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    Bibo (Shanghai) Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production of wire-controlled chassis including drive-by-wire chassis, such as brake-by-wire, steering-by-wire, and domain controllers. The firm is headquartered in Beijing, China. It offers wire control chassis core products, such as wire control motion, wire control steering and domain controller.
    Big Atom
    Big Atom intends on developing a circular economy by breaking down waste tyres and plastics into raw materials for reuse. It has established a tyre recycling business in the North West of England
    Carbon Recovery
    Carbon recovery specializes in developing used tire recycling technologies. It uses a Vacuum Low-Temperature Pyrolysis (VNP) technology that synthesizes larger molecules of carbon into smaller components. Further processing converts the molecules into a high-quality carbon solid called recovered carbon black.
    Carbon Truck & Trailer offers carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for light commercial vehicles. The company is focused on the development and economical serial production of load-bearing components made of CFRP for light commercial vehicles.
    Clearmotion specializes in proactive ride system that aims to transform the way a car rides and handles. The Company's solution replaces a car's shock absorbers with powerful, highly responsive software and actuators that pull/push each wheel. In 2017, Clearmotion acquired Bose's Active Motion Control Business, Project Sound Activation and other predictive road sensing software.
    Compredict offers an artificial intelligence–driven solution to predict failures of automotive components in series-production vehicles.
    Eatron Technologies
    Eatron Technologies Ltd develops intelligent software products for automotive original equipment manufacturers worldwide. It offers a battery management system and an intelligent motion software solution. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Warwick, United Kingdom with an additional office in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Ecar Tech
    Shanghai Ecar Technology Co., Ltd. also known as Eka Smart Car, offers R&D and batch manufacturing of autonomous vehicle and autonomous vehicle drive-by-wire chassis, with an annual output of 5,000 autonomous vehicle per shift in the assembly plant.
    Falcon self-driving was established in 2012 and is a national high-tech enterprise. Focusing on the development and research of drive-by-wire components and autonomous driving systems, it is committed to providing industry-leading drive-by-wire chassis and overall solutions. At present, it has applied for and obtained 41 intellectual property rights, and the company has a research and development center and a production and processing center.
    G3c Technologies
    G3C Technologies (G3CT) develops and commercializes innovative waste to wealth technology for converting scrap tires into high grade carbon black suitable for manufacturing various rubber and plastic applications.
    Glubo Technology
    Glubo Technology (aka Gelubo Keji, Grubb Technology, Global Technology) develops brake-by-wire systems that support ADAS functions, L3-L5 active braking control, and regenerative braking. It also offers a chassis domain controller.
    Harrison Auto Labs
    Harrison Auto Labs provides advanced technology improving ride quality. The company achieves this using multiple spring rates in a compact package was the stacked coil spring design.
    HPL Technologies
    HPL Technologies markets the WECODUR coating system. The WECODUR technology is based on the development of an advanced laser cladding process which enables the economic production of thin, material-bound layers on metal workpieces with a multitude of material combinations.
    Leekr Technology
    Shanghai LEEKR Technology Co., Ltd. (LEEKR Technology) established its team in Shanghai in 2020, and its industrialization base is located in Minhang Development Zone. The Company focuses on the product R&D in key areas of new energy automobiles and autonomous driving, and strives to provide safe, efficient and intelligent chassis-by-wire system solutions to automobile enterprises and industrial partners.
    NASN Automotive Electronics
    Nassen Technology focuses on the field of intelligent driving and new energy vehicles. Its products include NBooster Intelligent Braking System, ESC Electronic Stability Control System, NBC Integrated Intelligent Braking System, EPS Intelligent Steering System and automatic driving L3/L4 Control-by-wire chassis solutions.
    Orbis Wheels
    Orbis Electric develops EMOD Electric commercial vehicle. The vehicle features the patented Orbis P5 in-wheel motor system, which incorporates the wheel, brake, and motor system into a single unit.
    Rubber Conversion
    Rubber Conversion offers devulcanization process and is active in Rubber recycling, spanning pre- and postconsumer scrap
    Syntoil is a systems transform end-of-life tires and rubber waste into commercial products
    Tongyu Automotive
    Tongyu Automotive Technology is a leading supplier of advanced chassis systems for Chinese automobiles. With a strong focus on research and development, Tongyu specializes in the innovation and industrialization of cutting-edge wire-controlled chassis technology, ensuring safe and intelligent travel experiences. Established in 2016, Tongyu Automotive is a prominent incubation enterprise of Tongji University, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, as well as a specialized and new small gi...
    Trensor is a china-based manufacturer of pressure sensors, or transducers, and pressure temperature combination sensors. The company moved its headquarter to United States in 2016. Trensor’s head engineers and R&D teams independently developed proprietary and patented core technologies and signal processing units, or ASIC chips (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), for their pressure sensor products. Trensor has proprietary and patented designs for all of the four core technologies in pr...
    U Power
    U POWER is a smart EV startup which designs and manufactures cars using standardized UP Super Board.
    Wastefront AS use existing, certified technology to convert waste tyres into valuable resources through an up-cycling process for the use of new tyres and other products.
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