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    AECS Automotive Electronics (Oyex)
    The Main Business Covers Electronic Control Products Of New Energy Vehicles And Traditional Electric Control Products Of Powered Vehicles, With Independent Intellectual Property Rights Technology, In A Leading Position In China. Aecs Has Been Incubated In Suzhou Automotive Research Institute Of Tsinghua University, And Has Realized Large-Scale Industrialization. The Nantong Base Has Officially Started Construction In Gangzha North High-Tech Zone On March 31, 2018, And Is Now In Production.
    Axonne, Inc. Is A Startup Born In The Heart Of Silicon Valley, California. The Company'S Founding Leadership First Brought The Realization Of Automotive 1000Base-T1 Ethernet Into The Market. Now The Team Is Focused On Innovating Simplified Robust & Functional-Safe High Bandwidth Automotive In-Vehicle Network Semiconductor Solutions For Future Automotive Vehicles And Robotics
    Black Sesame Technologies
    Committed To Becoming A Global Embedded Leader Of Intelligent Driving Computing Platform
    Dynel Elektromekanik Has Been Established In Ege Teknopark - Izmir / Turkey Since 2016. Dynel Specializes In Engineering Services In The Field Of Sensors, Power Electronics, Electromechanical Test System Design & Development, Simulations, Structural Analysis For Defence, Automotive, Medical Industries Based On International Standards. We Provide Engaged Partnership To Our Clients Along The All Phases Of Project From Requirements Analysis To Implementation. Our Unique Service Is To Provide Interd...
    We Provide Industry Leading Energy Harvesting And Processing Solutions – Aems & Microcontrollers – To Give Infinite Battery Life To Your Wireless Device By Increasing The Amount Of Harvested Energy And By Drastically Reducing The Energy Consumption Of All Power Consuming Blocs Of The System
    Ecarx Is An Intelligent Traffic Assistant For Cars.
    eYs3D Microelectronics
    Eys3D Microelectronics Is A Fab-Less Semiconductor Design-House Designs Processor And 3D Sensory Systems For Vision Ai At The Edge. With Operations In Taiwan, United States And Sales Office In Shenzhen, China The Company Has Had A Very Successful History Of Providing Ics And Silicon Centric Stereo Vision 3D Sensing As Well As Isp Products To The Market. After Closing The Series-A Strategical Investment From Arm Iot Fund, Wi Harper, Marubun Corporation And Sunplus Technology, The Company Will Hav...
    Flex Logix Technologies
    Flex Logix Is A Reconfigurable Computing Company Providing Ai Inference And Efpga Solutions Based On Software, Systems And Silicon. Inferx X1 Is The Industry'S Fastest And Most Efficient Ai Edge Inference Accelerator That Enables Megapixel Neural Network Models In High Performance Applications By Offering Superior Inferences/$ And /Watt
    The Kneron Story The Kneron Story Established In 2015, Kneron Is A Leading Provider Of Full Stack Edge Ai Solutions Based In San Diego. We Are Dedicated To The Development Of Integrated Edge Ai Hardware And Software Solutions For Vehicle, Security, And Broader Aiot Use Cases. Our Mission Is To Empower The Proliferation Of Accessible, Low-Latency, And Secure Ai Applications By Creating Networks Of Independently Intelligent Devices As Enabled Through Full Stack Kneron Solutions. Among Kneron'S Inv...
    To Provide Key Technologies To Bring Next-Generation Information Devices Into Reality
    Redefine What Computers—And Human Beings—Are Capable Of. Lightmatter Is Building The Engines That Will Power Discoveries, Drive Progress, And Reduce Our Impact On The Planet.
    NoMIS Power Group
    Nomis Power Group Is Developing A More Efficient Power Semiconductors For Electric Vehicles, Subways, Airplanes, And Industrial Motors.
    Omnitron Sensors
    Rewriting The Script On Building High-Performance And Low-Cost Sensors For The World Of Tomorrow
    Porotech Is A Spin-Out From The Cambridge Centre For Gallium Nitride In The Dept. Of Materials Science And Metallurgy At The University Of Cambridge. With Significant Know-How And Ip On Porotech’S Unique Production Method Of A New Class Of Porous Gan Semiconductor Materials, A Wide Range Of Materials Properties And Functionalities Can Be Engineered.
    Scantinel Photonics
    Scantinel Is A World-Leading Fmcw Lidar Start-Up Company, Headquartered In Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Incubated In The Global Optics Leader Carl Zeiss Ag In 2016, Scantinel Spun Off As An Independent Company In 2019 And Is Backed By Zeiss Ventures And Scania Growth Capital. We Are Building Best-In-Class Fmcw Lidar Technology For Future Mobility Applications. Fmcw Lidar Systems Will Help Create Unparalleled Safety Level In Automotive, Mobility, Trucking, And For Industrial Application.
    SGR Semiconductors
    Sgr Semiconductors Inc Is A Company Focused On The Development Of Millimeter Wave Radar Chips. It Is Rooted In The Automobile City Of Jiading. The First Highly Integrated 24Ghz Radar Soc With Domestic Independent Intellectual Property Rights Has Been Developed. Meanwhile, The Company Is Developing A Series Of High Integration Products Of 24Ghz And 77Ghz.
    Shanhe Photonics
    Manufacturer Of Metasurface Photonics Chip. The Company Focuses On Developing Metasurface & Metalens Photonics Chip Products For Light Metasensing, High-Capacity Transmission, Microdisplay, And Optical Computing Which Can Be Applied In Mobile, Ar/Vr, Biosensing, And National Defense Industry.
