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    2021.AI helps clients across the globe to bolster AI adoption with a promise to deliver on the top three major needs to implement and operate AI effectively-this includes models, platforms, and government. The company’s GRACE AI platform offers the potential to realize the AI ambitions of companies in diverse industries including Finance & Banking, Software & Tech Manufacturing, Transportation Public Sector, Life Science, etc.
    42dot Inc. develops and operates a cloud-based mobility platform that offers the transition to autonomous transportation-as-a-service (aTaaS) with diversified self-driving ground and airborne vehicles. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.
    Acerta Systems Analytics Inc. provides a machine intelligence solution that turns raw machine data into informed decisions. The company offers Acerta CHECK software solution that focuses on the discovery of critical problems in complex data by combining statistical methods, data mining algorithms, and machine learning techniques to uncover critical intelligence and find anomalies in machine behavior.
    Acsia Technologies
    ACSIA TECHNOLOGIES engages in development of automotive software. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Thiruvananthapuram, India.
    Aeva Technologies specializes in creating 4D LiDAR-on-chip solutions. Utilizing frequency modulated continuous wave sensing technology, the company crafts advanced 4D LiDAR sensing systems complete with integrated software suitable for automotive, industrial, and security sectors. Moreover, they provide silicon photonics engines along with software algorithms designed for industrial automation and consumer devices.
    Aeye develops artificial intelligence-based perception systems. The company has developed lidar, a perception system that acts as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.It increases the speed of a car’s artificial perception by up to 10 times, while reducing power consumption 5 to 10 times.
    Affectiva develops and operates emotion-sensing artificial intelligence software solutions for use in the commercial market to understand how consumers engage with digital content and understand advertising and communication messages. The company offers a software development kit and cloud-based API; a cloud-based solution that allows brands, advertisers, and market researchers to understand consumer emotional engagement with digital content; an emotion-as-a-service to analyze human expressions;...
    AIDriving is an algorithm based smart drive electronics manufacturer, with mature solutions for smarter fleet management and safer driving. The company believe that AI will change the way of driving and fleet umanagements, and aidrving will always be a pioneer to create the latest AI technology products for safer and smarter driving.
    AIMMO develops and designs platforms for data annotation. It offers functions like collecting data, segmentation, object tracking, object detection, and keypoint.
    Aimotive offers software, simulation tools and neural acceleration hardware IP to help companies accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. The company has expertise in sensor fusion, 3d graphics and real-world automated driving workloads, developed utilizing a global test fleet. Aimotive’s main development work is done at its headquarters in Budapest (Hungary). The company also has offices in Mountain View, California (United States) and in Yokohama (Japan).
    Airbiquity develops and delivers connected vehicle services and automotive telematics solutions. The company offers Choreo, a cloud-based connected car platform that connects vehicles and processes transactions, orchestrates and delivers end-to-end services from the cloud to various vehicles.
    Airxsys provides outdoor parking solutions and a parking management dashboard to identify empty parking spaces and monitor traffic in real-time. The company promises increase in revenue and higher utilization, lower installation cost, and time and real-time data management
    Algolux develops artificial intelligence (AI) software that offers perception platforms for all conditions, addressing both existing cameras and new designs through cloud-based tools and embedded software for the automotive industry. The company's Eos Embedded Perception Software enables vision systems to perceive in harsh conditions, such as low light, adverse weather, and dusty environments; and Atlas Camera Optimization Suite offers a set of tools and an embedded software stack to enable ente...
    Alkalee offers solutions that allow users to craft their unique hardware and software platforms. With their operating systems and the embedded software "Receef", they simplify the process for developers. Additionally, they equip integrators with tools to seamlessly merge various software features on communal vehicle computers.
    Altilium Magna
    Altilium Magna develops highly accurate battery management analytics that can accurately estimate the state of charge of lithium-ion batteries and the state of health degradation.
    Ampcontrol Technologies Inc.
