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    Global chessboard of chips: Geopolitical shifts reshaping the automotive semiconductor landscape
    Explore the pivotal role of semiconductors in today's technological landscape and the challenges posed by geopolitical tensions. This report delves into how Mainland China has responded to export bans, uncovering disruptions in the global automotive semiconductor supply chain. Gain valuable insights into the complex interplay between geopolitics and the automotive semiconductor industry.
    Software-defined vehicles: An introduction to the revolution on wheels
    Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) represent the industry's latest megatrend. They are an attempt to reset business models in both vehicle development and in realizing post-sale revenue gains. This reports serves as a cohesive overview of the subject and represents how SDVs should be defined, why they are happening now and what the enablers for SDVs are.
    Global autonomy software application market tracker - 2024 update
    This software market tracker provides market intelligence of the spending on autonomy software technology and applications for level L0, L1, L2 and L2+. Both development and production software spending are captured in this tracker.
    CES 2024 - Auto Show Report
    More than 135,000 visitors travelled to Las Vegas for CES 2024, including S&P Global Mobility analysts who have detailed all the key themes and showcases in this report.
    SDV cloud and edge computing: market outlook
    This software report details the growth and market trends for automotive cloud and edge computing. It also specifies the growing trend of new automotive use cases due to the advances in computing and connectivity. The study outlines the market's size, major participants in the cloud computing space, and OEMs' readiness for cloud-connected vehicles.
    Automotive Cockpit Software: Market Trend Analysis
    This report summarises the cockpit domain and hypervisor software technology growth trend together with market sizing data.
    The automotive ‘Hypervisor’ market of the future
    This software report offers a market overview of the revenue environment and volume growth for automotive hypervisors. A few significant software hypervisor supplier profiles are additionally presented in this article.
    Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2023
    Cybersecurity report supplements cybersecurity market tracker. This report analyses security growth trend and provide key market players and OEM cybersecurity strategy analysis.
    Automotive cybersecurity market tracker - 2023 update
    Cybersecurity tracker provides an overview of volume and revenue of in-vehicle embedded and off-board/cloud security solutions. It depicts cybersecurity data by region and by technology. It offers a summary with Cybersecurity supplier data, solution details and M&A.
    Software-Defined Vehicles: OEMs and OESs transformation strategy analysis
    This report examines how automakers and their supply chains are transforming their operations to focus more on software-defined vehicles and future digitalization services. This report also highlights important investments that are evident in SDV development scenarios.
    Automotive Cybersecurity - Challenges and opportunities in the age of SDV
    This report offers an update on market size estimates for 2023 and summarizes the development growth in automotive cybersecurity in the context of software-defined vehicles. The report additionally outlines the difficulties OEMs have in developing cybersecurity.
    Evaluation of auto companies software-defined vehicles’ R&D growth plans
    SDV R&D growth report offers a marketing-focused review of auto companies R&D investments plan that will help with development and readiness of SDVs. This study examines how relevant companies investments are to SDV readiness and key investment domains.
    IAA Mobility 2023
    More than half a million visitors descended upon this year’s International Mobility Show (IAA). The event played host to more than 300 world premieres and innovations. Around 750 exhibitors travelled from 38 territories, with Greater China having a large presence at the event.
    ADAS L1 Software Tracker - August 2023
    This market tracker provides an overview of the spending on software technology, applications, and development for the L1 application software for the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).
    Evaluation of auto companies' Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) readiness
    As automakers near the end of hardware evolution, the automotive industry is beginning to see a rush of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) press releases from manufacturers. They recognise that SDV gives them access to a new revenue stream, lowers the cost of development, and most significantly, allows vehicles to change over the course of their lives. This means better apps & connection, real-time app updates, increased safety & sustainability, etc.--all in the interest of enhancing the driving ex...
    Auto Shanghai 2023 - Show Report
    This year marked the 20th anniversary show for Auto Shanghai. It was held on April 18-27, 2023 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai. More than 1,400 vehicles were showcased including 300 new models. The Show was also the platform for around 100 global vehicle debuts and attracted 906,000 visitors.
    ADAS L0 application software market tracker - April 2023 update
    This market tracker summarizes the growth and forecasted software development spending against Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) - L0 application software. It also illustrates regional and global analytics against development spending. The forecast period is between 2021 and 2028.
    In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2023 update
    The key difference between March 2022 tracker and this version is the negative trend in OS volume growth. The data clearly illustrates a growing downward trend in all types of Headunit operating system volume and the market will witness an average -2.7% lower growth compared to the previous forecast.
    Software-defined vehicles: Moving digitalization into the fast lane
    This report analyzes how automakers are using harmonized vehicle abstraction and independent software life cycles to increase economies of scale and feature development scope. The success of this development depends on middleware integration, API rollout, and a secure hardware and software separation layer. The industry is witnessing a significant growth in middleware and AUTOSAR spending and revenue. Furthermore, automakers are reinventing the prevailing business model, adopting subscription-ba...
