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    Aeidth Technologies
    Aeidth Technologies Provides A Range Of Products And Software Cloud Services For 2 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler And 4 Wheeler Electric Vehicles, Including Charging Stations, Battery Management Systems And Onboard Chargers
    E-Nnovative Charging System For Electric Vehicles.A Revolutionary Solution That Is Changing The Future Of Electromobility.Agevolt Is A Comprehensive Charging System That:Our Vision.Agevolt Digital Platform To Become A Global Shared Ecosystem. We Want To Build Large Charging Infrastructure In Which Active Users Will Be Able To Ultimately Benefit From Charging At No Cost.
    Ampere Energy
    We Have A Multidisciplinary And Intergenerational Team That Is Highly Trained And Driven To Bring All Of Their Energy And Intelligence To Our Project.
    Batron Enerji
    Batron Arge Provides Battery Design And Production Services.
    Ai And Saas-Enabled Platform Offering Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Operator And Management Solutions. The Company Offers Hardware And Software-Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solutions. It Offers Features Like Over-The-Air Updates, Usage Tracking, Iot-Enabled Solutions, Etc.
    At Magenta, We Are Empowering Clean Mobility. We Are Pushing The Boundaries Of Clean Mobility By Innovating Across Our 3 Business Lines And Developing 'Made In India, For The World' Solutions. At Magenta Chargegrid We Design And Deploy Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions. Magenta Infomatics Develops Technologies For Deploying Electric Mobility. Magenta Mobility (Evet) Deploys Electric Vehicle Enabled Transport Solutions For People And Cargo Movement. With The Promoters Cumulative Experience Of O...
    Charging Network Technology Is A Leading Integrated Service Provider In The Electric Vehicle Industry , Providing Comprehensive Product, Technology And Value-Added Service Solutions For Charging Operators, Vehicle Operators, Pile Factories, Automobile Manufacturers And Commercial Real Estate, Etc.
    Chargetrip Is Accelerating The Advent Of Sustainable Transportation By Developing The Missing Tools That Help People And Businesses Switch To Electric Mobility. Built By Engineers, But Governed By Nature.
    We Are A Network Of Ev Charging Stations. Our First Product Is Kirana Charzer Which Is India'S Most Affordable And Scalable Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
    Cityev Is A Uk Company Dedicated To Expanding The Uk’S Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Founded By Two Engineers With A Track Record Of Building Innovative And Scalable Network Infrastructure. We Supply Ev Charge Points That Can Be Installed Anywhere For Public, Commercial And Private Use.
    Devoran Is Engaged In Providing Multi-Station, Autonomous Charging Zone For Electric Vehicles Powered By Green Hydrogen And Homes .
    The Energy Transition Can'T Wait! Born In 2021 From The Desire Of The 3 Founders To Make Cities Breathe And Make Life Easier For Motorists, Electra Puts An End To The Ordeal Of Charging Electric Cars By Offering A Network Of Fast Terminals And An Ultra-Simple User Experience.
    We've built a network that can connect to popular charging station brands directly and integrate with roaming services making available already existing networks of charging stations
    We Create A More Sustainable Future By Making Emobility More Accessible With Our Api-First Electric Vehicle Charging Platform. Our Cloud-Native & Cost-Efficient Platform With Custom Apis Enables You To Control, Manage And Scale Your Ev Charging Business And Provide A Better User Experience.
    We Offer A Range Of Solutions To Enable Energy As A Service For Logistics And Last Mile Mobility Players. Our Suite Includes A Proprietary Battery Analytics Platform, Cost Effective Smart Battery With A Proprietary Battery Management System (Bms), Self-Dispensing Swap Station And Vehicle Iot.
    EVI Technologies
    Evi Technologies Is An Iit Delhi Alumni Company Building And Delivering Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.
    Exponent Energy
    We'Re A Bengaluru Based Deep-Tech Startup Focused On Energy In The Ev Space.
    Fenfeo Automation
    Offer An Integrated Suite Of Products, Software, Infrastructure, And Tailored Solutions For All Your Ev Charging Requirements.