    Ampcontrol is a leading AI-powered software for electric fleets. Fleet operators use Ampcontrol to reduce EV charger downtime and reduce electric fueling costs. The software connects to the EV charging hardware and vehicle telematics to make real-time decisions and provide detailed monitoring tools to fleet operators. Benefits are on-time departures, a low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless c...
    Amply Power
    Amply Power specializes in charging services for commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets. The company provides charging-as-a-service to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of electric buses, trucks, and passenger vehicles by public and private fleets through its simple price-per-mile-driven model.
    AmpUp is an electric vehicle (EV) charging company that enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free. AmpUp’s technology gives businesses and property owners the ability to efficiently manage multiple charge stations in one place. The startup plans to build the world's largest EV charging network out of shared private and public chargers.
    Apex.AI specializes in creating operating systems tailored for self-driving vehicles. Their flagship platform, Apex.OS, serves as a foundational layer that allows software developers to craft secure applications rooted in the robot operating system.
    Applied Intuition
    Applied Intuition specializes in creating simulation infrastructure software tailored for the design, testing, and rollout of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, and robotics. The company offers a range of solutions, encompassing simulation, vehicle dynamics, data and maps, as well as validation tools for autonomous vehicle advancements. Since its inception in 2017, Applied Intuition has expanded its presence with additional branches in locations such as Los Angeles, ...
    Arbe is developing ultra-high resolution 4d imaging radar for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving applications. The company’s 4D imaging radar chipset leverages frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology, and transmits and receives signals from multiple antennas. With more than 2000 virtual channels, the chipset solution tracks hundreds of objects simultaneously with 30 frames per second (fps) of full scan.
    Arctictern Solutions GmbH develops and offers automotive industry software. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
    Argo AI
    Argo AI develops software, hardware (sensors and compute), maps, and cloud support infrastructure that powers self-driving vehicles. The company is working with automakers such as ford and Volkswagen to integrate its self-driving system into their vehicles so that they can be manufactured at scale.
    Ascent Robotics
    Ascent Robotics is an AI startup developing intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and autonomous vehicles. The company is engaged in neural science-inspired machine learning and AI development with a goal of developing an ai-based vehicle within the next few years.
    Atom Power
    Atom Power, Inc. manufactures circuit breakers that manage the flow of electricity and protect it from the immense hazards of surging electrical currents for the commercial power industry. Its product suite includes Atom Switch, a circuit breaker; Atom Panel, a distribution panel; Atom OS, a software that controls the flow of electricity to and from buildings and things; and PURPL, an EV charging solution.
    Aurora Labs
    Aurora Labs Ltd develops software solutions using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to enable the automotive industry to adapt to the changing mobility landscape. It offers vehicle software intelligence product suite auto detect, validate, and update. The company is based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel with additional offices in Munich, Skopje, Boston, and Detroit.
    Autobrains (Formerly Cartica Ai) has developed automotive visual intelligence platform which is built on a self-learning technology supported by more than 200 patents. The platform garners a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the vehicle environment. the company utilizes autonomous ai, an advanced technology which is based upon biological research and is result of over 10 years of research and development (R&D).
    AutoCore develops and offers autonomous driving solutions equipped with automotive integrated circuit and artificial intelligence-based algorithms. It also provides IoV technology, intelligent telematics, and ADAS. The company is based in China.
    Autocrypt Co., Ltd. offers transportation security solutions. The company offers solutions, such as automotive cybersecurity that includes WP.29 regulation, autonomous driving, electric car and charging systems, and in-vehicle hacking; and mass security that includes fleet management system monitoring, and digital key. The company also offers products, such as autocrypt V2X, autocrypt V2D, autocrypt V2G, autocrypt IVS, and autocrypt FMS.
    Autonomous a2z
    Autonomous A2Z specializes in autonomous driving solutions. The company provides a platform for autonomous driving-based robotaxi and shuttle development.
    Autox Technologies is building full stack technology for SAE Level 4 autonomous driving platform called Autox Driver, which can automatically drive different vehicles, including robotaxis. The company has expertise in autonomous hardware and software and in cloud services. Autox is testing autonomous vehicles, equipped with Autox Driver, in mainland China and the United States. The company is also running robotaxi pilots in several chinese cities with the goal of launching commercial robotaxi se...
