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    Chip shortage – February 2023 update
    S&P Global Mobility updated its analysis on the chip shortage with the latest actuals on chip production for the full year 2022 and with the latest data on wafer capacity and CAPEX. The semiconductor supply is more predictable than in 2021, but supply has still not normalized. Automotive is currently benefiting from slowdowns in other markets due to global economic concerns. However lead times continue to be higher than normal for various components. Upward pressure on semiconductor ASPs d...
    Charging requirement for upcoming xEVs
    The developments and scope of newer battery technologies often grab the headlines when the future of transportation electrification is discussed. A longer driving range is seen as one of the most important attributes that will significantly increase the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). However, what is becoming equally important is how capable a vehicle is in terms of charging. A vehicle’s charging speed and ability to reach a higher power rate are already becoming important factors buyer...
    Automotive Show Report - India Auto Expo 2023
    The 2023 Auto Expo's components edition was held from 12-15 January and recorded participation of over 800 companies and 115,000 visitors, while the vehicle show was held from 13-18 January and was attended by 636,743 visitors. Among the major passenger car manufacturers in India, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Tata Motors, Toyota, BYD, and MG Motor showcased new models and concepts.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2023
    CES 2023 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-8, in both in-person and digital formats. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that CES 2023 saw over 115,000 industry attendees, with over 3200+ companies (including 1,000 startups) exhibiting, making it the largest audited global technology event since early 2020.
    EV battery chemistry and material sourcing
    The availability of battery raw materials is becoming a bigger concern for the automotive industry by the day. The primary battery raw materials such as cobalt, nickel, and lithium are expected to face supply constraints as the demand for batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage system sectors surge in the coming decades. To create a stable automotive industry in the future and avoid damaging occurrences, such as the microchip supply crisis, there is a need to understand the ...
    Battery and charging startup ecosystem: Opportunities and challenges
    The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and startups have become one of the biggest enablers of that change. Not only have they supported the OEMs and tier-1 suppliers in this transformation, but they have also been at the forefront of new technology development and have led the industry towards the age of connectivity, autonomous, shared, and electric. Two automotive domains where startups are most active today are battery technology and charging. Advancement in b...
    Power electronics: Inverter technology and market overview
    The ability to improve the performance and driving range of an electric vehicle (EV) while bringing their cost down to the level of a conventionally powered vehicle is one of the main focus points for automakers around the world. As the proposed bans of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles come ever closer in several markets, the automotive industry is racing against time to achieve this goal. While several steps are being undertaken by automakers, the efficiency and performance of a tra...
    EV battery cells: Material demand and CO2 emission implications
    The transportation sector is one of the main contributors to carbon emissions globally. It has been a focal point for the climate change activists and authorities in their fight for carbon neutrality. The whole idea behind transitioning from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) is to minimize the carbon footprint of the transportation segment. While the tailpipe emissions from an all-electric vehicle might be zero, it is not all clean and green when the entire ...
    Global battery production - Tracing the manufacturing footprint
    If the automotive sales figures in 2020 and 2021 are anything to go by, electric vehicles (EVs) have finally broken the acceptability barrier and are seen as a viable alternative to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The shift in mindset will significantly expand demand for EVs henceforth. OEMs are increasing the number of electric models in their portfolio to cater to this growth and are announcing timeframes to go all electric. This anticipated growth for EVs has thrown...
    Automotive chip shortage: the new normal?
    As part of the 2022 New Year's Briefing, IHS Markit has compiled a presentation around analysis of its latest automotive semiconductor demand and capacity forecast.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2022
    CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-7, with around 400,000 visitors, 744 exhibitors, and 936 speakers.
    Legislation and incentives impacting plug-in EV uptake
    The purpose of this report is to provide a biannual summary of legislation and incentives driving the uptake of PEVs in major automotive markets of interest. This report complements the Legislation and Incentives Database and is organized as follows. An overview section containing high-level tables comparing the availability and effect of key stimuli across all countries A “deep-dive” section for each country, which summarizes legislation and incentives in the context of PEV s...
    New BEV market entrants
    The global automotive industry is witnessing a massive transformation on all fronts. The new technology areas—Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electrified (CASE)—are greatly changing the entire concept of the automobile. Among the CASE technologies, increasing air pollution levels and the necessity to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for propulsion have prompted all stakeholders across the mobility value chain to adopt the electrified powertrain technologies. Strong regulatory tai...
    Low-voltage battery technology
    This report delves into the sphere of automotive low-voltage starter and auxiliary batteries, and we analyze the technical aspects and market dynamics of one of the most ubiquitous components in an automobile. Automakers and suppliers have already realized the benefit of going in favor of twin battery configurations, especially more so as they enable OEMs to adhere to extremely rigorous industry norms regarding emissions and sustainability that already are or coming into effect in the very near ...
    Imagining the ‘Apple Car’
    While Apple is yet to confirm or deny exploring vehicle development under the codename Project Titan, also referred as Chromium, a vast array of automotive stakeholders and commentators have been inquisitive of what may materialize from the so-called ‘Apple Car.’ Due to the secrecy around Apple’s car venture, a lot remains unknown or unconfirmed about the project from the manufacturing location(s), potential partners, and projected volume. This research note ...