    Sima.Ai™ Is A Machine Learning Company Delivering The Industry’S First Software-Centric Purpose-Built Mlsoc™ Platform. With Push-Button Performance, We Enable Effortless Ml Deployment And Scaling At The Embedded Edge By Allowing Customers To Address Any Computer Vision Problem While Achieving 10X Better Performance At The Lowest Power. Initially Focused On Computer Vision Applications, Sima.Ai Is Led By Technologists And Business Veterans Backed By A Set Of Top Investors Committed To Helping ...
    Spectralix Specializes In Developing An Optical Chip Technology.
    Tenstorrent Is A Team Of Competent And Motivated People That Came Together To Build The Best Computing Platform For Ai And Software 2.0. Tenstorrent Processors Comprise A Grid Of Cores Known As Tensix Cores. Our Processors Are Capable Of Executing Small And Large Tensor Computations Efficiently. Network Communication Hardware Is Present In Each Processor, And They Talk With One Another Directly Over Networks, Instead Of Through Dram. Compared To Gpus, Our Processors Are Easier To Program, Scale ...
    Voyant Photonics
    We Make Sensors That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand, Can Analyze Any Environment, In Any Lighting From Bright Sunlight To Pitch Darkness With Millimeter Precision, Are Immune To Interference, That Sense Position, Motion, And Even The Materials Objects Are Made Of, And Are Affordable For Any Application.
    Horizon Robotics
    Horizon Robotics specializes in the area of edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Smart Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The company offers Brain Processing Unit (BPU), an innovative AI computing architecture that is tailored to address the performance and power challenges in edge AI applications. Horizon Robotics launched Journey, an automotive AI processor in 2017. The company also offers Matrix autonomous driving computing platform.
    Hailo develops AI processor that delivers the performance of a data center-class computer to edge devices. Hailo's AI processor reimagines traditional computer architecture, enabling smart devices to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as object detection and segmentation in real time. In future, the company expects the chip to make its way into fully autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, AR/VR platforms and wearables.
    VisIC Technologies
    VisIC Technologies Ltd. works in the field of GaN-based transistors for xEV applications. The company offers high power transistor products based on compound semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) material.
    Actasys has developed ActaJet technology for sensor cleaning for efficient operations of vehicles. Apart from automotive, the company is also working with its industry partners to address the need of sensor cleaning for other critical uses such as robots, camera system and traffic monitoring. Actasys is also developing its ActaJect technology for cooling of electronic components and electric vehicle battery packs as a smart replacement of rotary fans or compressed air.
    SmartSens Technology
    SmartSens Technology is involved in research and development, design and service of CMOS image sensor chip products
    EdgeQ has developed 5G Base Station-on-a-Chip. The startup is pioneering a converged connectivity and AI platform based on open RISC-V architecture, that is fully software-customizable and programmable.
    Ferroelectric Memory Company
    FMC commercializes a disruptive material innovation solving issues for current and future technology nodes, i.e. eNVM based on ferroelectric hafnium oxide
    indie Semiconductor
    indie Semiconductor is a provider of next-generation semiconductor and software solutions for the automotive market. Indie’s products serve four types of automotive applications: safety systems, connected car, user experience and electrification. The company has design centers and sales offices in US, Hungary, Germany, Scotland and various locations throughout China.
    Ball Wave Inc.
    Ball Wave is a developer of ball SAW sensors that use natural collimation of surface acoustic waves (SAWs). The company uses high MEMS technology and high-frequency signal processing technology for the detection of moisture, hydrogen, and other environmental attributes, enabling users to instantly detect various kinds of matter in the air and other gases at the nanoscale.
    Skeleton Technologies
    Skeleton Technologies is a developer of high energy and power density ultracapacitors. These ultracapacitors can be used in applications including start-stop, autonomous driving backup, EPS, power backup, and brake energy regeneration.
    Aira specializes in wireless chargers. It offers a wireless charger that can place multiple devices anywhere on the surface and they'll all charge simultaneously, no alignment needed. The technology can be used in industries such as automotive. It can be used to charge phones wirelessly within a car.
    CelLink develop very large, high-conductance flexible circuits for the solar, LED, and batteries.
    GaN Systems
    GaN Systems develops gallium nitirde (GaN) power semiconductors with for consumer electronics, data center servers, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and automotive drivetrains.
    Geo Semiconductors
    GEO Semiconductor is a semiconductor and software company manufacturing automotive camera processing products.
    Silicon Mobility
    Silicon Mobility designs and develops flexible, real-time, safe and open solutions technologies for automotive applications to enable better control of key elements of electric powertrain, which includes controlling electric motors, battery charging and power conversion systems of electric and hybrid vehicles.
    Kinara (formerly Deep Vision) offers an ultra-low power processor that runs deep learning and computer vision algorithms. Deep Vision enables the processing of complex AI models required to run real-time streaming data simultaneously to assess in-cabin activity like driver distraction, drowsiness, and drunkenness. Embedded in smart sensors and cameras, consumers’ safety and comfort are better managed.​
    Valens provides semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition (HD) multimedia content. The company’s HDBaseT technology enables long-reach connectivity of devices over a single cable. Valens Automotive, a division of Valens, was established in 2015 with the goal of delivering the world’s most advanced chipset technology for in-vehicle connectivity.
    Kubos Semiconductors Ltd
    Kubos is working towards developing low energy consuming LEDs using its proprietary cubic-GaN technology which is patent pending.
    Graphcore is a processor manufacturer, making the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI)
    Autotalks is a fabless semiconductor company focused on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications for manned and autonomous vehicles. The company headquarters are in Israel with offices in North America, Germany, France, China, Japan and Korea.
    Quadric IO
    The company is developing a supercomputer designed to meet the real-time needs of edge-computing devices. Quadric's edge processors can be incorporated into a wide range of products that require instantaneous processing of real-world data streams, such as autonomous vehicles.
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