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    Arieca manufactures and distributes a thermally conductive rubber composite. Its composite is a stretchable, thermally conductive rubber that combines elasticity of soft silicone with the thermal of metal to be used as circuit wiring, sensors, and passive heat exchangers, allowing manufacturers to deploy an alternative form of rubber that improve the performance of electronics.
    Carrar develops a thermal management system for electric vehicle batteries, powertrain, and in-vehicle computers based on an innovative two-phase immersion technology. Carrar enables the EV battery and components to maintain the optimal temperature range in every climate, allowing ultra-fast charging and a longer driving range and extending battery lifetime.
    Clean Electric
    Clean Electric is building one of the best energy storage solutions for Electric vehicles to enable mass electrification of cars and cvs in India. The startup's patented energy storage solution enables ultra fast charging without compromising on 10 years of battery life.
    Shanghai ComfortUni Smart Tech Co., Ltd. engages in the research and development of automotive thermal area control systems. It provides air conditioning, heat pumps, thermal management, and cloud-based data systems and control algorithms. Its products include thermal domain controller, electric compressor controller, driverless car, and gateway.
    Dynel Elektromekanik has been established in Ege Teknopark - Izmir / Turkey since 2016. Dynel specializes in engineering services in the fields of sensors, power electronics, electromechanical test system design & development, simulations, and structural analysis for defense, automotive, and medical industries based on international standards. The company provides engaged partnerships to our clients along all phases of projects from requirements analysis to implementation.
    E-peas provide industry leading energy harvesting and processing solutions – aems & microcontrollers – to give infinite battery life to wireless device by increasing the amount of harvested energy and by drastically reducing the energy consumption of all power consuming blocs of the system
    EXOES SAS designs and develops technologies that improve engine performance and reduce emissions for road vehicles. It offers batteries, hydrogenated fuel storage, waste to energy conversion equipment, and fuel cells. The company also develops piston and hp pumps.
    Gcorelab is a Singapore-based clean tech thermal management company engaged in thermal management system for EVs.
    Greenspin is technology development firm specialized in providing smart solutions for lithium ion batteries in automotive and energy storage domain. We design software packages for electric vehicles, Li Ion battery analytics, Thermal analytics, energy Management systems for the automotive market.
    Nanoramic Laboratories
    Nanoramic specializes in technologies and material solutions based on nano-carbons. Nano-carbons have exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties at the nano-scale level. We synthesize and incorporate nano-carbons in various materials and transfer these properties at the macroscale level, addressing major challenges in energy storage and thermal management.
    Trensor is a china-based manufacturer of pressure sensors, or transducers, and pressure temperature combination sensors. The company moved its headquarter to United States in 2016. Trensor’s head engineers and R&D teams independently developed proprietary and patented core technologies and signal processing units, or ASIC chips (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), for their pressure sensor products. Trensor has proprietary and patented designs for all of the four core technologies in pr...
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