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    ABT E-Line
    The company designs and manufactures EV charging stations. E-Line also operates E-Line EV charging Network.
    Aeidth Technologies
    Aeidth Technologies provides a range of products and software cloud services for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and 4-wheeler electric vehicles, including charging stations, battery management systems, and onboard chargers.
    AgeVolt manufactures and supplies AC and DC charging stations, along with a smart system of hardware and software which serves as a unique mechanism for charging management.
    Ampcontrol Technologies Inc.
    Ampcontrol is a leading AI-powered software for electric fleets. Fleet operators use Ampcontrol to reduce EV charger downtime and reduce electric fueling costs. The software connects to the EV charging hardware and vehicle telematics to make real-time decisions and provide detailed monitoring tools to fleet operators. Benefits are on-time departures, a low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless c...
    Ampere Energy
    Ampere Energy develops and produces all-in-one smart energy management systems. These systems include lithium-ion batteries, bidirectional inverter and an energy management system (EMS), which allows an easy installation. The solution also comes with a back-up system, which helps in case of power failure. During the day, the Ampere system stores energy generated by the solar panels and supplies power 24X7.
    Ample uses autonomous robotics and smart-battery technology for a rapidly deployable and accessible platform that delivers a full charge to any electric car in minutes.
    Amply Power
    Amply Power specializes in charging services for commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets. The company provides charging-as-a-service to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of electric buses, trucks, and passenger vehicles by public and private fleets through its simple price-per-mile-driven model.
    AmpUp is an electric vehicle (EV) charging company that enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free. AmpUp’s technology gives businesses and property owners the ability to efficiently manage multiple charge stations in one place. The startup plans to build the world's largest EV charging network out of shared private and public chargers.
    Andersen is a British manufacturer and installer of high-end electric vehicle (EV) charge points, focused on creating a range of home wall box chargers for the luxury market.
    Atom Power
    Atom Power, Inc. manufactures circuit breakers that manage the flow of electricity and protect it from the immense hazards of surging electrical currents for the commercial power industry. Its product suite includes Atom Switch, a circuit breaker; Atom Panel, a distribution panel; Atom OS, a software that controls the flow of electricity to and from buildings and things; and PURPL, an EV charging solution.
    Batron Enerji
    Batron Arge provides battery design and production services.
    Be Charge is an Italy-based public EV fast charging network company. It has developed a turnkey business model that owns and operates a nationwide public EV charging infrastructure in order to support the growth of electric vehicles in Italy.
    Ai And Saas-Enabled Platform Offering Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Operator And Management Solutions. The Company Offers Hardware And Software-Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solutions. It Offers Features Like Over-The-Air Updates, Usage Tracking, Iot-Enabled Solutions, Etc.
    Charge Zone
    Tecso ChargeZone (P) Ltd. develops and offers internet-of-things (IoT) technology solutions and cloud computing services to provide on-demand charging services. Its platform allows drivers of electric vehicles to find charging stations and book them online. The company's platform manages an individual or group of charging stations and provides charging station management, user management, station management, business intelligence, dashboard, and MIS reports.
    Chargefox is an electric vehicle (EV) charging network company based in Australia. They specialize in developing and operating EV charging infrastructure. Chargefox aims to provide a reliable and extensive charging network across Australia.
    Chargeguru is France-based EV Charging Solutions company. Chargeguru specializes in the installation of charging stations for EVs. Its solutions ranges from charging stations in homes or condominiums to charging solutions for businesses and hotels.
    ChargeLab builds OCPP-compliant software for managing EV charging stations. The startup supplies back-end software solutions that power North America's leading EV charger manufacturers, turnkey installers, and network operators. ChargeLab’s core product is a cloud-based charging station management system (CSMS). It also provides apps for EV drivers, dashboards for fleet managers and site hosts, and open APIs for integration with third-party systems.
    Chargemap offers a map to find charging stations in Europe. The company also offers chargemap pass with which EV drivers can charge on many charging networks partners using a single badge.
    Chargepoint Europe is a electric vehicle charging hardware provider based in the Netherlands. Its products are modular so components can be upgraded and updated. Its customer includes local governments, private companies, parking service providers and shared mobility providers in Europe. Our charging infrastructure is installed in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and other European countries.
    Charging Network technology is a leading integrated service provider in the electric vehicle industry , providing comprehensive product, technology and value-added service solutions for charging operators, vehicle operators, pile factories, automobile manufacturers and Commercial Real estate, etc.
    Chargetrip is accelerating the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility. Built by engineers, but governed by nature.