    US chip ban - impact on China and auto sector
    In October 2022, the US announced an expansion of its Foreign Direct Product Rules (FDPR). The policy instrument, first introduced in 1959, came to prominence in 2020 when the US administration used FDPR to disrupt chip supplies to Huawei Technologies. This report examines the ramifications of the FDPR as it applies to semiconductors and the automated driving technologies market.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2023
    CES 2023 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-8, in both in-person and digital formats. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that CES 2023 saw over 115,000 industry attendees, with over 3200+ companies (including 1,000 startups) exhibiting, making it the largest audited global technology event since early 2020.
    Automotive simulation: Market growth picture and landscape analysis
    The S&P Global Mobility automotive simulation report aims to qualify several industry-related questions that have arisen from the surge of CASE (Connected Autonomous, Shared Electric) functional requirements: Who are the dominant players of the automotive simulation market? How will the automotive simulation market change in the next five years? Which function and application will take a lion’s share of the automotive simulation market? What are the drivers and restraints of the automotive...
    Automotive cybersecurity - market trends and growth scenario analysis
    The S&P Global Mobility Cybersecurity 2022 Report provides a comprehensive look at the landscape of cybersecurity threats facing the automotive industry. This report contains qualitative and quantitative analysis of cybersecurity product forecasts, market trends, and technological solutions. It contains information and data forecasts for cybersecurity software and services based on yearly cybersecurity-enabled vehicle unit sales and systems in use. What is new in this report? The S&...
    In-vehicle infotainment application software market tracker - August 2022 update
    This market tracker report provides quantitative software market insights related to in-vehicle infotainment software applications.
    Automotive operating systems—is open source the future?
    This report explores the growth and importance of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) software in the automotive industry. The report primarily focuses on reviewing the many operating systems (OS) and software used by infotainment and telematics modules in today’s cars. The report also mentions hardware systems and related applications but not as the main focus of this report. The report analyzes in detail the growing significance of open-source software and middleware in reducing software time t...
    ADAS L0 software market tracker - May 2022
    This report provides quantitative software market insights against Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Level zero (L0) applications. The report assesses software development spending against all applicable SAE level software. The report also highlights the key software components’ (software perception stack and sensor fusion software) revenue and forecasted growth up to 2027.
    AUTOSAR and its impact on automotive software development
    This report highlights the emerging trend of the Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) standard that aims to address the need for more efficient embedded automotive electronics architecture solutions. This report aims to bring a holistic viewpoint on the AUTOSAR trends and additional forces that influence the market for automotive software. For quantitative market insights, including market sizing (revenue and volumes) data, as well as spending analysis on AUTOSAR, see the enclosed Autom...
    In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2022 update
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems
    Automotive chip shortage: the new normal?
    As part of the 2022 New Year's Briefing, IHS Markit has compiled a presentation around analysis of its latest automotive semiconductor demand and capacity forecast.
    Automotive Show Report - CES 2022
    CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from January 5-7, with around 400,000 visitors, 744 exhibitors, and 936 speakers.
    From horsepower to computing power - The new software vehicle age
    This presentation-based brief report illustrated the growing importance of software in the automotive industry and highlights OEMs’ strategic vision and business models related to digital services.
    Application software market tracker
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment application software, including, design and development costs by application type.
    In-vehicle-infotainment operating systems market tracker
    An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems
    Software architecture and complexity report
    This report highlights the growing importance of software development in automotive industries and how the complexity of development has increased owing to these development priorities. This report aims to bring a holistic rendering of the automotive landscape purely in terms of the increasing complexity of the automotive operating services and the transition from distributed software architecture to a middleware-based operating service architecture. In this context and based on IHS Markit Au...
    Imagining the ‘Apple Car’
    While Apple is yet to confirm or deny exploring vehicle development under the codename Project Titan, also referred as Chromium, a vast array of automotive stakeholders and commentators have been inquisitive of what may materialize from the so-called ‘Apple Car.’ Due to the secrecy around Apple’s car venture, a lot remains unknown or unconfirmed about the project from the manufacturing location(s), potential partners, and projected volume. This research note ...
    Automotive Show Report - IAA Mobility
    IAA Mobility 2021 took place in Munich, Germany, from September 7-12.
    IHS Markit Fall Auto Briefing 2020 - Case study on growing automotive software complexity
    This report delves into how the vehicle is transforming from a mechanical device to software-driven electronics and where should automotive R&D focus for technology development
    Infotainment software and applications
    This report explores the growth and importance of infotainment software and smartphone projection-based applications in the automotive industry. The technologies, trends, and forecasts for key infotainment software and applications included in the report are taken from IHS Markit head unit systems (HUS) forecast database. The detailed forecast analyzes leading players, software deployment, monitor OEM sourcing strategies, and identifies specific new business opportunities through a six-year fore...
    Automotive Services, Apps, and Software Forecast
    This forecast gives perspectives on how automotive software, apps, and services will develop and which segments are the most important.
    Automotive Software Platforms
    Hardware components in the car have become more software-driven, and many automakers are openly repositioning themselves as software-based and services-based companies, by providing capabilities such as smartphone-centric applications, consumer-centric infotainment operating systems, and virtual personal assistants (VPAs) in the car. This report provides a basic understanding of these primary automotive software platforms, as well as an in-depth demand outlook for these subject areas, which i...
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