    Axon Pulse
    Axon-Pulse revolutionizes the Radar Signal Processing using Artificial Intelligent and Deep Learning techniques. DeePulse is an innovative software solution developed by Axon Pulse that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques for radar signal processing. It offers real-time processing capabilities and is compatible with a wide range of radar systems, including ground, naval, and air defense radars. DeePulse's cutting-edge technology enables enhanced radar sensitiv...
    Banma Technologies Co., Ltd develops and provides smart car operating systems, smart car solutions, and digital transportation solutions for the automotive and transportation industries. The operating system is used in touch screens, GPS maps, navigation, in-car entertainment, and car maintenance information to drivers and passengers. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Basemark specialises in benchmarking, graphics and compute to offer a holistic solution for all level of autonomous drive ecosystem software and hardware development. The company’s offerings include rocksolid graphic and compute engine, bats automotive testing suite and professional services. Basemark partners with automakers and tier 1 suppliers developing level 4/5 autonomous driving, in-cockpit augmented reality (AR) applications, instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainments (IVIS).
    Beep’s primary focus is on deploying autonomous shuttles for various environments, including planned communities, private and public transportation, campuses, and more. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Beep aims to revolutionize the way we think about short-distance travel by providing eco-friendly, convenient, and innovative transportation solutions.
    BeNomad conceives, develops, and markets software development kits to manage map-based information. The products include GPS Navigation, electromobility, route management, and mapping services The company serves software editors, integrators, telematic services operators, and fleet management online service providers.
    Bifrost has developed generative AI tools that enable users to create stunning 3D worlds and synthetic images on-demand with industry leading granular control via an intuitive interface. Bifrost's flagship product is Alchemy, a synthetic data generation platform leveraging procedural 3D rendering techniques and AI that can run in the cloud or locally.
    Black Sesame Technologies
    Black Sesame Intelligence offers automotive-grade computing chips and chip-based solutions tailored for smart vehicles. Originating with the Huashan series, which focused on high-computing chips for autonomous driving, the company later introduced the Wudang series of cross-domain computing chips, catering to an extensive array of advanced smart car functionalities. Black Sesame Intelligence's proprietary automotive-grade products and technologies empower smart vehicles with vital features, such...
    Blickfeld develops 3D solid-state lidar sensor and detection software for environment perception. The company’s lidar sensors, based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) mirror technology, offers a wide field of view (FOV) and a long detection range. blickfeld's lidar sensors are used in autonomous driving, mapping, robotics and smart cities.
    Block Harbor
    Block Harbor was founded on the basis that the automotive industry’s biggest need would be services to support vehicle cybersecurity. Block Harbor excels at planning and executing intricate projects within stringent timeframes, particularly in the domain of securing cyber-physical systems. The company's focus is on streamlining repetitive tasks in vehicle cybersecurity engineering to guarantee the enduring security of vehicles. Block Harbor leverages its years of experience to construct innova...
    Blue Signal
    BlueSignal offers an adaptive traffic management solution. The company's Predictive Driving technology analyzes the data collected from various sources such as real-time traffic, vehicles, and road infrastructure, and it predicts future traffic conditions based on its unique ML and AI engine. It provides safe driving tools through data analysis, predictive congestion, and signal optimizer to automakers, logistics companies, and governments. focuses on autonomous vehicle technology. They work on developing solutions and technologies related to self-driving cars. Their expertise include computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for use in autonomous navigation and perception systems.
    Ai And Saas-Enabled Platform Offering Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Operator And Management Solutions. The Company Offers Hardware And Software-Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solutions. It Offers Features Like Over-The-Air Updates, Usage Tracking, Iot-Enabled Solutions, Etc.