    Chargex is a Munich-based startup, which develops advanced charging solutions for EVs. It offers future-proof charging solutions with tailored hardware and software, flexible extensions, intelligent charging prioritization, patented security and support.
    Charzer is one of India’s largest providers of EV charging stations. The startup’s flagship product is ‘Kirana Charzer’, which can be installed at any place such as a utility shop, restaurant, hotel or a shopping mall. The company’s EV charging stations can be used with its mobile application called as the Charzer App.
    CHRG Network
    CHRG network has developed a software platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their charging stations. Driver app allows to find, book, and pay for access to charging stations.
    Cityev is a Uk company dedicated to expanding the Uk’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, founded by two engineers with a track record of building innovative and scalable network infrastructure. The startup supplies EV charge points that can be installed anywhere for public, commercial and private use.
    Connected Kerb
    Connected Kerb is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions in the UK. Their mission is to power the future of sustainable mobility by collaborating with local authorities, workplaces, business parks, and residential developers to enhance connectivity and optimize charging capacity. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to best practices, Connected Kerb addresses unmet EV charging needs and has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.
    Founded in 2015 and formerly known as Ossiaco, dcbel develops and supplies smart home energy systems through which homeowners can supply their home and EV with solar power, use vehicle-to-home charging to make power outages a thing of the past, and reduce energy costs with artificial intelligence.
    Devoran SA, previously Polsko-Amerykanski Dom Inwestycyjny SA, is a Poland-based company, which is engaged in the distribution of liquefied fuels. In addition, it specializes in the non-alcoholic beverages manufacture. The Company also is involved in the advertising, warehousing, storage, power and other sectors.
    Dinitech Gmbh produces solutions in the field of electrical engineering and specializes in charging technology for electric vehicles.
    Driivz is a digital software supplier to EV operators and service providers. Its intelligent cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service tools.
    DRIVECO provides charging stations for electric vehicles, production of green energy, storage, energy, management, infrastructure operation, financial aid subsidies, third-party investment offers, and financing solutions
    Driwe is a smart e-mobility system integrator that provides EV charging stations across Europe.
    Easelink GmbH develops Matrix Charging, an automated conductive charging technology for electric vehicles. The company's charging system consists of two components: a vehicle unit on the vehicle underbody and the charging plate at the parking space. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Graz, Austria.
    EcoG is a supplier of advance charge controller solutions and is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for EVs. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specializes in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily.
    Electra is the first french pure player in the EV charging industry. It invests heavily in innovation and research to offer a unique user experience defined by rich, intuitive and customizable mobile interfaces. The startup is building a dense network of charging infrastructure across Europe with the target to have a fleet of more than 8,000 charging points available by 2030. The company, which raised 175 million euros, recently entered the Next 40 of French Tech.
    Electra EV
    Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an electric vehicles powertrain solutions company. The company manufacturers electric motors for vehicles. It offers EV powertrain solutions, systems, and services to support OEMs, orchestrators, and tier-1 suppliers.
    Elinta Charge
    Elinta Charge, UAB designs and assembles EV charging stations for commercial and residential use. It also provides cloud-based intelligent software for fleet managers, operators of public spaces, offices, hospitality, and other facilities. The company serves internationally. 
    Elix Wireless Charging Systems
    Elix Wireless specializes in Wireless charging solution for EVs. The company has developed magnetodynamic coupling (Mdc) technology to enable wireless power transfer.
    Eljun AB owns and operates a blockchain-based green payment solution and digital ewallet. It provides a patent-pending solution that connects and converts loyalty and employer loyalty programs into etokens.
    Elonroad's expertise lies in developing electric roadways equipped with wireless charging technology. Elonroad's initiatives extend to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that includes energy management, billing solutions, and user-friendly tools to enhance the experience of electric vehicle owners.
    EMabler create a more sustainable future by making emobility more accessible with its Api-First electric vehicle charging platform. Its cloud-native & cost-efficient platform with custom apis enables to control, manage and scale EV charging business and provide a better user experience.
    Enervalis developed a unique platform for the smart control of energy carriers such as electric cars and their charging facilities, HVAC installations, heat pumps, boilers and batteries based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The system gives the user insight into energy flows and controls and optimizes the energy carriers to save costs, but also to increase comfort in homes and to be able to purchase energy in a smart way.
    ENIO GmbH develops and distributes software for e-mobility infrastructure, as well as for the control and billing of services with electric devices throughout Europe. The startup supplies hardware, firmware and software to plan, build and run electric mobility infrastructure. Its customers include Telecom companies, residential developers, municipalities, energy providers and retail companies. The startup has a network of more than 6,000 charging points across Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and ...
