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    Does the acquisition of Arm give NVIDIA the keys to autonomous driving?
    US-based NVIDIA’s announced agreement to acquire UK-based Arm from SoftBank is a significant development for automotive electronics. Arm brings CPU intellectual property (IP) expertise that has enabled low-powered, embedded solutions, and NVIDIA’s graphics processing unit (GPU) IP expertise has ...
    Mainland China’s mobility service market to drive demand for autonomous driving technology
    Since the first autonomous car competition organized by the US Department of Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in 2004, the United States has been at the center stage of autonomous driving. Alphabet’s Google Self-Driving Car Project, which later became an independent company called Waymo, w...
    14-Aug-2020 Insights Technology Trends Pinned
    Global Ambient Lighting Market – Industry Trends and Forecast
    With strict, industry-wide norms applied practically across the entire automotive sector, differentiation is becoming challenging for automakers. One area in which carmakers are recognizing opportunities to stand out from their competitors is interior lighting. In the early 1990s, the average car ha...
    14-Sep-2020 Report Lighting Featured
    Impact of Autonomous Driving on Lighting Technologies
    The global automotive market has witnessed the impact of autonomous driving on fundamental components of a vehicle. As we gradually head toward the foreseeable future with autonomous cars, both exterior and interior lighting systems have shifted from traditional lamps to intelligent lights, which in...
    27-May-2020 Report Lighting
    High Definition Headlamp Technology
    High-resolution vehicle headlamps are the technological way to illuminate the road area to intelligently increase safety and comfort. By using the density of pixel and matrix LED’s segment, lighting systems are providing ever more synergy with projection/display systems as their function is evolvi...
    30-Mar-2020 Report Lighting
    The Advanced Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems
    Keeping the future in sight, OEMs and suppliers are making considerable efforts to predict and design the lighting systems of tomorrow, where occupants will demand flexibility and have time for more interaction as the car becomes self-driven. Factors responsible for this transformation are the use o...
    28-Jan-2020 Report Lighting
    Automotive OLED lighting
    OEMs are using the newer light sources of LED and OLED to enhance the style and performance of rear designs. Development of such modules has provided vehicles with elements that, in time, will serve as brand identifiers. This report provides an insight into uptake, techniques and major stakeholde...
    05-Jun-2019 Report Lighting
    Lighting Regulatory Environment
    The introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has transformed the automotive lighting industry by introducing new style and convenience features to entice prospective buyers. Automakers are using the same technology with different approaches; for instance, Mercedes-Benz and Audi use advanc...
    10-Apr-2019 Report Lighting
    New light sources: Redefining lighting industry
    All research in this report is based on the 2018 IHS Markit Global Lighting Sector Forecast that covers global and regional growth of light sources such as halogen, xenon, light-emitting diode (LED), organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and laser, along with technology, customer, and supplier analys...
    07-Nov-2018 Report Lighting
    Lighting Industry shifting towards sensor technology
    All research in this report is based on the 2017 IHS Markit Global Lighting Sector Forecast that covers global and regional growth of the lighting industry in supporting ADAS systems, along with technology, customer, and supplier analysis. The report provides an understanding of the changing role...
    12-Oct-2018 Report Lighting
    Front Lighting ECU Trends
    Electronic systems such as safety systems and lighting systems contribute to about 80–90% of all modern-car innovations. With continuous adoption of automotive technology and lighting components, headlights and taillights have gone through a substantial change in functionality and design; these li...
    21-May-2018 Report Lighting
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