    Brain IV
    Brain IV has technologies for autonomous driving, deep learning, and signal processing. Utilizing these, the company aims to create a world where anyone can learn, create, and use autonomous driving ai by supporting autonomous driving classes, building data collection vehicles, providing labeling tools, and supporting learning and utilization of deep learning models.
    Brighter AI
    Brighter AI Technologies GmbH designs and develops artificial intelligence enabled software solutions to recreate daylight images from night images taken by infrared cameras to correct limited and blurred vision. The solutions offer services such as frontal face reconstruction which supports security professionals to identify suspects. It also protects privacy GDPR which further assists to anonymize visual data.
    Brodmann 17
    Brodmann17 provides ADAS solutions with high accuracy for commodity processors, used by leading tier-1 automotive suppliers and fleet management companies for both integrated and aftermarket solutions. The company’s solutions improve automated driving systems by optimally balancing performance, accuracy, hardware constraints and price.
    C2A Security
    C2A Security is the first DevSecOps Platform provider that addresses the specific needs of car makers and mobility companies. C2A Security transforms cybersecurity from being a company-wide limitation to a business value multiplier through advanced security automation and compliance to shorten software release times and decrease costs.
    Caaresys develops an automotive passenger monitoring system, based on contactless, low-emission radio frequency (RF) radar. The compact rf radar can be integrated anywhere in the car such as in the seat, dashboard, head console headliner, or in the mirror. Caresys’s solution monitors driver and passenger biometrics. it utilizes biometrics to detect the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant.
    Callisto (Callisto Beijing Technology Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in automotive safety technology. Founded by a knowledgeable team with a passion for cybersecurity, they leverage artificial intelligence and expert insights to develop efficient solutions for automotive security. Callisto provides cybersecurity support to leading companies in the smart car, autonomous driving, and advanced driver assistance systems sectors. With their expertise and commitment to safety, Callisto contribut...
    Capricode Oy provides telecommunications software solutions for enterprises, service providers, and vendors in Finland and internationally. The company focuses on mobile device management and computer telephony integration communications solutions. It offers SyncShield, a mobile device management solution for companies and resellers. Capricode Oy was formerly known as VengiTech Oy and later SyncShield and changed its name to Capricode Oy in 2004.
    Car IQ
    Car IQ Inc. develops and operates as a cloud-based vehicle management platform and payment gateway for auto dealer groups, car-sharing clients, and autonomous drivers. It offers an automotive-grade payment solution that enables users to initiate payments directly from the vehicle without the use of credit cards. It offers HF sinclair refining and marketing to fleet payment platform. The company’s platform uses sensor data from the car and enables vehicles to connect to services and provide rep...
    CARFIT Corp specializes in automotive technology, particularly in the field of predictive maintenance for vehicles. They are known for developing solutions that use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to monitor and assess the condition of vehicles, helping to predict and prevent potential issues.
    CarMedialab, situated in the technology hub of Karlsruhe, specializes in electromobility solutions. Their expertise in the automotive industry drives the development of cutting-edge software for vehicles, charging stations, and sustainable local public transport. With a mission to empower clients in delivering exceptional mobility products and services, comprehensive support is offered throughout the entire product life cycle. CarMedialab's software ensures global charging station functionality ...
    Carmera builds high definition (HD), fully regenerative maps for autonomous vehicles. The company focuses on end-to-end map regeneration from detection to delivery. Carmera’s maps are built to support localization, perception and planning decisions of autonomous vehicles. the company relies on crowdsourcing and remote sensing to capture changes at street level.
    cARscan develops and offers mobile app to records visible condition of the car. It provides cARscan, an augmented reality-based mobile app to record the car condition and cARtag, mobile app that provides quotes and car condition validation from industry experts in near real-time.
    Charge Zone
    Tecso ChargeZone (P) Ltd. develops and offers internet-of-things (IoT) technology solutions and cloud computing services to provide on-demand charging services. Its platform allows drivers of electric vehicles to find charging stations and book them online. The company's platform manages an individual or group of charging stations and provides charging station management, user management, station management, business intelligence, dashboard, and MIS reports.