    Enovates develops and supplies EV charging systems and management software to support the transition to electric mobility. The startup is a B2B producer and, therefore, all EV chargers supplied by Enovates are not directly available for sale to individuals.
    Founded in 2014, EnviroSpark is an industry leader in the design, installation, and operation of EV charging solutions. The company was founded with two missions: to raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and to increase the availability of EV charging infrastructure.
    EO Charging
    Eo charging (Juuce Ltd.)designs and manufactures smart electric vehicle (EV) charging for home and commercial use including for fleets, workplaces and destinations. The company’s ac chargers can charge from 3.6Kw to up to 22Kw.
    Esmito offers B2B saas-based platform for real-time monitoring, control and optimization of batteries, Chargers and e-vehicles. The cloud-based operator portal presents an integrated view of all events happening in the EV Infrastructure at any given time. The platform offers scalability, customization, AI-based predictive models, web & mobile application modules and can integrate with any third-party system.
    EV Connect
    EV Connect develops and operates a flexible cloud-based platform for the management of the EV ecosystem. The EV Connect platform provides charge station-agnostic command & control; enterprise and energy systems integration via an open API; driver communications and support; and demand-response functionality across multiple charging networks.
    EV.Energy's charging management platform manages EV charging, automatically optimizing for more economical and eco-friendly charging sessions. It connects EV drivers, energy retailers, Charging hardwar manufacturers, Grid and network operators, Rapid Charging networks and EV manufacturers.
    EVCS Holdings, Inc. operator as a electrical charging stations company, that incentivize site owners to go green through the installation of these charging stations. The company offers the design, procurement, and installation of stations, enabling clients by providing a way to cut emissions and offering reliable access to EV charging stations.
    EverCharge provides hardware and software EV charging solutions for fleets, multi-unit, and single-family homes. The startup’s turnkey offerings are designed to utilize existing infrastructure to scale EV charging at the lowest cost. EverCharge’s load balancing SmartPower technology maximizes the number of EVs that can charge at once and eliminates barriers, such as data connectivity. The company has opened a new factory in Hayward, California to supply EVSE for its customers across North Am...
    EVI Technologies
    Evi Technologies is an Iit Delhi alumni company building and delivering electric vehicle charging solutions.
    EVmatch is a sharing platform for the electric vehicle (EV) community. Through EVmatch, individuals rent out their private charging stations, helping communities share charging resources and support more EVs on the road.
    EVSE Australia
    Evse is a key player in providing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Australia. The company offers EV charging stations, EV cables and accessories. Evse has partnered with the world’s leading EV charging brands to bring latest EV charging solutions to EV owners in Australia and New Zealand.
    Exponent Energy
    Exponent Energy is a Bengaluru-based deep-tech startup focused on EV fast charging technologies.
    Fenfeo Automation
    Fenfeo Automation is a provider of affordable EV charging infrastructure that includes hardware, software, and comprehensive integration services.
    FreeWire Technologies
    FreeWire Technologies offers ultrafast EV charging and energy management solutions solving grid infrastructure constraints and supporting the global transition to electric vehicles. FreeWire’s network of battery-integrated ‘Boost Chargers’ transform the way energy is distributed and bridge the gap from legacy infrastructure to future technology.
    Gbatteries is focussed on developing advanced fast-charging lithium-ion batteries which do not compromise on battery life or changing the battery's chemistry. Its customers include leading automotive and electronics manufacturers.
    Genability develops application programming interfaces (API) and tools to empower new energy companies with electricity pricing information.
    Go To-U
    Go To-U offers software solutions for EV charging. Go To-U's expertise lies in developing advanced technologies and user-friendly platforms that make EV charging more accessible and efficient.
    goEgoNetwork is a Pune-based EV Charging Infrastructure startup building a robust network of smart charging stations in India. The company has presence in over 50 cities across 15 states.
    Greenspot offers publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and shared mobility solutions. The company is developing e-mobility hubs in cities and private developments across The United States. Greenspot’s e-mobility hubs are modular and designed specifically for each location. In addition to EV charging solutions, the company also offers electric scooter or bicycle docking.
    Grove Energy
    Enabling electric vehicle owners to charge their car with affordable green energy from a hydrogen-powered distributed charging network which is independent from the electrical grid in Germany and the EU
    With advancedchnology in the marketplace, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the company improves knowledge to keep on track with new trends. It aims to change the way regulatory compliance is managed, and claims its digital regulatory rules as a real game changer.