    Grove Energy
    Grove Energy’S Solution Is An Independent And Decentralized Network Of Small Charging Stations Powered By Hydrogen.
    In 1828, Anyos Jedlik Invented The Electric Engine. Years Later, The Electric Car Completely Revolutionised The Automobile Market. We Are Taking Giant Steps Towards Sustainable Mobility. But In Practice, Electric Cars Often Use Energy Generated From Fossil Fuels. We Felt There Had To Be A Better Way! At Jedlix, We Have Made It Our Promise To Ensure That All Electric Cars Use Sustainable Energy. Very Ambitious, But Certainly Not Unrealistically. Our Smart Charging Solutions Pave The Way For The F...
    JOLT Charge
    Our Mission: To Make Electric Transport More Accessible To Drivers Through Zero Cost, Fast Charging.
    Our Vision Is To Be The Leader In Ev Charging In India And Beyond, Leveraging Our Capabilities In Software And Hardware. Our Goal Is To Bring A Seamless Charging Experience To The Consumer, Constantly Enhancing The Hardware And Software Solutions. By Developing An Ev Ecosystem We Can Together Bring Down The Emissions Upto 75% .
    Livingston Energy Group
    Founded By Energy Efficiency Professionals In 2016, Livingston Energy Group, Llc Is A Clean Energy Company Based In New York State'S Capital Region, Offering A Wide Array Of Services Across The United States Ranging From Basic Project Consultations To Thorough Turnkey Energy Upgrades. In An Effort To Minimize Out-Of-Pocket Investments And Ongoing Operating Costs For Our Clients, Livingston Energy Group Provides Several Services For Project Design, Management, And Financing, As Well As Funding As...
    Magment Is Working On Breakthrough, Cutting Edge Wireless Inductive Charging Infrastructure, Reinventing The Way Evs Are Charged With Bold Innovations In Design, Pioneering Technologies, And Strong Global Partnerships. We Believe In Emission Free, Electrified Transportation And Vehicles That Can Charge Where They Go And Do Not Have To Go To Charge. Seamless, Convenient And Sustainable. Powered By This Vision, Magment Was Founded In 2015 And Today Prides Itself In Having An Experienced Team Of En...
    My Energi
    Myenergi Are At The Forefront Of British Renewable Eco-Smart Technology Innovation And Manufacturing. Their Brand New Innovations Complex Is At The Heart Of The Humber Freeport, The Epicentre Of Green Technology In The Uk. Myenergi’S Renowned Zappi Product Was The World’S First Solar And Wind Compatible Electric Car Charger, Well And Truly Putting British Manufacturing Back On The World Stage!
    Nordische Technologies
    Nordische Technologies Is A Cross-Border Association Between Germany And India For The Development Of Various Mobility Solutions On A Global Scale. The Team Comprises Of Academics, Technocrats, Research Associates Having Years Of Experience In Related Fields. We Are Based Out Of Bangalore And Have International Affiliates And Partners In Germany And Uk.
    Ohme’S Vision Is To Become The World’S Most Trusted Smart Charging Platform. The Idea For Ohme Came To Scientist And Ethical Investor David Watson While He Was Researching Clean Energy Projects. David Was Passionate About The Transition To Renewable Energy, But Found That The “Feast Or Famine” Nature Of Sources Like Wind And Solar Power Was A Barrier. Energy Cannot Be Stored In The Grid, Meaning That Wind Farms May Have To Be Switched Off At Certain Times To Regulate Supply. Realising The Ol...
    Racenergy Is Working To Power The Future Of Mobility Through Clean And Efficient Technologies.
    Ratio Electricwe
    Ratio Electric Produces Ev Charging Home Boxes, Charging Outlet Sockets, Plugs, Connectors And Cables, Ev Charging Transformer Station.
    Sevadis Is A Uk Company With An Established Reputation In Electric Vehicle Technology. Since 2016 We Have Been Developing, Supplying And Installing Charging Points For Building Projects, Residential Developments, Businesses And Individual Customers. As The Move Towards Electric Vehicles Gathers Pace, Our Engineers And Ev Experts Are Leading The Transformation With Bespoke Charging Systems, Stylish User-Friendly Equipment And Smart Online Payment Software. Sevadis Is Part Of The Bja Trading Group...
