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    Unlocking the potential of aluminum in BIW components in mainland China
    The use of aluminum in automotive Body-in-White (BIW) construction offers advantages such as weight reduction, corrosion resistance, higher specific stiffness, formability, design flexibility, and reduced noise and vibration. This report considers how automakers in mainland China are redefining BIW structures with aluminum.
    Exploring brake-by-wire adoption and hurdles
    This report examines market drivers, evaluates current and emerging technologies, and forecasts future market conditions for brake-by-wire systems. It also assesses original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, focusing on their market positions, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities.
    Auto China 2024 - Show report
    The event was held at an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, attracting more than 892,000 visitors (including 28,000 international attendees) and over 1,500 exhibiting companies that showcased 278 new energy models, among other exhibits.
    ADAS: From optional to essential technologies throughout the vehicle
    This report examines the evolution of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies and their impact on the automotive industry, broken down into 11 vehicle domains for better understanding.
    Automotive front lighting systems
    Our latest report on Automotive front lighting systems offers a detailed overview of how front lights in vehicles are becoming increasingly important for ensuring safer driving and creating brand- or model-specific design.
    Changing role of rear lighting in vehicles
    Our latest report on Changing role of rear lighting in vehicles offers a detailed overview of how rear lighting is becoming increasingly important for vehicle manufacturers in designing next-generation vehicles.
    CES 2024 - Auto Show Report
    More than 135,000 visitors travelled to Las Vegas for CES 2024, including S&P Global Mobility analysts who have detailed all the key themes and showcases in this report.
    Adaptive driving beam headlamp and projection lighting
    Our latest report on Adaptive driving beam headlamp and projection lighting offers a detailed analysis of these two key technologies in automotive lighting. The report uses S&P Global Mobility component forecasts for headlights, which are true as of Dec. 30, 2023.
    Interior lighting: Elevating the in-vehicle experience
    Automakers have intensified focus to deliver higher in-vehicle experience to drivers and fellow passengers as modern vehicles transition from just a mode of transportation to the third living space after home and office. They are equipping new vehicles with better quality interiors, including seats and other trim components. In addition, automakers are using lights to illuminate the interiors of their next-generation vehicles to deliver higher onboard user experience. For years, automakers of...
    Supplying vehicle lighting - Supplier strategy
    Lighting suppliers are taking several strategic initiatives, including acquisitions, joint venture (JV) partnerships, and investments in new products and technologies, as well as in production capacity, to position themselves better to serve the expected surge in the demand for lighting solutions. Our latest report on “Supplying vehicle lighting – Supplier strategy” offers comprehensive details of strategy followed by key lighting suppliers.
    Vehicle lighting under the impact of electrification
    Electrification has emerged as the biggest megatrend of the automotive industry. Automakers are scrambling to launch new EVs in response to tightening vehicle emission rules, which can only be met once the product lineup is substantially electrified. The impact of electrification is not limited to the electric drivetrains but also to other areas in vehicles including chassis and underbody, interior and lighting.
    IAA Mobility 2023
    More than half a million visitors descended upon this year’s International Mobility Show (IAA). The event played host to more than 300 world premieres and innovations. Around 750 exhibitors travelled from 38 territories, with Greater China having a large presence at the event.
    How exterior illumination promises to redefine vehicle design
    Lighting’s role in vehicles is growing. For several years, automakers equipped vehicles with lighting systems such as headlights and taillights with sole purpose of ensuring safer driving. Of late, lighting systems have also become a key tool for designing vehicles which look stylish and distinct from rivals. Lighting is now the new chrome in vehicles. Our latest report on “How exterior illumination promises to redefine vehicle design” analyses the changing role of automotive lighting s...
    Auto Shanghai 2023 - Show Report
    This year marked the 20th anniversary show for Auto Shanghai. It was held on April 18-27, 2023 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai. More than 1,400 vehicles were showcased including 300 new models. The Show was also the platform for around 100 global vehicle debuts and attracted 906,000 visitors.
    Lighting sources: From conventional bulbs to LEDs and beyond
    This report analyzes how various light sources such as halogen lamps, xenon lamps, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are changing and how these changes are helping vehicle manufacturers to offer more advanced lighting systems in their vehicles. The report also explores the next-generation light sources that the automotive industry is considering, which will not only help make new vehicles safer but also look stylish and stand out from competition. Automotive lighting has undergone massive changes ov...
    Automotive Show Report - India Auto Expo 2023
    The 2023 Auto Expo's components edition was held from 12-15 January and recorded participation of over 800 companies and 115,000 visitors, while the vehicle show was held from 13-18 January and was attended by 636,743 visitors. Among the major passenger car manufacturers in India, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Tata Motors, Toyota, BYD, and MG Motor showcased new models and concepts.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2023
    CES 2023 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-8, in both in-person and digital formats. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that CES 2023 saw over 115,000 industry attendees, with over 3200+ companies (including 1,000 startups) exhibiting, making it the largest audited global technology event since early 2020.
