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    Automotive chip market remains strong despite looming inventory correction and macroeconomic headwinds
    In 2022, the car chip market exceeded USD52 billion—a new high-water mark. In the wake of the growing global chip shortage due to COVID-19, prices for automotive semiconductors are reset, resulting in higher revenue for car chips in 2021 and 2022. The chip content continues to increase in the next...
    Middleware software: The race to develop automotive operating system
    Software now underpins virtually all elements of the vehicle, from basic cockpit functions to new safety features and powertrain management systems. The advances in vehicle software architectures and function developments are helping automakers to find new revenue, monetizing parts of the vehicle th...
    ADAS L0 software market tracker - May 2022
    This report provides quantitative software market insights against Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Level zero (L0) applications. The report assesses software development spending against all applicable SAE level software. The report also highlights the key software components’ (software percepti...
    11-May-2022 Tracker Software
    In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2022 update
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems
    17-Mar-2022 Tracker Software
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