    Singularity’S Platform Provides High-Quality, Time And Location-Based Grid Emissions Data, And A Suite Of Innovative Products Such As Developer Apis, And Intelligent Tools For Grid Operators, Utilities, Companies, And Service Providers To Build Data-Driven Decarbonization Solutions.
    Statiq Is An Electric Vehicle Charging Network That Allows Customers To Find The Closest Charging Station, Book A Slot, And Pay Online.
    SUN Mobility
    Sun Mobility Is A Leading Provider Of Universal Energy Infrastructure And Services To Accelerate Mass Electric Vehicle Usage.
    We At Virta Ltd Provide Leading-Edge Smart Charging Services For Ev Drivers And Companies Alike. Our Vision Is A Clean, Carbon-Free Future With Silent Evs Driving Emission-Free Down The Street, And Our Passion, As An Industry Forerunner, Is To Fulfill That Future. We Offer Our Customers The Most Comprehensive International Charging Network. Today Our Digital Platform Connects All Of The Key Players In The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem And Provides Services For The Whole Value Chain – All Over The ...
    Xendee Develops Advanced Software For Financial & Technical Optimization And Operation Of Resilient Microgrids And Renewable Energy Systems.
    Wallbox is a developer of smart charging systems for homes and businesses that manage the communication between the car and charger via an app. These chargers are compatible with all domestic installations as well as all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
    Volta Charging
    The company has a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that partners with brands to sponsor free charging for EV drivers. Volta's charging station network also delivers free charging solutions to real estate owners.
    AmpUp provides a peer-to-peer EV charging network as well as charging technology solutions for business and hosts of all sizes.
    Chargepoin is a US-based EV charging network with an integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support for all businesses and drivers.
    The Mobility House
    The company develops solutions to integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging, energy and storage solutions to stabilize the power grid and make electric mobility more affordable. offers all-in-one software for smart charging infrastructure. Corporations, SME’s and cities benefit from be.ENERGISED, a cloud-based management and billing platform for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
    V2C develops and manufacture charging points with Spanish and European technology for overall reduction in charging time and cost.
    Be Charge is an Italy-based public EV fast charging network company. It has developed a turnkey business model that owns and operates a nationwide public EV charging infrastructure in order to support the growth of the electric vehicles in Italy.
    ROCSYS develops solutions to fully automate professional charging sites. It also enables fleet operators to run business operations with EVs and prepare for self-parking and self-driving functionalities.
    Driwe is a smart e-mobility system integrator that provides EV charging stations across Europe.
    Elix Wireless Charging Systems
    Elix Wireless specializes in wireless charging solution for EVs. The company has developed MagnetoDynamic Coupling (MDC) technology to enable wireless power transfer.
    Enervalis is primarily engaged in optimizing homes, buildings, and EV charging stations to maximize green charging. The company provides software that offers production and consumption forecasting for optimal green-energy utilisation, apart from security, and app and user interface layers for efficient EV charging.
    eNovates is primarily a mobility and sustainability technology company that was initially created as a think-tank for developing and producing charging systems and management software to support the electric mobility ecosystem.
    Maxem combines hardware and cloud solutions that enable you to install e-mobility and sustainable energy at scale. Maxem regulates car charging by offering solutions to monitor and manage public and private charging stations.
    Place to Plug
    Place to Plug offers solutions for operators who have a network of charging stations and need a complete platform for management and monitoring.
    Veltium is a Spanish company specializing in the development, manufacture, sale of EV recharging infrastructure.
    PlugZoo is a Belgium-based EV charging infrastructure company. It provides EV chargers for both private condo charging and public charging purposes.
    Star Charge
    Star Charge is a Mainland China-based startup that creates user charging life cycle platform and private EV charging infrastructure. The company specializes in manufacturing charging equipment for NEVs.
    dcbel (formerly Ossiaco)
    dcbel (formerly Ossiaco) has developed an energy technology 'dcbel' which let users to leverage solar energy to power their cars.
