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    COVID-19 Impact Survey: Automotive Semiconductors Survey Results
    COVID-19 Impact Survey: Automotive Semiconductor Survey Results
    01-May-2020 Report E/E and Semiconductor Pinned Featured
    COVID-19 pandemic: Automotive Supplier Plant Downtime Tracker
    Click the link above to download 'COVID-19 pandemic: Automotive Supplier Plant Downtime Tracker'
    06-Apr-2020 Insights COVID-19 Pinned
    Technologies driving seat comfort
    What originated as a stationary, spring, and padding-covered component—designed with the intent only to provide a surface for occupants to sit—has evolved into a comfort statement in modern vehicles. Car seats have undergone significant innovations over time, especially considering that the stan...
    Instrument Panel Report and Forecast
    Instrument panels (IP), commonly known as dashboards, were initially mounted on horse-drawn carriages. With a primary aim of protecting the coachman or driver from debris thrown up by horse’s hooves. These dashboards, as the name suggests, were plain wooden boards. While the primary function of th...
    Autonomous driving implications on seats
    The yesteryears of the automotive component industry were governed by limited functionality and design. With minimal or no technology penetration, component development was majorly driven by the mechanical outlook that gradually paved the way for technology inroads. For instance, seating systems, wh...
    Autonomous driving implications on Instrument Panel
    The manufacturing sector globally is on the cusp of another ‘disruption’ driven primarily by technology. The automotive industry, being no different, has been at the receiving end of the technology penetration and we are already witnessing new inroads leading to the vehicles of tomorrow. Within ...
    Global Door Trim Panel Report
    As an intrinsic component of the cockpit, door trim panels provide multiple functions to the evolving car interiors of today. Responsible for a number of critical functions—including occupant protection, curbing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels, and functioning as a casing for door ele...
    The Global Seat Assembly Report and Forecast
    The automotive industry has been on a progressive voyage since its inception, adapting to the various shifts in process and technology over time. From the early coachbuilding days to when Ford introduced the assembly line practice in the early 1900s for series production, the “automobile” has un...
    Seat Value Chain Mapping
    When it comes to manufacturing, the automotive industry is one of the prime examples of a sophisticated production network simplified to perform complex tasks to build quality products for consumers. As one of the early adopters of innovative production processes, such as the acclaimed “assembly l...
    Leather in Automotive Interiors
    Once considered to be the epitome of in-cabin luxury and accessible to only a handful of affluent car buyers, leather has come a long way as an upholstery material of choice in today’s automotive interiors. Owing to commercialization and advancement in the leather-making process, the global footpr...
    27-Jan-2017 Report
    The Seating Systems Report
    The Seat Adjuster Forecast describes the tier-1 supplier of the seat adjuster for longitudinal (backwards-forwards) adjustment of the front and rear seats (if applicable), split into manual and power adjusters. The installation volume reflects the number of adjuster sets per seat position (e.g., o...
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