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    Connected intelligent tire: The next big push for connected mobility
    In order to create a vision of automated and accident-free driving, all parts of the vehicle need to be intelligent and connected. As such, dummy tire that provides no information about the tire itself and the road surfaces can be a barrier. Therefore, an inevitable evolution is a connected intellig...
    Is Tesla’s application of LFP cathode technology indicative of price over performance?
    A recent development has got the automotive industry talking about a battery chemistry which, over the last half-a-decade, has been steadily losing market share in the electric vehicle (EV) segment—lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Tesla recently received an approval from the Mainland Chinese governme...
    Power Steering System Report
    Since its inception, the automobile has been a hotspot for technological, economic, and social innovation, not just altering the technology but the way people live. As might be expected, we are now in another such advancement of various components buoyed by trends such as electric mobility and auton...
    12-Aug-2020 Report
    OEM Chassis Strategy Report
    The year 2018 was considered by industry experts to be the heyday for the global automotive market, perceivably having reached record volumes, with certain mature regional markets even nearing a tipping point. This development left a strong, positive effect on the automotive components industry acro...
    08-Jul-2020 Report Chassis
    Shock Absorber Technology
    An in-depth analysis of the current and future shock absorber technology trends around the world A vehicle's shock absorber technology can include everything from the type of shock absorber used, to the control, valve, and fluid type. While it is simple to understand the type of control a shock a...
    29-Apr-2020 Report Chassis
    Brake Actuation Market and Technology Report
    Autonomous driving means driverless driving, where the “driver” does not exist, and the car drives itself. This requires a strong electrical or electronic architecture, leading to a need for majority components to be either fully or partially actuated through electronics. This is where electrohy...
    31-Jan-2020 Report Chassis
    Autonomous Impact on Suspension Systems
    “Less is more” is quickly becoming the mantra for the global automotive industry today, as technologies focus on developing wireless systems independent of driver control. While this future is still quite a way ahead, driver aids are gaining popularity. Autonomous driving is expected to be the a...
    30-Nov-2019 Report Chassis
    Volume OEM Chassis Strategy Report
    The volume segment makes up between 65-70% of the total automotive market today and this roughly translates to the automotive component demand as well. The chassis sector, particularly for mass market models (such as C-segment vehicles), has absorbed technological advancements slower than premium se...
    05-Aug-2019 Report Chassis
    Global Parking Brake Market and Technology Report
    Despite parking brakes not being the most “intriguing” component for creative innovations, automakers and suppliers have been relatively active throughout the years to push for new solutions in this field. Early vehicle brakes, such as the ones used in the first Mercedes-Benz in 1901, used mecha...
    12-Jun-2019 Report Chassis
    Premium OEM Chassis Strategy Report
    This report provides a fundamental understanding of the strategy premium OEMs follow in evolving their vehicle chassis, an in-depth demand outlook, an overview of the main market drivers and challenges—on both global and regional levels—and current and planned advances pertaining to caliper tech...
    30-Jan-2019 Report Chassis
    Power Steering Systems Market Report
    This report provides a basic understanding of power steering systems for cars, an in-depth demand outlook, and an overview of the main players and market drivers on global and regional levels. The report will answer the following questions:  What are the size and scope of the global po...
    19-Nov-2018 Report Chassis
    Caliper Market and Technology Advancement Report
    This report provides a fundamental understanding of brake calipers for cars, an in-depth demand outlook, an overview of the main players and market drivers—on a global and regional level—and current and planned advances pertaining to caliper technology. Questions the report will answer includ...
    20-Feb-2018 Report Chassis
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