    Hevo Power
    HEVO Inc. is focused on dramatically improving the EV charging experience for all stakeholders. HEVO's mission is to modernize the grid with wireless charging and software. HEVO is implementing projects with major automakers, Tier 1 automobile suppliers, and EV charging companies across four continents.
    Heycharge provides electric car charging stations for apartments. Building owners can use the company's dashboard to manage tenants' charging needs, monitor the charging points and visualize the Co2 impact.
    InceptEV is a simulation-first electric vehicle data company for fleet operations planning and optimization. The company uses its proprietary data and patented technology to understand fleet performance prior to purchasing assets and forecast operational requirements. This allows customers with the information needed to save money when buying their vehicles by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and save on operational time and costs through proper logistical planning. The data produced by the softwar...
    InductEV Inc. develops and manufactures inductive charging technologies for the automotive and transportation industries. The company offers a wireless charger system that allows electric vehicles and appliances to be connected to the electrical power grid and charged without the use of wires or cables. It also offers public and private transit, commercial fleet, OEM integration, and energy management solutions. InductEV Inc. was formerly known as Momentum Dynamics Corp.
    Innolectric, which started as a spin-off of a leading developer of test systems for electric drives, Scienlab Electronic Systems, develops and produces components along the electrical drive train. It focuses on power electronics, charging communication, and energy storage solutions.
    Intellicharge is a developer of software application for EV charging customization that helps electric vehicle owners to charge their cars with the cheapest and the greenest electricity.
    Invisible Urban
    Invisible Urban Charging provides electric vehicle charging solution as a service. It offers end-to-end EV solution to deploy EV chargers to customer sites for monthly fee. The company offers its solutions to commercial building, national chains, malls, supermarkets, commercial parking, and accommodations.
    Its Electric
    itselectric partners with city property owners to unlock access to untapped electricity supply while they earn passive income
    Jedlix develops and operates a VGI platform to optimize the charging & discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at scale. Jedlix teams up with energy partners, charging point operators & e-mobility service providers, car oems to reduce the total cost of ownership of Electric Vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging & discharging process on energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.
    JOLT Charge
    JOLT is an end-to-end EV charging network provider with integrated mobility, advertising and data services. The startup claims that its EV chargers are thoughtfully designed for fast charging and charging experience. The company uses 100% green-certified energy to power its EV chargers.
    Oasis Charger Corporation supplies electric vehicle (EV) charging stations under Juicebar brand. The company’s EV chargers are deployed across 140 cities in The United States and Canada. Juicebar Gen 3 chargers offer a wide range of charging Speeds—32, 40, 48, and 80 amps.
    Jump Charging
    Jump Charging specialises in the supply of commercial electric vehicle charging and green hydrogen fuelling infrastructure solutions to support the commercial transport sector’s transition away from fossil fuels.
    Kazam EV Tech
    Kazam is an agnostic EV charging software platform. The startup aims to build India's largest smart and affordable EV charging network. Through its partnerships with fleets, cpos, RWAs and oems, it has been able to create a robust charging network with over 7,000 charging devices operating on its platform. Kazam’s vision is to be the leader in EV charging in India and beyond, leveraging its capabilities in software and hardware.
    Kreisel Electric
    Kreisel Electric develops high-performance batteries. the core competence of Kreisel includes battery development and production, integration and testing, prototyping and serial production, and software development. The startup is also known for offering best-in-class thermal management in batteries through its patented Kreisel electric immersion cooling technology.
    Lanli Energy
    Lanli Energy develops electric vehicle mobile charging stations designed to provide accessible EV charging stations. Lanli Energy was founded in 2021 and is based in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou Xiaohe Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy service technology company integrating product design, development and service operation. The firm was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in China.
    Lightyear is a developer of long-range solar electric vehicles. The company has developed the powertrain, thermal management system, and solar roof with integrated electronics.
    Livingston Energy Group
    Livingston Energy Group, LLC is a clean energy company based in New York State's capital region. A wide array of services across the United States is offered by Livingston Energy Group, LLC, ranging from basic project consultations to thorough turnkey energy upgrades. Several services for project design, management, and financing, as well as funding assistance where applicable, are provided by Livingston Energy Group, LLC.
    Magenta Mobility
    Magenta Mobility previously known as chargegrid manufactures and deploys chargers to manage and monitor EV charging systems. The company operates Chargegrid, which provides hardware, software, installation and operations, and maintenance services for solutions related to electric vehicle (EV) charging. Its EV charging stations are automated, unmanned, and payment gateway enabled open network for charging stations for electric vehicles.