    ChargeLab builds OCPP-compliant software for managing EV charging stations. The startup supplies back-end software solutions that power North America's leading EV charger manufacturers, turnkey installers, and network operators. ChargeLab’s core product is a cloud-based charging station management system (CSMS). It also provides apps for EV drivers, dashboards for fleet managers and site hosts, and open APIs for integration with third-party systems.
    Chargemap offers a map to find charging stations in Europe. The company also offers chargemap pass with which EV drivers can charge on many charging networks partners using a single badge.
    Charging Network technology is a leading integrated service provider in the electric vehicle industry , providing comprehensive product, technology and value-added service solutions for charging operators, vehicle operators, pile factories, automobile manufacturers and Commercial Real estate, etc.
    Chargetrip is accelerating the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility. Built by engineers, but governed by nature.
    Chargex is a Munich-based startup, which develops advanced charging solutions for EVs. It offers future-proof charging solutions with tailored hardware and software, flexible extensions, intelligent charging prioritization, patented security and support.
    CHRG Network
    CHRG network has developed a software platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their charging stations. Driver app allows to find, book, and pay for access to charging stations.
    Cipia Vision
    Cipia Vision, formerly known as eyesight technologies, specializes in computer Vision artificial intelligence (AI) for in-vehicle driver and cabin sensing. The company has developed driver sense, a driver monitoring system; cabin sense, an interior and occupant monitoring system and fleet sense, a driver monitoring solution for fleets. The technology behind these solutions utilizes computer vision, deep learning and AI to enhance the driving experience. These solutions allow customers to optimiz...
    Civil Maps
    Civil Maps, a geospatial technology company, offers an artificial intelligence based mapping solutions that enables computers to interpret and act on the physical world. The company operates as an on-demand perception and actuation technology company. It serves heavy-industry and governmental customers; Fortune 100 clients; and customers in electrical utilities, oil and gas, solar, telecommunications, transportation, rail, forestry, and more markets. The company is based in Berkeley, California....
    Claytex is a consultancy, developer and distributor of modelling and simulation solutions for systems engineering.
    Clearmotion specializes in proactive ride system that aims to transform the way a car rides and handles. The Company's solution replaces a car's shock absorbers with powerful, highly responsive software and actuators that pull/push each wheel. In 2017, Clearmotion acquired Bose's Active Motion Control Business, Project Sound Activation and other predictive road sensing software.
    CloudCar Inc. Develops cloud based technology for automobile manufacturers. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Santa Clara, California with additional locations in Le Parq, France; Stuttgart, Germany; and Xi-so, China.
    CloudMade aims to create the building blocks and business logic that help the automotive industry connect the dots on every human journey. Its intelligent mobility solution is used by car makers to transform their car and mobility user experiences, making them simpler, safer, and more profitable. Over the last 10 years, the company has built a machine learning solution uniquely suited to automotive and mobility use cases; run hundreds of programs with car makers; and delivered cars, apps, and co...
    Cognata supplies large-scale automotive simulation for the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle markets.
    Cohda Wireless
    Cohda Wireless offers safe vehicle and connected vehicle design solutions for public safety, outdoor, and automotive wireless-based systems. The company focussed only on the V2X market, offering five generations of V2X radio modules. Its V2X products dominate field trails and deployments, with more than 60 percent of vehicles involved in V2X trials globally incorporating Cohda products, and have undergone one million vehicle days of testing as a result.
    Commsignia specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of cooperative intelligent transportation systems. The company’s product line includes a V2X Communication Software Stack and its security stack implementation, Hybrid V2X/ADAS Safety Applications, a V2X Simulator, On-Board Units (OBU) and Roadside Units(RSU).
    Compredict offers an artificial intelligence–driven solution to predict failures of automotive components in series-production vehicles.
    Conigital Ltd offers integrated transport automation software. The company’s software include ConICAV, an integrated solution to improve asset management, customer experience, and operational efficiency; ConAV, a vehicle automation solution; ConAPP, a passenger mobility application that provides passengers and operators with access to automated vehicle services on their mobile devices; ConOP, an operational asset management platform; CONNIE, an in-vehicle concierge, infotainment, and entertain...
