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    COVID-19 Impact Survey: Automotive Semiconductors Survey Results
    COVID-19 Impact Survey: Automotive Semiconductor Survey Results
    01-May-2020 Report E/E and Semiconductor Pinned Featured
    COVID-19 pandemic: Automotive Supplier Plant Downtime Tracker
    Click the link above to download 'COVID-19 pandemic: Automotive Supplier Plant Downtime Tracker'
    06-Apr-2020 Insights COVID-19 Pinned
    The Automotive Turbochargers Report
    Turbocharging, once largely the domain of high-performance, sophisticated engine configurations, is now a key powertrain component technology for a wide range of vehicle applications and segments. In the past, the major design requirement encouraging the use of forced induction in performance vehicl...
    Automotive Exhaust and Aftertreatment Report
    The ICE as a pure source of power would soon no longer be the choice of powertrain design. ICEs will, in the short to medium term, venture into some form of hybrid and range extender platform for mainstream applications. WLTP is currently the standard test cycle for the EU market and is directing em...
    Advanced transmission & driveline technologies
    There has been tremendous development in the field of automotive transmissions over the past two decades, some of which include an increased speed number, expanded ratio spread, and improved efficiency and actuation quality. Electrification of automotive transmissions is the current strategy among v...
    The Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technologies Report
    The global automotive industry continues to face a series of long-term challenges as vehicle ownership is projected to double over the next 25 years. A combination of growing population and increased wealth in emerging markets will be the main drivers of vehicle demand. Reflecting these trends, all ...
    Exhaust Sensor Report - 2019
    The market for exhaust sensors will grow as a result of increasingly stringent emissions regulations and tough market forces that dictate cleaner vehicles under all operation conditions, along with tougher tests to make sure the newly certified vehicles adhere to standards under real driving conditi...
    20-Nov-2019 Report
    The Automotive Valvetrain Report
    With increasing vehicle volumes, governments are implementing stringent emission regulations across continents. Automakers are increasingly focusing on developing new technologies or improving existing technologies under the hood to not only reduce emissions but improve vehicle performance. The comb...
    The Torque Management Device Report
    Reducing emissions and improving fuel economy have become the focus areas for automakers while developing drive solutions. Along with that, the modern drivetrains are also expected to offer comfortable and dynamic driving experience. Consequently, driveline systems are expected to house features tha...
    Alternative Fuels: CNG & LPG
    Increasing concerns regarding air pollution, climate change, and depleting oil resources are bringing AAFs to the forefront. In the search for alternative sources of propulsion, researchers around the world have developed capable competencies in areas such as electrification, alternative fuels, hybr...
    Powertrain Systems - Engine Contribution to Lightweighting
    The powertrain system in a vehicle basically comprises the engine and transmission systems. The engine system is responsible for generating power and torque through the combustion of fuel while the transmission system uses the power/torque of the engine to move the vehicle at different desired speed...
    11-Sep-2018 Report
    Mild Hybridization & 48V
    A hybrid system of 48V is termed a mild hybrid. It combines an electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine, resulting in an average 10% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is made possible through braking energy recuperation and stop-start coastin...
    05-Feb-2018 Report
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