    Magment is working on breakthrough, cutting edge wireless inductive charging infrastructure, reinventing the way EVs are charged with bold innovations in design, pioneering technologies, and strong global partnerships. We believe in emission free, electrified transportation and vehicles that can charge where they go and do not have to go to charge. Seamless, convenient and sustainable. Powered by this vision, Magment was founded in 2015 and today prides itself in having an experienced team of en...
    Maxem Energy Solutions
    Maxem offers hardware and cloud solutions to monitor and manage electric vehicle public and private charging stations.
    Meshcrafts AS provides energy trading hardware solutions for charging electrical vehicles (EVs). It offers Smart Charge, an energy trading platform for EV owners, utilities, and charging station operators. The company’s Smart Charge includes an automatic meter reader and control systems for energy enabling a load management, payment, and control system for charging points; and an API, a mobile platform, and other solutions that provide IDs tying the amount due to the billing information stored...
    Mobec is an M-CAAS (Mobile-Charging as a Service) green company that removes EV Charge anxiety problems by providing a Portable Charging Solution wherever and whenever required for all EVs.
    My Energi
    Myenergi are at the forefront of british renewable eco-smart technology innovation and manufacturing. Their brand new innovations complex is at the heart of the Humber Freeport, the epicentre of green technology in the Uk. Myenergi’s renowned Zappi product was the world’s first solar and wind compatible electric car charger, well and truly putting british manufacturing back on the world stage!
    Nordische Technologies
    Nordische Technologies focuses on providing last mile connectivity for the end users at affordable prices. The startup is a cross-border association between Germany and India for the development of various mobility solutions on a global scale. The company is in the process of making footprints in different countries and creating spin-offs for EVSE technologies. The startup’s network is already distributed in countries like Germany, Malaysia, England, Saudi Arabia.
    Numocity offers end-to-end digital technology platform for EV charging, battery swapping and smart grid integration
    Nysha Mobility Tech
    Nysha Mobility Tech is a manufacturer of components, interconnects, wires, and cables for various industries including automotive (including EV vehicles), telecom, defense, and industrial sectors. Nysha is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the automotive and telecom industries in the age of EVs and 5G. With a unique, agile supply chain and engineering capabilities, Nysha serves as a trusted one-stop shop for OEMs and startups, providing end-to-end support from design to delivery. The co...
    Ohme’s vision is to become the world’s most trusted smart charging platform. The idea for Ohme came to scientist and ethical investor David Watson while he was researching clean energy projects. David was passionate about the transition to renewable energy, but found that the “feast or famine” nature of sources like wind and solar power was a barrier. Energy cannot be stored in the grid, meaning that wind farms may have to be switched off at certain times to regulate supply. Realising th...
    Oyika Pte. Ltd. offers portable batteries, network of charging stations, and a mobile application. It offers battery swapping, location tracking, anti-theft, and remote bike control solutions.
    PIONIX GmbH develops application software for the EV industry. It offers Everest, a charging software solution; BaseCamp that offers charger control management; CompassApp that offers charger management solution; SummitCloud, a charger management cloud; and BelayBox, a modular development kit. The company was incorporated in 2021 and is based in Bad Schönborn, Germany.
    Place to Plug
    Place to plug offers solutions for operators who have a network of charging stations and need a complete platform for management and monitoring.
    Plug Zen
    Plug Zen L.L.C. develops, manufactures, and implements electric vehicle charging solutions for property owners, employers, fleet operators, automakers, and utility companies. It offers port system, node system, Hi-Vis system, and accessories. The company was formerly known as CHARGE ZONE L.L.C. and changed its name to Plug Zen L.L.C. in July 2020. Plug Zen L.L.C. was incorporated in 2020 and is based in Detroit, Michigan.
    Plugzoo is an EV charging infrastructure company. It provides EV chargers for both private condo charging and public charging purposes.
    Pod Point
    POD Point manufactures and sells public, workplace, and destination electric vehicle charging stations in the United Kingdom. The company has manufactured and sold over 100,000 charging points across the UK and Norway. The company installs smart home charging points for customers including Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Hyundai. It has developed an extensive public network of 4,400+ charging bays at locations including Tesco, Lidl, and Center Parcs. In February 2020, energy company EDF acquired a...
    Racenergy is working to power the future of mobility through clean and efficient technologies.
    Ratio Electricwe
    Ratio electric produces EV charging home boxes, charging outlet sockets, plugs, connectors, and cables, EV charging transformer station.
    re.alto is a marketplace for digital energy products and services, delivered via APIs. The digital service reduces compexity for costumers by enabling searches for APIs from a wide range of energy sectors and subscribe to the API in a simple online process.
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