    Lighting systems regulations and market outlook tracker - 2022
    The lighting systems regulations and market outlook tracker enlists automotive lighting regulations in key countries/regions and offers our forecasts for major lighting systems in these markets.
    Ambient lighting: Improving cabin comfort
    In 2009, a combined study by BMW engineers and the Lighting Engineering Group at Germany’s Ilmenau University of Technology revealed that ambient lighting enhances a driver’s perception of a vehicle’s interior. Such lights, offered in a variety of colors and color combinations, intensify space perception enhance perceived quality of materials and design, and contributes to safer driving. Ambient lights also help drivers see various control functions in the cabin better.    The...
    Lighting and its influences on vehicle design
    Automotive lighting systems have always played a critical role in ensuring safer driving. Over the years, automakers have added new lighting functions and features to help drivers safely operate vehicles at night. However, in addition to improving safety, lighting systems have now emerged as an important design tool to create distinctive looks that set vehicles apart from their competitors. Today’s automakers are equipping new vehicles with stylish headlights, taillights, daytime running li...
    Lighting for future connected and automated vehicles
    Rising focus on connectivity and autonomous driving, along with electrification is leading to major changes, not only in the way today’s vehicles are designed, developed, and produced, but also in how they are driven and utilized for mobility. These megatrends are impacting all key areas of a vehicle, including its lighting systems. Automakers are introducing new lighting features and functionalities, which not only contribute to safer driving, but also result in better design and styling of t...
    How lighting can be used to increase safety
    Automakers have been equipping vehicles with headlamps, taillamps, and auxiliary lamps to ensure safer driving, especially at night, for more than 100 years. A vehicle’s headlamps brighten the road ahead to help drivers get clear visibility, while its taillamps help drivers of other vehicles to notice the presence of this vehicle on the road. In addition to headlamps and taillamps, automakers equip vehicles with auxiliary lights, such as turn signal lights, daytime running lights (DRLs), and f...
    Automotive chip shortage: the new normal?
    As part of the 2022 New Year's Briefing, IHS Markit has compiled a presentation around analysis of its latest automotive semiconductor demand and capacity forecast.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2022
    CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-7, with around 400,000 visitors, 744 exhibitors, and 936 speakers.
    Changing dynamics of rear lighting
    A vehicle’s rear lights serve the single most critical function of letting road users (including the vehicle drivers following behind) know its presence on the road, especially when driving during night. Such lights also contribute to safer driving by letting road users know the driver’s maneuvers, such as slowing down, stopping, reversing, changing lanes, and turning left or right at the traffic signal. Fitment of rear lights in vehicles is mandatory in almost all countries. In addition ...
    Imagining the ‘Apple Car’
    While Apple is yet to confirm or deny exploring vehicle development under the codename Project Titan, also referred as Chromium, a vast array of automotive stakeholders and commentators have been inquisitive of what may materialize from the so-called ‘Apple Car.’ Due to the secrecy around Apple’s car venture, a lot remains unknown or unconfirmed about the project from the manufacturing location(s), potential partners, and projected volume. This research note ...
    OEM-supplier strategies for lighting
    Lighting systems have always been critical components in vehicles as they illuminate the road to help drivers during night-time driving. They also act as effective communication tools for the driver of a vehicle to let other road users, including the drivers of other vehicles, know its intended actions such as changing lanes and directions, braking, and stopping. In addition to higher safety, lighting components also play a key role in enhancing the exterior design and appeal of vehicles. Aut...
    Automotive Show Report - IAA Mobility
    IAA Mobility 2021 took place in Munich, Germany, from September 7-12.
    Global ambient lighting report and forecast
    With strict, industry-wide norms applied practically across the entire automotive sector, differentiation is becoming challenging for automakers. One area in which carmakers are recognizing opportunities to stand out from their competitors is interior lighting. In the early 1990s, the average car had only four interior lights—all incandescent. Today, vehicles have developed into the “third living space,” with personalized interiors helping drivers gain a sense of orientation and free space...
    Adaptive lighting systems - Technology and market trends
    This report provides a broad understanding of adaptive lighting technologies: pixel /segment demand in the market . It also delves on the demand outlook for this system, their main suppliers and users, and the main market drivers at a global and regional level. Over the past few years, automotive lighting has evolved from a primary, functional feature to a distinctive feature with high-value potential in the industry, especially exterior lighting, which can profoundly impact both technology a...
    Automotive Show Report - Shanghai
    The Auto Shanghai 2021 was the 19th International Automobile Industry Exhibition and took place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai in China from 19-28 April 2021.
    Lighting - From vision to driving assistance
    Automakers are leveraging newer light sources, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), to open new horizons in lighting style and performance. They have provided vehicles with radical design elements that eventually identify their respective brands. While such design changes are at different stages of development and implementation across markets, industry players are also active in developing next-generation lighting products that are more energy-efficien...
