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    2024 ADAS & Autonomous Driving consumer analysis - When will consumers trust autonomous vehicles?
    The 2024 S&P Global Autonomous Driving Consumer Survey asked nearly 8,000 global participants questions regarding advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features and automated driving technologies, to understand: consumers’ sentiments toward feature desirability, their willingness to pay; and their general interest in these technologies. Results showed respondents found Level 2 and 3 automated features currently on the market most desirable, but are typically less willing to pay extra, a...
    ADAS: From optional to essential technologies throughout the vehicle
    This report examines the evolution of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies and their impact on the automotive industry, broken down into 11 vehicle domains for better understanding.
    SDV cloud and edge computing: market outlook
    This software report details the growth and market trends for automotive cloud and edge computing. It also specifies the growing trend of new automotive use cases due to the advances in computing and connectivity. The study outlines the market's size, major participants in the cloud computing space, and OEMs' readiness for cloud-connected vehicles.
    Automotive Cockpit Software: Market Trend Analysis
    This report summarises the cockpit domain and hypervisor software technology growth trend together with market sizing data.
    The automotive ‘Hypervisor’ market of the future
    This software report offers a market overview of the revenue environment and volume growth for automotive hypervisors. A few significant software hypervisor supplier profiles are additionally presented in this article.
    Automotive cybersecurity market tracker - 2023 update
    Cybersecurity tracker provides an overview of volume and revenue of in-vehicle embedded and off-board/cloud security solutions. It depicts cybersecurity data by region and by technology. It offers a summary with Cybersecurity supplier data, solution details and M&A.
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