Anawin Athisupakorn

Anawin Athisupakorn

Senior Research Analyst,

Mr. Anawin Athisupakorn is Senior Research Analyst, providing insights of automotive technology and supply chain from upstream to downstream for Southeast Asia market.

Anawin is directly in charge of automotive components including Body in White, Chassis, Interior & Lighting and he partly charge for the other domains as ADAS, E-mobility and Energy storage system. In the position of regional analyst, he also responsible for automotive policies and regulations in all aspects of the countries in Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining S&P Global Mobility, he worked as the automotive design engineer to develop many models serving Southeast Asia market for Honda and Volkswagen. In later years, he became the project leader involving research & development, cost & production planning of new model development at leading Japanese automakers.

Based in Bangkok, Anawin holds the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Kasetsart University, Thailand