporting global intelligent transportation. Yuntu has a complete automotive integrated circuit design and verification platform, adhering to industry standards and developing automotive-grade MCU chips with independent intellectual property rights. They focus on product development a...
    ZD Automotive
    ZD Automotive offers products and technical services for vehicle infotainment systems, connectivity, ADAS and autonomous driving. ZD develops software and hardware solutions for vehicle bus systems that facilitate the development and testing of modern vehicles.
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