Haribaskar D

Haribaskar D

Data Scientist

Haribaskar is a Data Scientist in S&P Global with the focus on helping the business by developing products or performing research using AI/ML techniques. He is responsible for supporting the internal products, developing the ML models, improving/optimizing the existing products and performing research/POC to validate the feasibility of a new product/idea.

He has 6+ years of Data science experience across multiple business line, including ML pipeline deployment and maintenance.
His major area of interest is Natural Language Processing (processing the text data).

Prior to joining S&P Global, Haribaskar was a Senior Data Scientist at major service based firm in India, developing and productizing ML models for e-learning, retail and Finance clients.

Haribaskar holds a Post-Graduation Degree in Data science and Bachelors in Electronics and communication engineering.