    Corage formerly known as Shenzhen Langtong Zhuoxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a L4 autonomous driving company in the industry that focuses on dedicated freight lines, and clearly implements the strategy of New Energy. It has launched L4 new energy commercial vehicles with dedicated freight lines in Guangdong, Chongqing and other places project operation.
    CorrActions provides a software-only, motion based, driver monitoring product. CorrActions uses unconscious, uncontrollable, muscular submovements to monitor brain activity. By tracking these movements from sources like steering wheels or smartphones, CorrActions can detect a wide range of cognitive states.​ CorrActions enables OEM's and Tier 1s and Fleets and mobility operators to understand drivers’ cognitive states and take action. Accurate, robust, and simple to intergrate in-cabin monit...
    CU-BX Automotive
    Continuse Biometrics (Cu-Bx) Automotive specialises in contact-free health monitoring. The company’s proprietary advanced sensing combined with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities delivers actionable insights that improve quality of life. Cu-Bx holds 15 patents families and 25 registered patents. The company’s patented nano-vibration motion detection provides the most accurate solution to measures key vitals, stress and overall well-being indicators. Cu-Bx'S solution can be used as a s...
    Cube Intelligence
    CUBE, autonomous Vehicles Security Platform based on Blockchain autonomous cars rely heavily on wireless communication techniques, such as vehicle-to-vehicle, navigation route information, GPS, and other driving data. Autonomous cars continuously communicate with various sites to remotely monitor their internal and outside states. These various network accesses increase the risk of malicious attacks on autonomous vehicles. Cube solves the problem of these autonomous vehicles security by using bl...
    Curium pte. Ltd. Develops automated calibration software for autonomous vehicles. Its solution performs Continuous Dynamic Calibration across multiple sensor types, such as Lidar, radar, and cameras to ensure complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data and enabling AI modules to make accurate decisions. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Singapore.
    CY Vision
    CY Vision Inc. designs and develops computational holographic display technology that enables the use of holography for display solutions powering Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The company’s solutions integrate with the existing sensor system and generate the same information to the human eyes as a natural 3D scene generates with all the visual depth cues. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in San Jose, California.
    Cybellum Technologies Ltd. develops and maintains secure connected products. Its Cyber Digital Twins platform transforms product security at scale to proactively secure connected devices. It enables risk assessment and vulnerability management without accessing the device. Cybellum Technologies Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc.
    Cymotive Technologies Ltd. develops cyber security solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive suppliers. The company designs multilayered car-security architecture and develops security solutions for in-vehicle systems, back-end, mobile services, and connected functions. Cymotive Technologies Ltd.
    Deeplite is an AI software company dedicated to enabling ai for everyday life. Deeplite uses AI to automatically make other AI models faster, smaller and more energy-efficient creating highly compact, high-performance deep neural networks for deployment on edge devices such as cameras, sensors, drones, phones and vehicles.
    Deeproute is developing level 4 full stack autonomous driving solutions. The system includes all key parts of autonomous driving technology including sensing, HD map, perception, planning and control, simulation system and cloud platform. Deeproute is collaborating with OEMs and mobility partners to achieve the commercialization of autonomous driving.
    Driivz is a digital software supplier to EV operators and service providers. Its intelligent cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service tools.
    DSP Concepts
    DSP Concepts, Inc. Develops and provides audio development tools and ip for creators of audio-enabled products. It offers Audio Weaver, a cross-platform Audio-processing engine for embedded processors that includes a library of Audio building-blocks that are used to build and deliver Audio-features for various products. The company also provides TalkTo, a suite of proprietary machine learning and microphone processing algorithms that delivers a quiet room experience in the noisy and unpredictabl...
    Dynamic Map Platform
    Dynamic Map Platform provides high-accuracy three-dimensional (3D) map data for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. The company was founded as a planning company in 2016 and later transitioned to a business company, Funded by Incj Ltd, in 2017. Dynamic Map Platform strengthened its global presence in HD mapping with the acquisition of us-based startup, Ushr, which has extensive mapping experience In North America, in 2019.