    Automotive Show Report - IAA Mobility
    IAA Mobility 2021 took place in Munich, Germany, from September 7-12.
    Automotive Show Report - Shanghai
    The Auto Shanghai 2021 was the 19th International Automobile Industry Exhibition and took place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai in China from 19-28 April 2021.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2021
    This report highlights high-level themes represented at the show and summarizes announcement details by company with key insights for how the technologies presented impact automotive and technology strategies and industries.
    Thermal Management of EV batteries
    Demand for better driving range, vehicle performance, and faster charging has been the fundamental driver behind the research and development (R&D), which is being poured into the next-generation electric vehicle (EV) products. As sales in the more mature markets, such as Europe and mainland China, continue to gather steam and the interest in e-mobility grows even in nascent markets such as India, automakers are not treating alternative propulsion vehicles, such as battery-electric vehicles ...
    Analysis of the Automotive High Voltage Battery Market
    Since the advent of electric vehicles (EV) in the mainstream automotive market, the ‘range’ of an EV has been the primary cause for speculation against the technology. OEMs are actively exploring options to improve the driving range of EVs to satiate consumer anxiety despite, as recent studies suggest, not needing it. With significant improvement in battery technologies in the past years, many OEMs are now offering EVs with a travel range of over 300 km on a single charge. Nevertheless, ...
    Automotive Show Report - Beijing 2020
    The focus of the 2020 Beijing Motor Show were intelligent cars and alternative drive systems. All renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as numerous startups participated in the 2020 show. 
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Autonomy, Electrification and Smart Cockpit drive new EE Architectures
    This report talks about the evolution of automotive electronics/electric architectures
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Case study on growing automotive software complexity
    This report delves into how the vehicle is transforming from a mechanical device to software-driven electronics and where should automotive R&D focus for technology development
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Connected Car - South America
    This presentation shows the South American outlook for connected car configurations and features, and the evolution of related technologies.
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Digital transformation in the Connected Car
    This report deliberates on how the connected car market is expected to evolve post COVID and what are the opportunities in the 'new normal'
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Introduction scenarios of higher levels of automation
    This report reviews the factors that influence the adoption of autonomy and ADAS features and the various strategies being pursued by OEMs
    Spring Automotive Client Briefing - Europe - Presentations
    These presentations were given at the 2020 IHS Markit Spring Automotive Client Briefing - Europe (webinar) on  EV Charging Infrastructure and Connected Car.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2020
    This report highlights high-level themes represented at the show and summarizes announcement details by company with key insights for how the technologies presented impact automotive and technology strategies and industries.
    Automotive Show Report - Los Angeles
    The Los Angeles (LA) Auto Show is an annual car show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in late November or early December.
    Automotive Show Report - Tokyo
    The theme of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show was “Open Future” focusing on cutting edge futuristic technologies including future mobility, flying cars, next-generation personalized mobility, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and new energy-based vehicles.
    Fall Automotive Client Briefing - Detroit - Presentations
    These presentations were given at the 2019 IHS Markit Fall Automotive Client Briefing in Detroit, Michigan.
    Automotive Show Report - Frankfurt
    The 2019 International Motor Show (IAA) took place at Frankfurt Am Main from 10–22 September 2019.
    Automotive Show Report - New York
    The 2019 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) took place at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, the US from 19–28 April 2019.
    Onboard battery heating in Full Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (EVs)
    This report provides an understanding of the battery heating system component technology and market trends for light vehicle full hybrids and EVs, an in-depth demand outlook, and an overview of the main players and market drivers—on both global and regional levels. What are the size and scope of the global EV battery heating component market? What are the key drivers pushing the sector? What is the regional outlook for the sector? What are the challenges faced by the EV battery heati...
    Automotive Show Report - NAIAS
    The 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) took place at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States from 12-27 January 2019.
    Automotive Show Report - CES
    The annual CES continues to host the world’s automotive innovators to highlight the most cutting-edge technologies the industry can offer.
    Automotive Show Report - Los Angeles
    The Los Angeles (LA) Auto Show is an annual car show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in late November or early December.
    Low/Zero Emission Zones Report
    A low-emission zone (LEZ) is a geographic area where access restrictions apply to certain polluting vehicles. LEZs primarily aim to control and improve the area's air quality, which means entry for vehicles with higher-than-permissible emissions levels is restricted or banned. In some LEZs, higher-polluting vehicles are allowed to enter after paying a fixed toll. Certain cities are working toward creating ultra-low emission zones (ULEZs) and zero-emission zones (ZEZs). Within these areas, onl...
    Mobility as a Service
    The shared use of vehicles has been available for decades, but ubiquitous connectivity has carried these business models into the 21st century under the label of mobility services. Perceived in the past as expensive or inconvenient, smartphones and cloud platforms now enable flexible, alternative use of cars as a product and are establishing mobility as a service and transforming personal mobility and the automotive, transportation, and technology industries. This report will analyze the curr...
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