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2021
    This report highlights high-level themes represented at the show and summarizes announcement details by company with key insights for how the technologies presented impact automotive and technology strategies and industries.
    Automotive Show Report - Beijing 2020
    The focus of the 2020 Beijing Motor Show were intelligent cars and alternative drive systems. All renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as numerous startups participated in the 2020 show. 
    Impact of Autonomous Driving on Lighting Technologies
    The global automotive market has witnessed the impact of autonomous driving on fundamental components of a vehicle. As we gradually head toward the foreseeable future with autonomous cars, both exterior and interior lighting systems have shifted from traditional lamps to intelligent lights, which includes the use of electronics and software. It all started with the introduction of light-emitting diode (LED), followed by adaptive front functions, and now digital technologies. This report provi...
    High Definition Headlamp Technology
    High-resolution vehicle headlamps are the technological way to illuminate the road area to intelligently increase safety and comfort. By using the density of pixel and matrix LED’s segment, lighting systems are providing ever more synergy with projection/display systems as their function is evolving toward communication, like projecting information onto the road. Matrix or Pixel light headlamps are not restricted to either pure low-beam functionality or pure high beam but are selectively sw...
    Spring Automotive Client Briefing - Europe - Presentations
    These presentations were given at the 2020 IHS Markit Spring Automotive Client Briefing - Europe (webinar) on  EV Charging Infrastructure and Connected Car.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2020
    This report highlights high-level themes represented at the show and summarizes announcement details by company with key insights for how the technologies presented impact automotive and technology strategies and industries.
    Automotive Show Report - Los Angeles
    The Los Angeles (LA) Auto Show is an annual car show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in late November or early December.
    Automotive Show Report - Tokyo
    The theme of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show was “Open Future” focusing on cutting edge futuristic technologies including future mobility, flying cars, next-generation personalized mobility, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and new energy-based vehicles.
    Fall Automotive Client Briefing - Detroit - Presentations
    These presentations were given at the 2019 IHS Markit Fall Automotive Client Briefing in Detroit, Michigan.
    Automotive Show Report - Frankfurt
    The 2019 International Motor Show (IAA) took place at Frankfurt Am Main from 10–22 September 2019.
    Automotive OLED lighting
    OEMs are using the newer light sources of LED and OLED to enhance the style and performance of rear designs. Development of such modules has provided vehicles with elements that, in time, will serve as brand identifiers. This report provides an insight into uptake, techniques and major stakeholders within the sector. Plus:  Analysis of OLED growth and trends  Outline of design and integration techniques  Insight into major OLED suppliers and OEMs  Reveals curre...
    Automotive Show Report - New York
    The 2019 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) took place at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, the US from 19–28 April 2019.
    Lighting Regulatory Environment
    The introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has transformed the automotive lighting industry by introducing new style and convenience features to entice prospective buyers. Automakers are using the same technology with different approaches; for instance, Mercedes-Benz and Audi use advanced lighting while retaining their brand attributes, with Mercedes-Benz maintaining optimum vision through its DIGITAL LIGHT strategy, and Audi further improving vision by using laser and LED technolog...
    Automotive Show Report - Geneva
    The 2019 Geneva show was majorly focused around future trends for the automotive industry and conceptual technologies—electrification of vehicles and connected mobility, driverless vehicles, packages of digital services, and transportation services.
    Automotive Show Report - NAIAS
    The 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) took place at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States from 12-27 January 2019.
    Automotive Show Report - CES
    The annual CES continues to host the world’s automotive innovators to highlight the most cutting-edge technologies the industry can offer.
    Automotive Show Report - Los Angeles
    The Los Angeles (LA) Auto Show is an annual car show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in late November or early December.
    New light sources: Redefining lighting industry
    All research in this report is based on the 2018 IHS Markit Global Lighting Sector Forecast that covers global and regional growth of light sources such as halogen, xenon, light-emitting diode (LED), organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and laser, along with technology, customer, and supplier analysis. The report provides an understanding of the factors pushing demand for LED, OLED, and laser technology across the globe and the challenges facing automotive lighting systems at global and regional...
    Lighting Industry shifting towards sensor technology
    All research in this report is based on the 2017 IHS Markit Global Lighting Sector Forecast that covers global and regional growth of the lighting industry in supporting ADAS systems, along with technology, customer, and supplier analysis. The report provides an understanding of the changing role of lighting systems with increasing autonomy levels and the challenges facing the automotive lighting industry at global and regional levels. The following are the focus areas of this detailed rep...
    Front Lighting ECU Trends
    Electronic systems such as safety systems and lighting systems contribute to about 80–90% of all modern-car innovations. With continuous adoption of automotive technology and lighting components, headlights and taillights have gone through a substantial change in functionality and design; these lighting components combine high performance with safety, low-energy consumption, and aesthetics. A critical element for vehicle lighting systems is their performance on the road. This system needs t...
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