    Eatron Technologies
    Eatron Technologies Ltd develops intelligent software products for automotive original equipment manufacturers worldwide. It offers a battery management system and an intelligent motion software solution. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Warwick, United Kingdom with an additional office in Istanbul, Turkey.
    ECARX co., Ltd. Manufactures vehicle chip-sets, 4G powered intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, hd map, big data, and IoV cloud products. It also develops connected platform for automotive companies.
    Eccocar Sharing
    Eccocar Sharing, S.L. develops software-as-a-service platform to manage, share, control, and optimize fleet of cars and vans. One of its offerings is eccocar4business, a corporate car sharing solution, which allows employees to reserve, manage, and access vehicles that the company puts at their disposal with an application.
    EcoG is a supplier of advance charge controller solutions and is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for EVs. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specializes in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily.
    EdgeCortix Co., Ltd. develops solutions that automates machine learning driven hardware design for an intelligent distributed edge ecosystem. Its software platform automates hardware aware neural architecture search and chip design-space exploration. The company's solutions can be deployed as real-time AI solutions in applications, such as autonomous driving, industrial robotics, camera systems and healthcare.
    Edgetensor offers scalable AI for all edge devices in mobility and other fields.
    Electra Vehicles
    Electra Vehicles, Inc. designs and develops dual chemistry battery and artificial intelligence (AI) software. It provides EnPower, a software optimized for a dual-energy storage system approach powered by intelligent controls; and EVE.Ai control algorithms that optimize the performance of electric systems through intelligent controls. It enables electric vehicle companies to quickly design and compare several energy storage system specifications and evaluate multi-chemistry or battery-ultracapac...
    EMabler create a more sustainable future by making emobility more accessible with its Api-First electric vehicle charging platform. Its cloud-native & cost-efficient platform with custom apis enables to control, manage and scale EV charging business and provide a better user experience.
    eMatrix Energy
    eMatrix Energy Systems is a leading provider of innovative energy storage solutions, specializing in advanced battery systems for various applications. With a strong commitment to sustainability and efficiency, the company aims to revolutionize the way energy is stored and utilized. Their cutting-edge technologies and expertise in energy management enable customers to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and optimize energy consumption. Through collaboration with customers and a focus on...
    Emuron Technologies
    Emuron Technologies, based in India, is a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for the digital era. With a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, Emuron Technologies empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age. Their comprehensive range of services includes software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and digital transformation consulting.
    Energsoft Inc. is a business-to-business software subscription for medium-size companies working on battery data. Energsoft software as a service improves battery value and profitability. The platform enables charging strategy optimizations, prognostics, and operations. Faster supplier qualification, faster product launch, reduced production ramp time, increased production yield, predictive maintenance, and optimized testing. The software cleans data and extracts insights from the electrochemica...
    Enervalis developed a unique platform for the smart control of energy carriers such as electric cars and their charging facilities, HVAC installations, heat pumps, boilers and batteries based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The system gives the user insight into energy flows and controls and optimizes the energy carriers to save costs, but also to increase comfort in homes and to be able to purchase energy in a smart way.
    Enigmatos is a pioneering entity in the field of cybersecurity solutions, specializing in fleet management. The company's state-of-the-art, globally patented technology turns raw in-vehicle data into actionable intelligence. This process enhances cybersecurity protection and boosts operational visibility across the board. Enigmatos' technology is adept at analyzing all in-vehicle data and constructing a detailed vehicle profile, which is instrumental in identifying potential suspicious cyber act...
    ENIO GmbH develops and distributes software for e-mobility infrastructure, as well as for the control and billing of services with electric devices throughout Europe. The startup supplies hardware, firmware and software to plan, build and run electric mobility infrastructure. Its customers include Telecom companies, residential developers, municipalities, energy providers and retail companies. The startup has a network of more than 6,000 charging points across Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and ...
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