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    Will China drive global alignment in EV battery swap standards?
    China, the largest electric car market in the world, is expected to drive global benchmarks in electric vehicle battery swapping practices, as well as the emerging battery-as-a-service, or BaaS, industry. Neither the EV battery swap model is new nor it was invented in China. However, it is the only ...
    How driving assistance and automation are impacting the steer-by-wire systems market
    The current steering systems market is primarily controlled by low-end, column-motor systems in the entry and lower-midclass vehicle segments and high-end, rack-motor systems in the upper-midclass and premium-class vehicle segments. However, steer-by-wire (SBW) steering systems will dominate the fut...
    ADAS L0 software market tracker - May 2022
    This report provides quantitative software market insights against Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Level zero (L0) applications. The report assesses software development spending against all applicable SAE level software. The report also highlights the key software components’ (software percepti...
    11-May-2022 Tracker Software
    AUTOSAR and its impact on automotive software development
    This report highlights the emerging trend of the Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) standard that aims to address the need for more efficient embedded automotive electronics architecture solutions. This report aims to bring a holistic viewpoint on the AUTOSAR trends and additional forces ...
    05-Apr-2022 Report Software
    In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2022 update
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems
    17-Mar-2022 Tracker Software
    Automotive chip shortage: the new normal?
    As part of the 2022 New Year's Briefing, IHS Markit has compiled a presentation around analysis of its latest automotive semiconductor demand and capacity forecast.
    10-Feb-2022 Report
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2022
    CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-7, with around 400,000 visitors, 744 exhibitors, and 936 speakers.
    19-Jan-2022 Report
    From horsepower to computing power - The new software vehicle age
    This presentation-based brief report illustrated the growing importance of software in the automotive industry and highlights OEMs’ strategic vision and business models related to digital services.
    08-Dec-2021 Report Software
    Application software market tracker
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment application software, including, design and development costs by application type.
    01-Nov-2021 Report Software
    In-vehicle-infotainment operating systems market tracker
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems
    01-Nov-2021 Report Software
    Software architecture and complexity report
    This report highlights the growing importance of software development in automotive industries and how the complexity of development has increased owing to these development priorities. This report aims to bring a holistic rendering of the automotive landscape purely in terms of the increasing compl...
    01-Nov-2021 Report Software
    Imagining the ‘Apple Car’
    While Apple is yet to confirm or deny exploring vehicle development under the codename Project Titan, also referred as Chromium, a vast array of automotive stakeholders and commentators have been inquisitive of what may materialize from the so-called ‘Apple Car.’ Due to the sec...
    27-Oct-2021 Report
    Automotive Show Report - IAA Mobility
    IAA Mobility 2021 took place in Munich, Germany, from September 7-12.
    16-Sep-2021 Report
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Case study on growing automotive software complexity
    This report delves into how the vehicle is transforming from a mechanical device to software-driven electronics and where should automotive R&D focus for technology development
    14-Oct-2020 Report
    Infotainment software and applications
    This report explores the growth and importance of infotainment software and smartphone projection-based applications in the automotive industry. The technologies, trends, and forecasts for key infotainment software and applications included in the report are taken from IHS Markit head unit systems (...
    25-Jun-2020 Report
    Automotive Services, Apps, and Software Forecast
    This forecast gives perspectives on how automotive software, apps, and services will develop and which segments are the most important.
    10-Sep-2019 Report
    Automotive Software Platforms
    Hardware components in the car have become more software-driven, and many automakers are openly repositioning themselves as software-based and services-based companies, by providing capabilities such as smartphone-centric applications, consumer-centric infotainment operating systems, and virtual per...
    04-Jan-2019 Report
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