COVID-19 Automotive Manufacturing Disruption (AMD) Index

Last updated: 21-Apr-2021

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COVID-19 Automotive Manufacturing Disruption (AMD) Index

As governments quickly tighten the enforcement of strict measures on social distancing to fight the outbreak of COVID-19, business disruption at OEMs and suppliers is also ramping up on a global basis. The Automotive Supply Chain and Technology team has developed the COVID-19 Automotive Manufacturing Disruption (AMD) index, with the objective to measure the disruption to automotive manufacturing at the OEM and at the supplier level at each of the 62 countries where we research and forecast automotive manufacturing activity at the model level. The index will hopefully help our clients better understand how lockdown measures impact automotive manufacturing. In the same way governments have responded to the outbreak with different degrees of stringency, with a different timeline and sense of urgency, we expect governments to also behave differently in relaxing them after a plateau phase in new infections begins.  Beyond the global AMD index, we also offer a dashboard that allows AutoTechInsight clients to see how different OEMs, suppliers, component domain are being impacted by the measures.


The Automotive Manufacturing Disruption (AMD) index leverages proprietary IHS Markit research and research from Oxford University (OxCGRT) on 180+ countries. A severity level and geo-scope assessment rating of the measures associated with each factor are assigned for the five main factors considered in the index. Each factor has a different weight in the Index to reflect their relative relevance to automotive manufacturing operations. The calculated index is then weighted against the Supplier revenue as measured by IHS Markit Automotive Component Forecasts (for suppliers) and Light Vehicle Production forecasts (for OEMs) on any given day from the 1st of January 2020.

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