    Chargefox offers open charging network in Australia for EVs.
    Pod Point
    Pod Point provides electric vehicle charging solutions. The company has manufactured and sold over 100,000 charging points across the UK and Norway. The company installs smart home charging points for customers of automotive brands including Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen and Hyundai. It has developed an extensive public network of 4,400+ charging bays at locations including Tesco, Lidl and Center Parcs.
    HeyCharge provides electric car charging stations for apartments. Building owners can use the company's dashboard to manage tenants' charging needs, monitor the charging points and visualize the CO2 impact.
    ChargeGuru is France-based EV charging solutions company. ChargeGuru specializes in the installation of charging stations for EVs. Its solutions ranges from charging stations in homes or condominiums to charging solutions for businesses and hotels.
    Chargepoint Europe
    Chargepoint Europe is an EV charging solution provider based out of the Netherlands. It develops intelligent charging stations.
    EVSE Australia
    EVSE is a key player in providing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Australia. The company offers EV charging stations, EV cables and accessories. EVSE has partnered with the world’s leading EV charging brands to bring latest EV charging solutions to EV owners in Australia and New Zealand.
    Trojan Energy
    Trojan Energy is a UK-based EV charging technology startup. Its solutions include on-street sub-surface EV chargers.
    EO Charging
    EO Charging designs and manufactures smart electric vehicle (EV) charging for home and commercial use including for fleets, workplaces and destinations. The company’s AC chargers can charge from 3.6kW to up to 22kW.
    ZEF Energy
    ZEF Energy designs smart chargers for electric vehicles (EV) and also develops a software platform which manages loads so as to enable utilities, fleet operators, and other large energy users to electrify transportation while maximizing and synchronizing with distribution capacity and clean power resources.
    Meshcrafts delivers B2B software for smart transportation, smart city and e-mobility. Meshcrafts’ platform connects EV charging stations to the internet, delivering real-time information to drivers and operators. The company has 5,000 charging stations in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Germany.
    WiTricity develops wireless power solutions for charging of electric vehicles (EV) using its patented magnetic resonance technology. This technology is also an enabler of autonomous vehicles and robo-taxis as they can self charge when required.'s charging management platform manages EV charging, automatically optimizing for more economical and eco-friendly charging sessions. It connects EV drivers, energy retailers, charging hardwar manufacturers, grid and network operators, rapid charging networks and EV manufacturers.
    The company's patented technology boosts battery-stored energy to provide ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles. The company also makes a movable charging module in order to sidestep the need for costly sub-station and grid upgrades.
    xelectrix Power
    xelectrix Power develops modular on- and off-grid energy storage for electric vehicle and car charging stations so that electric vehicles can be charged even during power outages.
    Numocity offers end-to-end digital technology platform for EV charging, battery swapping and smart grid integration
    Weave Grid
    Weave Grid is a developer of electric vehicles (EV) software which helps connect EV to the grid. The company's software uses predictive analytics and systems optimization to make it cheaper and safer for utilities to support the growth of EVs and increase renewable energy adoption.
    The company develops fully automatic high power inductive charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV), which can be integrated/retrofitted to almost every EV architecture. This automatic charging system is also an enabler of autonomous vehicles that can charge with no human intervention.
    Andersen is a British manufacturer and installer of high-end electric vehicle (EV) charge points, focused on creating a range of home wall box chargers for the luxury market.
    Oasis Charger Corporation supplies electric vehicle (EV) charging stations under JuiceBar brand. The company’s EV chargers are deployed across 140 cities in the United States and Canada. JuiceBar Gen 3 chargers offer a wide range of charging speeds—32, 40, 48, and 80 amps.
    Amply Power
    AMPLY Power specializes in charging services for commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets. The company provides Charging-as-a-Service to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of electric buses, trucks, and passenger vehicles by public and private fleets through its simple price-per-mile-driven model.
    The company is a provider of intelligent solutions for charging and billing EVs using a mobile electricity meter that can be integrated into the charging cable or the car itself. Customers have the ability to choose a mobile electricity contract for their mobile meter with a provider of their choice and charge everywhere with their tariff.
    Spark Horizon
    Spark Horizon provides an EV charging network and its app gives access to 50,000 charging stations across Europe. It installs and maintains smart-grid enabled, cloud-managed and sensor-equipped EV charging stations, and provides sponsored charging to EV owners.
    The company makes portable, fast, and modular charging stations for electric cars. The company's portable charging system generates 15 miles of range in 15 minutes. The system is modular, enabling batteries to be stacked on top of each other to deliver the amount of range required.
    The company enables EV owners to find charging stations and/or become a charging service provider. The service chooses EV charging stations based on factors such as price, distance from current route and proximity to other amenities.
    SWTCH Energy
    The company provides electric vehicle charging & energy management solutions for multi-tenant buildings. Its end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management streamline charging for drivers while optimizing usage and revenue for building operators.
    Teq Charging
    The company develops a cloud-based power management platform for charging electric vehicles optimally. Its add-on device has the ability equip a standard non-networked station with payment processing and access control.
    ChargeLab builds OCPP-compliant software for managing EV charging stations. The startup also offers affordable turnkey charging solutions including hardware, software, and installation for businesses and governments.
    Chargemap offers a map to find charging stations in Europe. The company also offers Chargemap Pass with which EV drivers can charge on many charging networks partners using a single badge.
    ChargeX is a Munich based tech-startup. It develops advanced charging solution for electric vehicles.
    CHRG Network
    CHRG Network has developed a software platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their charging stations. Driver App allows to find, book, and pay for access to charging stations.
    DiniTech GmbH produces solutions in the field of electrical engineering and specializes in charging technology for electric vehicles.
    Easelink is a developer of automated conductive charging technology for electric vehicles.
    SemaConnect provides electric vehicle charging points to commercial and residential properties. The company's charging solutions provide built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset and fuel savings.
    EV-Urjaa is a Electric Vehicle Charging station infrastructure and mobility company in India. EV-Urjaa also provide consultancy for electric-vehicles.
    EverCharge is a provider of load-managed EV Charging equipment and installation services. Since launching its SmartPower EV charging platform, EverCharge became the leading electric vehicle charging solution for apartments and condominiums in the United States and has since expanded service offerings to include managed EV fleets and workplace charging.
    EVmatch is a sharing platform for the electric vehicle (EV) community. Through EVmatch, individuals rent out their private charging stations, helping communities share charging resources and support more EVs on the road.
    FreeWire Technologies
    FreeWire Technologies is a US-based EV charging solution provider. FreeWire has deployed battery-integrated chargers with Fortune 100 companies, commercial customers, fleets, retail locations, and gas stations.
    Genablity develops application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools to empower new energy companies with electricity pricing information.
    Go To-U
    Go To-U offers EV charger booking features for the EV drivers with mobile app To-U, and smart EV charging management system with Back Office To-U. Using the To-U app, drivers can book charging stations at the most convenient time and location, as well as pay for services ahead of time.
    Greenspot offers publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and shared mobility solutions. The company is developing e-Mobility Hubs in cities and private developments across the United States. Greenspot’s e-Mobility Hubs are modular and designed specifically for each location. In addition to EV charging solutions, the company also offers electric scooter or bicycle docking.
    Hevo Power
    HEVO Power is a developer and provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicle.
    Started as a spin-off of a leading developer of test systems for electric drives, Scienlab electronic systems, innolectric develops and produces components along the electrical drive train. Power electronics, charging communication and energy storage form the focus of the portfolio.
    Intellicharge is a developer of software application for EV charging customization that helps electric vehicle owners to charge their cars with the cheapest and the greenest electricity when possible
    Driivz is a global digital software supplier to EV operators and service providers. The company’s intelligent cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service tools.
    ABT e-Line
    The company designs and manufactures EV charging stations. E-Line also operates E-Line EV charging network.
    EcoG provides the IoT Operating System for chargers and common IoT protocols on the charger in the field.
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